California Democratic Party Reaches Across Country to Help Defeat ‘Amendment One’ in North Carolina


The California Democratic Party has reached out to The Coalition to Protect NC Families, the campaign working to defeat Amendment One in North Carolina, and says it will be helping out, reports Karen Ocamb at LGBT POV.

Nc4A press release from the California Dems:

California Democrats proudly support President Obama for taking a stand against a divisive ballot amendment that seeks to codify discrimination against same-sex couples into North Carolina’s constitution.

As Democrats across the nation make plans to gather in Charlotte, North Carolina for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, it’s imperative that we send a clear and united message against all such efforts that seek to divide Americans and enshrine discrimination. California Democrats stand ready to help and we will soon be in touch with ways that Democrats here can start getting the word out to voters in North Carolina about the need to defeat Amendment One.

Amendment One, which would ban same-sex marriage in the state, will appear on NC's ballot on May 8.

If you wish to help defeat Amendment One, you can make a donation HERE.