1. jason says

    Her first two singles have been awful. She’s truly lost the plot as a performer. Maybe too much time spent in her London mansion – can’t be good for one’s creativity.

  2. paul says

    Sort of agree….She needs to call Stuart Price and stop listening to Lourdes. Actually this wouldn’t even make it to the Eurovision Song Contest. The vocal fights the track…and neither of them win.

  3. Reppin2 says

    Her new stuff is TERRIBLE. She is going in reverse. She was on such a mature path and her music was so polished and unique. I hate this direction she is taking. Sounds like something Britney or some bubble gum pop princess would sing. OH MADONNA where have you gone. I gave up at “confessions”.

  4. Henry Holland says

    “The vocal fights the track…and neither of them win”

    Hahahaha, so true. Looking at the credits, it’s another Benny Benassi track, hopefully the William Orbit stuff is better.

  5. Tonic says

    Sadly, I think she’s losing/lost many of her older fans – while at the same time, I can’t imagine that the 14-year-olds she’s pandering to will find this cool either.

  6. Gregoire says

    She has to releases these kinds of snippets, because her first two singles are terrible and she needs to remind her core fans that she remembers how to do club dance music.

  7. Chitown kev says

    Not all of Madonna’s new stuff is bad (“Masterpiece can stand proudly among any of the best songs in her vast catalog) but c’mon Madge, you are not Britney Spears or Lady Gaga or Rihanna….you influence them and not the other way around.

    I do want to hear the rest of this song…I think I sorta like this snippet but the first 2 singles are, yes, awful. But Madge still has it

  8. Ventura says

    have you guys forgotten how old Cher was when she released Believe and had a fresh young sound ? she was exactly the same age as Madonna is right now so why should Madonna not try and release something new and catchy and dancy?
    I don’t know where you been hearing her last single but Girl Gone Wild is a really good song, I agree the first single was iffy but by far what we have heard so far is better than anything on Hard Candy….just stop hating and wait for the full release!

  9. William says

    I love her. I love this one, too. Best of the three yet, I think — especially when the other dance mixes come out. The jealously, bitterness and jadedness is overwhelming in most of the posts here. Such sad folk.

  10. Nuflux says

    She needs to have someone else write her songs. Too much emphasis on finding the hottest producer and not enough on finding good songs and this is the result. Madge we know you want to keep all the royalties but you need some help!

  11. MadgeFan says

    Saying this is better than Hard Candy is like saying Hard Candy is better than American Life. It’s not saying much. I’ve already pre-ordered this because I ultimately end up buying everything she makes anyway, but I remain unimpressed so far. I think Confessions was Madonna’s “Believe” moment. At least Cher had the decency to stop trying after.

  12. Molc says

    She can’t sing-never has. Even with the technological devices there’s no power there. As usual she’s trying to get with the latest trends and is failing badly. Everything seems to be just a commercial opportunity.

  13. Henry Holland says

    “The jealously, bitterness and jadedness is overwhelming in most of the posts here. Such sad folk”

    Even sadder are the trolls who screech “U R all haterz!!11!1!” if people express their opinion about an effing pop song.

  14. Darolo says

    This album is gonna astound everyone. It’s fun, it’s catchy and this new video tease released Friday is awesome. I love what I’ve heard so far – its so refreshing! Terrible??? I don’t think do. But then I love American Life too!! Bring it on Madonna.

  15. Darolo says

    I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion but I truly just don’t get why people, who appear to dislike her work now and also for the past 8 yrs or so? , are still hanging around writing about her. Just move on! No-one’s forcing you to stay!!!

  16. Luca says

    U guys are just a bunch of moaners and repressed people, too much negativity around here so move on !!! Some of the new songs are really amazing and fresh!.Why don’t you start making your music then? I love this Album and like it or not, it really sounds like the old Madonna! You should be happy she’s still making good music however, she has reached the top and she doesn’t really have to do this for you.

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