1. jamal49 says

    Love the bitchy comments. Jealousy is such a vice for those who can’t. Justin can. He’s a good kid and who gives a f*ck whether he’s gay or not? He doesn’t. I don’t either. Sing, Justin, and ignore all the @$$holes in this world.

  2. say what says


    who is slamming the kids singing? not even dissing his looks.

    Just pointed out that the kid is FIVE foot FIVE inches = TINY

    weighs around 125 lbs = a stick

    the only way who could survive such a situation in reality is if he has martial arts training in either judo and or akido to utilize the force against him against itself

    he neither has the frame nor strength to survive a punch to the head as the vid portrays

    the only logical reason for such stupidity is his handlers trying to butch him up and failing miserably

  3. says

    He looks like a skinny, 18 year old boy. Wait a few years, perhaps when he’s in his late 20’s. He’ll look more like an older, young man because he will be an older, young man.

  4. says

    I’m not a fan of Justin or his music, but I just assumed the Complex photoshoot was meant to be a metaphor for the beating he takes in the media. I thought it was a cool concept and cool images. I totally didn’t take it as a way to butch up his image.

  5. jaragon says

    If they were trying to butch the Bieber up the images fail- the two boxers look like men who could easily beat the crap out of this kid who still looks 12 year old boy. I agree with Brian that it’s suppose to be some sort of metaphor.

  6. say what says

    the metaphor angle would work if they did something like people taking pictures and him being hurt/falling to the ground each time a pic is taken .

    something like girls shoving pens and pads at him for an autograph and cut away to them eating bits of raw flesh (symbolizing bits of him)

    but in the end gets up and moves on

    so on the metaphor angle this fails because it comes off more as a failed butch up try

  7. jack says

    I admire this kid. I can’t imagine having all that success , money and fame at any age, let alone as a teenager. He has over 18,000,000 followers on Twitter. I thought his comment that “all guys have feminine qualities” was astoundingly mature coming from a teenaged boy. Compare his comment with some of the cruel and immature comments made by some of the people who post on this site.

  8. Markt says

    It was different and sexy. Beiber did a good job, It’s the first time I’ve been interested in him one way or the other. He appears to be smart and willing to take risks. Good for him.

  9. Darrell says

    Most people in Canada are now calling him Justina Beiber. Since he is thin and has very lesbian looking qualities anyway!
    since he is a Canuck we get to describe him anyway we want because he is ours! LOL.

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