Posts from March 10, 2012

‘Emo’ Kids Stoned To Death In Iraq


In February, Iraq's Interior Ministry denounced the music and fashions known collectively as "emo" as Satanic. Shortly thereafter, leaflets began appearing in Shi'ite neighborhoods around Baghdad — Sadr City, Baya — bear…

Nuptials Cost Missouri Man His Job


Congrats to Al Fischer and Charlie Robin, who were married yesterday in Central Park, in New York, on the occasion of their 20th anniversary.  Here's hoping the ceremony was lovelier than the circumstances preceding it. Fischer and Robin li…

Canadian Pop Music Is Gay


Thanks to Gawker for this week alerting non-Canadians and non-tweens to the existence of Carly Rae Jepsen. Jepsen, a 26-year-old Canadian pop star, has allegedly created an honest-to-goodness perfect pop song which has been slowly impressing itself u…