1. john patrick says

    Perkins’ silence when LGBT people are attacked is typical of so many of these antigay religious groups and institutions. If you look at the behavior of Roman Catholic bishops, for example, you will see campaigns against same sex marriage and against job protection, etc. But you will hear absolute silence when GLBT people are attacked. When the murder of Matthew Shepard was in the news all over the country and vigils were being held at colleges and other places, I asked the editor of the local Catholic paper why they had not addressed the issue. He said they missed it because of a news cycle. I sent him documentation of a number of crimes against LGBT people nationally and locally, and asked if he would then address the violence against GLBT people. He would not answer that question and informed me that the conversation was over. His silence, the silence of RC bishops, the silence of Southern Baptist leaders and of the leaders of so many conservative religious denominations and of Tony Perkins an his ilk in the face of violence against us and our people, speaks volumes. They just do not care. This is not a question of religious doctrines and religious beliefs. This is a question of prejudice and hatred. Religious doctrines and beliefs and the claims of “religious liberty” are only smoke screens and masks – they are only pretty faces meant to cover up the rot inside.

  2. Jacques says

    Can we please get rid of this “special rights” BS? We’re not asking for special rights. We want EQUAL rights. And when it comes to freedom from discrimination and freedom from being bullied and bashed we want and deserve SPECIAL PROTECTION, because right now we don’t have those freedoms, largely thanks to creeps like Tony Perkins.

  3. Chris in SF says

    Why does CNN give platform to bigots and hate groups? They wouldn’t invite a KKK representatives to give their opinion, so why do they have gay hate group spewing their hate on air everyday? This needs to stop.

    Mr. Lemon is too cute. can’t believe he is forty something. what does he eat?

  4. Daniel in MO says

    But Will you can’t change you religion. You are born that way. You aren’t brainwashed into thinking you are Catholic or Baptist like you are when you choose to be a homosexual. Oh wait, never mind.

  5. Scott says

    I was around when the protections were written into law for a number of groups, including religion, and was an active part of the Souther Baptist crowd. They didn’t even so much as whimper that they did not believe that religious affiliation should NOT be protected in the law, in fact, they welcomed it with open arms. Ask Mr. Perkins if we should now remove the religious protections from the law.

  6. Robert in NYC says

    So what exactly in Perkins mind is a special right? Civil marriage equality isn’t a special right. Its an expanded right which is what democracies, true democracies are supposed to do, not deny them to one specific group because they offend peoples’ religious beliefs. They choose to believe, they never chose their orientation neither did we.

    He’s a hypocrite. He’s never once condemned Fred Phelps or any of the right wing religious wackos in the republican party.

    If anything is a special right, it’s the tax exemption for religious cults who deliberately violate the exemption when they interfere in civil matters that are no concern of theirs. How about taking away that right once and for all?

  7. MarkUs says

    “Lemon then played a portion of the tape of gay man Brandon White’s beating by a pack of young criminals in Atlanta, GA.”

    “Young criminals”. How white-washed.

  8. Acronym Jim says

    @Will:”Religion has the MOST “special rights and protections” than anything else in the USA.”

    Thank you for pointing this out. Especially since earlier in the interview, Perkins was complaining that religious organizations do not get special exemption from the birth control mandate.

    In short, members of our community want marriage equality and to be safe from discrimination and violence, while Perkins considers our positions “special rights”, yet doesn’t believe all the laws of this nation should apply to religious organizations.

    The hypocrisy is dumbfounding.

  9. dandydd says

    the sad part is the conservative movement is far more savvy with language than any liberal…they have Frank Luntz who creates terms like “special rights” to diminish the validity of the simple rights we seek…they are masters at this and they are all on the same page so people hear the words or phrases over and over and over again…then they have Faux news to push it all day long everyday…watch it sometime and you will start to see the pattern…it’s why we went to war in Iraq, it’s why our president is a “socialist” to so many, it’s why our president is a “muslim” and “not born in the US”…constant drumming of these words and phrases until it becomes “real” to millions…and who can’t forget, climate change (global warming) is not really happening.

  10. Caliban says

    Yes, and no one is forcing anyone to USE birth control, which is totally different from the Religious Right’s attitude toward gays. They aren’t respecting anyone’s right to have options, they’re dictating, imposing THEIR religious values on civil law.

    So is Perkins saying he’s against birth control now? (Or has he always been?) Because if he is that needs to get wider exposure. What it boils down to is the Religious Right wants to control sexuality of all stripes, they want it to have as many negative consequences as possible so they spin everything from birth control to HPV vaccines as “permission” to have sex (as if permission had ever been needed or required).

  11. Javier says

    Tiny Perkins focus is on what he calls “gay marriage” and what most others call marriage equality. It does not come as a surprise to me that he did not, or would not make a comment about the savage beating of the man in Atlanta, GA. Why should we expect that he would deviate from his focus? He wants to use religion as a manipulative tool to prevent 2 loving adults that happen to be LGBT from getting married. He is trying to keep the focus on this fight. He wants to divide and conquer by manipulating the lesser intelligent, feeble minded, and ignorant people. His objective is to have them believe that he is right in depriving 2 grown adults from sharing love and benefits through marriage. He feels that their are passages in scripture that can be used to manipulate the weak minded and ignorant. He will continue to have this as his focus until hateful bigoted laws are passed throughout this land. This will continue to be his focus, please do not anticipate that he will stray from this issue to gay bashing, he won’t.

  12. Dave says

    The vial coded rhetoric of these hate mongers is directly attributable to the increase of teen gay suicides in America. They promote a climate of condemnation that encourages violence against the gay community and break down civil society. Their words are hate speech and do nothing but tear down our nation.

  13. Jerry6 says

    The real problem with all of this Religious nonsense is that it relies on parents who, like zombies, brainwashing their children to do what they do every week by going to a theater (ie: “Church”) and listen to the actors on a stage repeat a script that does not vary from year to year. After a sufficient number of hearings, the audience starts to believe that the Theater is real life.





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