1. Rick says

    Tom Roberts is going to lose his credibility, even with the liberal viewers of MSNBC, if he does not tone down the cheerleading for gay causes.

    He is supposed to be a news anchor, not a Rachel-Maddow like opinionator.

    And the notion that NOM is going to be “damaged” by any of this is utterly laughable.

  2. jamesintoronto says

    How exactly is he “cheerleading”? This is a legitimate news story. Is he and MSNBC supposed to ignore this topic? And I think he was trying to be fair by having Maggie on the show so she could defend her side of the story.

  3. says

    something beautiful has already happened in Canada – LGBT Equality is seen as a justified factual reality, not a “liberal bias” – as such, Canadian news media presents LGBT Equality Issues in a fair and unbiased way – meaning non-bigoted.

    Canadian News. it’s not a liberal bias, nor a cheerleading of gay causes – it’s adhering to factual reality, and not giving a flying f**k about what the insecure bigots of the country think. they’re wrong, anyway. YAY!

    Love ya Thomas Roberts, you sexy beast 😀

  4. says

    dont’ address RICK – he’s a fully grown adult who’s still Closeted.

    anybody who is Out or talks about LGBT Equality is a threat to RICK who still lives in fear of his father finding out he’s a lube-less powerbottom.


  5. Rick says

    @James in Toronto I don’t know if he chose the caption personally or not, but there is nothing objective about characterizing a strategic document of a political organization as an “ugly anti-LGBT marriage plot”. That constitutes cheerleading and opinionating, not reporting…..

    Anderson Cooper manages to cover gay issues without either spending too much time on them vis-a-vis other issues and without being a cheerleader….and so does Don Lemon, for the most part

    Tom obviously could learn something from them….

  6. Matt says

    You’re pathetic. Roberts is fine, we need every voice we can get and as often as possible. And, NOM is damaged every time they open their “mouths”. You sound like a NOM troll – go back to your cave. The NOM documents are extremely damaging and they know it, that’s why Magpie was a big no-show. These documents finally confirm the despicable actions about NOM that have been suspected for quite some time.

  7. Turtle says

    Maggie, how does it feel to know that your gay son won’t come out to you because you’ve spent your entire adult life demonizing gay people? That’s gotta suck.

  8. JJ says

    It’s not really fair to trumpet the false story that Gallagher stood them up, and then only belated correct this at the end. The correction should go at the top, and perhaps the headline should be updated.

  9. OP says

    Andy: I despise Maggie G. as much as anyone. But I think leaving this headline up given the obvious mistake and miscommunication is misleading.

  10. Rob says

    Maggie, I truly do not know how you sleep at night. You’re not protecting anyone from harm. You are CAUSING harm. To millions of gay Americans. Shame on you!

  11. Rick says

    “This empty studio chair in Seattle was supposed to hold Maggie Gallagher…although she is missing in action…I would say ‘hi Maggie’, but you’re not there!”

    And that sounds like a bitchy queen talking, especially given the update. Which is a shame, because, generally speaking, up to now, Tom has demonstrated a professional, masculine demeanor that could be pointed to with pride.

  12. Rex says

    These people are disgusting! This proves that they’re trying to divide us and push the human race back into caves. We are all one people!

  13. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “This empty studio chair in Seattle was supposed to hold Maggie Gallagher…”

    Sounds like a setup for a fat joke.

  14. opinionated says

    Agreed with @JJ that this correction should be clear at the top of the page. This makes MSNBC look almost as incompetent as CNN. The right is going to look for bias no matter what and MSNCB pretty much handed it to them.

  15. Sean in Dallas says

    I don’t think the headline is particularly misleading. Maggie WAS missing in action, until it was discovered she was sent to the wrong studio.

  16. says

    if by carbon you mean “pork”, yes.

    p.s. Ehrenstein, i just ATE UP your commentary on the last temptation of christ. GENIUS, my man!

  17. Gigi says

    Maggie, er, Rick has no problem with her/his buddies at FOX go on the attack. Why is this not okay for Mr. Roberts?

  18. BryanB says

    As hateful and bigoted as Ms. Gallagher is, I think it serves no purpose what-so-ever to make disparaging comments about her appearance. Ad Hominem attacks are weak, childish, and not at all productive.

    That said, the tactics exposed in these recent documents are reprehensible.

  19. Jay says

    Love my Thomas Roberts. He is not cheerleading. He is reporting. He is also reporting for MSNBC which supports advocacy journalism.

  20. wtf says

    ugh. Rick, just quit LYING. Just STOP. Characterizing NOM as a “political organization” is like saying the KKK is simply a “club”. You’re so stupid.

  21. mcNnyc says

    Now that NOM has revealed it’s animus toward not only the GLBT and minority communities I wonder how all those Roman Catholic Dioceses feel about donating tens of thousands of dollars to this bigoted organization.

  22. FFS says

    Amazing, isn’t it, how much more rational the conversation on Marriage Equality becomes when you simply exclude the fanatical opposition?

    Honestly, I’m surprised the 24-hour news networks don’t bring Sheri Sheppard on all the time to educate the viewers on how the Earth is actually flat. Who speaks for the “Flatters” if not Sheri?

  23. MooseintheOC says

    Robert George, founder of NOM, just was appointed to the US Commission for International Religious Freedom. NOM’s talking points, arguments and strategies come from this man, who calls for the arrest and imprisonment and promoting bigotry of LGBT people. If you believe NOM’s tactics are reprehensible, please take the time to fill out this petition on the White House’s webpage condemning the appointment of Robert George. He will use this official US government position as a platform to spread vitriol against LGBT people globally. Pass the word along and post where you it is appropriate.!/petition/condemn-appointment-bigot-robert-george-us–commission-international-religious-freedom/TFPJSmSh?