1. John says

    I’m sorry, but I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would want to be a member of a church that clearly teaches and promotes AGAINST almost everything you stand for. Being gay, women’s rights, pro-choice….etc. Her mother loved that church, she doesn’t have to. There are other places she could go to celebrate her spirituality.

  2. Kyle Ciles says

    Religion is BAD for you. Religion destroys lives. Religion is a MAN made belief to control the masses, and those without a free thinking mind to realize the (UN scientific) stories told in it are BAT sht INSANE. Amuzing actually. To use a book with more nonsense, ridiculous, unproven claims and myths as a code to not only dictate other people’s lives but control laws is THE worst stain in history.

    Religion kills! Know that! and speak against the loonies.

    Enough walking on eggshells because religion is “so sacred” can’t ever speak against it. SKREWWWW that!

  3. antb says

    John you got it right. They make the rules for their own sandbox, rightfully so, and you play by them or get out. i don’t understand why anybody would want to be a member either, but that really is just the way it is.

  4. Michelle says

    I’ve genuinly reached a point in my life where I feel great remorse for religious people. Something is lacking in tehir security to latch on to make belief stories to make themselves feel better.

  5. Joey Y says

    Bad situation, but I really didn’t like how she sounded like she was reading a script. I had read a few articles about this during the week, and the statements were identical word-for-word. Seemed very emotionless.

  6. jaragon says

    When my mother passed away the Catholic church and it’s rituals were very comforting for me and my family- what this so call priest did to this poor woman is unforgivable. He should be terminated .

  7. Rin says

    The priest walking out is inappropriate and extremely unkind. He will not be blessed for turning God’s house into a place of misery and fear.

    Denial of Communion is not inappropriate, however. I have not taken Communion in a year because I have not received the sacrament of Reconciliation since a year and a half ago for personal reasons. As a former Catholic she should know that she could have asked for the ritual of Reconciliation before taking the Host and then Communion would not be denied.

    You must have Reconciliation (confession) once a year in order to receive Communion. Before any major event you are reminded to do so. If you do not, I don’t care if it’s your own wedding you will not be allowed.

    At my daughter’s Christening my father was unable to take Communion because he hadn’t gone to Mass in years and that is assumed a defacto leaving of the Church.

    I am currently protesting the Church openly so that my priest understands why I feel I cannot take the Sacrament. Should a major life event occur I will consider whether or not I wish to take Communion and perhaps be reconciled with the Church.

    As silly as it seems to all of you, Catholics believe that wafer is transfigured/transmogrified and becomes Christ literally. If you do not believe that it becomes Christ, IE you think its just a wafer and is a bonding ritual with others then you should not take it.

    I am at odds with the Church. I may go to Mass but I am refusing the ritual because of what it DOES mean. My mother takes the Host, my oldest child takes it, and my youngest and I sit there with my father. Does it stink? A little. On holidays I wish I could still take Communion, but out of respect for what the Church does mean to me and my hopes that it will change…I abstain.

    The Church should be a place of refuge and kindness. That was the “church” that Jesus left upon his crucifixion. Should I abandon it because it is now run by mean-spirited jerks, then I, like the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane, have abandoned Jesus in his time of need. I will not abandon Jesus. It is time for people who follow his teachings to take a stand.

    I had some very large problems in my life once upon a time, and I found healing and life in the teachings of the Gospels. It is important to me to fight to change the Church–even it if never happens. These mean people don’t own the words of Christ, they don’t own the Church, and they don’t own Jesus.

  8. Bill says

    I recently took communion for the first time in many years. I gave it some thought first, I did not wish to do anything that the priest would think inappropriate if he did know about my present beliefs. If I were gay I would definitely not have gone up out of respect for the Catholic teachings. I would have handled it differently if I were the priest in this womens case, but I think tolerance cuts both ways. The priest’s moral views should be respected. Having gone to 12 years of Catholic school, I know the dilemma this priest was put into. His conscience would not allow him to act differently, funeral or not. If I can learn to respect gay people then they can learn to respect peoples deeply held religious convictions.

  9. Stephen Frost says

    1) Your video link is dead

    2) I have little sympathy for anyone who still believes in imaginary friends. Don’t eat bread and pretend it’s some magical Jew’s body, go eat a pussy instead. It’s what Jesus would really want.

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