1. KP says

    Another sign of the times article – I couldn’t imagine a country music singer 20 years ago saying they want to kiss another man, even in jest. Kinda cool.

  2. Jack M says

    Don’t forget, Shelton has made homophobic comments in the past, and now he wants to kiss Levine? An attempt to do some damage control, IMO.

  3. zeddy says

    Don’t know who either are. Had to actually click the article to see Blake’s (on the right) picture :) But, yes, it’s amazing people can say that without too much repercussion. Of course, if actual gay people said that, it might be a different story. (or is Blake gay??)

  4. zeddy says

    Oh and after watching the video, I have a bit of a crush on Blake…such a soft, handsome guy with a bit of an accent :)

  5. nosh says

    Jack M

    Well, that is the most cynical interpretation, but maybe he’s actually coming around to the idea that one can be flirtatious with another dude and not lose one’s heterosexuality. Maybe he actually IS less (or now not!) homophobic.

  6. Kenny says

    Despite what he said last year which I still have no respect her.Its refreshing to see a straight guy say something like that and not seem uncomfortable saying it.Not to mention hes cute the way he always seems so naive and clueless about things.

  7. Ozymandias71 says

    Hmmm… wanna bet they aren’t saying anything about Blake’s ‘bromance’ comments on CMT?

  8. Jersey says

    That’s adorable. My respect for Blake just went up quite a few notches. Cool on him to be so comfortable about this. Straight guys who are secure with the gay thing are awesome.

  9. Jason says

    That is one ugly shirt Blake Shelton is wearing. He could take a couple of style tips from Adam too.

  10. Tarc says

    They’d make some porn I’d pay to see. 😛 Oh, and let off on the Blake being a homophobe – what he said was a little insensitive, but hardly bad. The first time I went to a gay bar, I put a guy that grabbed my ass against the wall. I just went to dance, but get sexually assaulted by some creep I’d never even glanced at before he grabbed on me. Shelton’s shown over and over on the show that he has ZERO problems with gay people. everybody doesn;t come out of the box with a full sensitivity kit, folks.

  11. LW says

    I disagree that Blake Shelton made homophobic comments. If you listen to the entire clip, he rewrote the Shania Twain lyrics as to BE SUNG BY HER, not himself.

    I agree with him in regards to Adam Levine. He is most definitely hot.

  12. phredd! says

    See, what I do if I see an interesting article about people I am unfamiliar with, is do a simple online search to find out who they are so I can have a frame of reference. That way I don’t look silly by pretending to be above it all by saying “I don’t know who these people are.”

    Anyway, I would choose Blake over Adam any day!

  13. says

    Considering Adam Levine has already kissed John Mayer (while wearing a tennis skirt of all things), Blake has a pretty good shot of getting some smooch time in.

  14. John says

    Let’s not forget this is the man that tweeted about perpetrating violence on any man that tries to touch him! Apologizing is
    a cheap and easy away out and an attempt to get your real thoughts out there while asking for forgiveness for something that wouldn’t have been Tweeted if he didn’t mean it!

  15. tony says

    Me heart Adam Levine…he’s the only reason I sit through The Voice…prefer him clean shaven tho.

  16. Andalusian Dog says

    I’m glad that some men are coming around and saying the kinds of things that (straight) women have been saying about each other for years. Women have no problem admitting another woman is hot, or beautiful, or whatever.

    On the other hand, I don’t want to make too much of it, since it should have always been alright for men to express fondness of each other.

    Perhaps I am being a bit hyperbolic, but I really think there would be less violence in this world if all of us (men, women, straight, gay) expressed our admiration for each other(‘s looks, brains, style, sexiness, etc) openly without fear of being judged.

  17. Al says

    I’ve always felt that Blake’s rant about being touched by another man, was “protesting too much”. A man who has no fear about his feelings about other men is more comfortable in his own skin.
    And such a man is more attractive in the long run, because he is no less a man.

  18. says

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