1. rick says

    Sick stuff. Promoting your agenda with violence to animals will not win you many friends, and those that it does would be people you’d want to avoid.

  2. Guest says

    The person who conceived of this is seriously deranged, not to mention the folks who produced it. And who is that poor little girl they are exploiting? Sick, sick stuff.

  3. say what says

    yet history shows america prospered and the middle class grew when personal and business taxes were far higher than they are now with lots of government spending of said revenue on domestic things as vs the now hyper inflated military budget that only makes CEOs of haliburton, lockheed martin, and GE rich.

    With the inflation of the military budget + deregulation + lower taxes across the board as compared to US highs in the past = the middle class is disappearing and the economy sucks

    Repub Eisenhower would consider modern repubs insane and bent on destroying america from within with their deregulation, lower taxes no matter what, inflation of the military industrial complex expenses, and refusal to spend on infrastructure

    heck reagan’s tax system was far higher than the modern 1 and reagan raised taxes 11 times…he also spent a ton more on infrastructure than modern repubs.

    Modern repubs would call reality reagan a commie as vs saint zombie reagan that never existed

  4. bobbyjoe says

    Forget PETA, what about the ASPCA? If this is a real rabbit, then this isn’t hunting, this is deliberately and needlessly torturing the animal (with the catapult) first. I’d think this would fall into illegal animal cruelty, and whoever did this heinous act should be prosecuted.

    Second,–wait– Herman Cain is still running?

  5. TomJck says

    Obviously, the rabbit’s squeal is a real rabbit’s squeal (my dog caught on once, and as soon as it heard the squeal, let it go running away.)

    That being said, YOU CAN TELL that’s NOT a live rabbit being flung and shot to bits. And I can tell they didn’t want you to think it was real.

    Nevertheless, a powerful, if unsavory attempt to make a good point.

  6. TomJck says

    Yeah, one question: Is it moral to even DEPICT an animal being tortured AND use a child to promote it’s depiction?

    Even the liberal MPAA would not allow this out of Hollywood. That little girl is scarred for life!

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