1. says

    I think we’re partially responsible for giving these people a forum to spew their bigotry. If we just paid no attention to them they would go away. We all know that hate exists, and it’s not going to be eradicated this way. The majority of Americans are too smart and compassionate to bother with bigots. Let’s just forget them, shall we?

  2. Vern Dufford says

    Who’s views were being unmasked here Bachmanns…or Piers!
    Bachmann was no surprise her husband would have been better grilling!
    This looked a little like a setup for damage repair on the Cameron debacle!

  3. Rob says

    Stop giving that hack any air time already!!
    Why are we even reading about her here?

    We need to focus our attention on our allies, those who support us and make us proud; not those of questionable mind who do not deserve any of our time.

  4. Jack M says

    Oh yes, Michelle, let’s change the subject so we don’t have to dwell on the fact that you’re a hate-monger. That’s such an old topic.

  5. Michaelandfred says

    If she can’t be president she seems to be happy with being the Queen of Stupid. Let’s just call her the idiot that she is and move on. We wasted enough time on her in the past year. Stupid is as stupid does. You can’t help someone who willfully remains ignorant.

  6. Jeff R. says

    @ FRANCO… You’re kidding, right? Bigots like Bachmann USE the forum to spout their hate and homophobia to win votes. Now she says, “It’s time to move on. I think we’ve beaten this dead horse to death.” ???? She’s allowed to spit on us and we’re just supposed to turn away?! No, Franco, SHE WON’T GO AWAY if we turn our backs. Where’s your pride, Franco?! Where’s your spine? Yeah, Civil Rights passed because African Americans paid no attention to “them” and “they” just went away.

  7. Gregoire says

    The problem is, Bachmann actively seeks the spotlight then acts like the media is hounding here. It’s a common political tactic. We are, actually, ignoring her. She won’t go away. And since she won’t go away, she’ll be hounded about her most extreme views — like her views on gay people.

    So if she wants to stop beating a dead horse, maybe she should go crawl back into her cave.

  8. says

    i can’t WAIT til “traditional marriage proponents” start committing suicide and being violently physical assaulted at a high rate.

    truly. “today we put ____ _____ to rest. He took his own life because he was horribly bullied by lesbians who were bigoted against his Christian right to deny equality to them queers.”

    can’t wait.

    bachmann, as we all know, is married to a closeted homosexual. just give it time. the truth always comes out in the end. pun intended.

  9. Michael in Toronto says

    I literally can’t watch her anymore.

    Thought I think of myself as a Christian (I’m a lapsed Catholic), I wish extreme harm to come to this … this … abomination.

  10. Pointed says

    It is perfectly ok for everyone to have their own stance and opinion on whatever subject, however, no one should be legislating descriminatory policy. Forcing everyone to follow christian teachings is wrong and we should not be working to that end. Legislation should be fair to all – Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Islamic, etc. – to include non-believers. Legal marriage for Gays will not impact the definition of devine marriage and devine marriage can be kept within the tax-exempt faiths. (If tax-exempt, should be lobby-exempt, IMO) But legal marriage is needed to protect same-sex couples in the same manner that LEGAL opposite-sex marriage does. No one in the gay community is trying to force straight people to engage in same-sex relationships or marriage but, seemingly, everyone in the straight religious community is trying to force gay people to engage in opposite-sex relationships and marriage.

  11. Yuki says

    Honestly, Andy, I cringe every time I see a poster for this blog use “Christianist”; it’s almost as bad as the crazy part of the right using “homosexualist”.

    That being said, Bachmann is terrifying, and good on Piers Morgan for pursuing it even when she doesn’t want to talk about it.

  12. ravewulf says

    “If anyone gets attacked in this country, it’s people who stand for traditional marriage”

    Sorry, but I haven’t heard about any hate crimes against bigots. There have been many hate crimes against gays, but you don’t seem to care about that.

  13. Mary says

    “Anyone else think she’s talking literally? She probably beat some horse to death for what she thought was homosexual behavior.”

    Actually, Robert, I was imagining that some Towleroad commenter would write after hearing that she’s beaten the horse to death, “Now look Michelle, what you and Marcus do in your bedromm is your own business, all we’re trying to do is discuss gay rights.”

    But I like your comment also!

  14. expatfrance says

    @Yuki — “Christianist” distinguishes religious people who call themselves christians from the political activists who campaign against LGBT rights in their name. To help you out, dear, think “marxist” “prohibitionist” maybe, dunno, “racist”?

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