1. Gregoire says

    I’m glad this was addressed, because I totally pictured Cinna a bit more, shall we say, flamboyant.

  2. says

    (I wrote below before reading the other comments and feel good about my first impression.)

    If he was shooting for “bisexual” he missed IMHO. In that clip he comes off, just by looks alone, as heterosexual. Had I been sitting on that table and he were talking with me, I’d assume he was straight.

  3. ratbastard says

    Lenny Kravitz is a hottie,especially for his age. I know, I know, he’s got the $ for cosmetic surgery, personal trainer, etc.

  4. gr8guyca says

    @OS2GUY: “…He comes off, just by looks alone, as heterosexual.”

    So, you believe that gay people can’t look heterosexual. Or, to put it another way, all gay people look gay.

    Isn’t that the type of stereotyping that we should all try to avoid? A person’s looks do not determine their sexuality. What determines their sexuality is who they choose to have as a sexual partner.

  5. Gregv says

    @Gr8GuyCA: More accurately, what determines sexual orientation is whom we feel naturally ATTRACTED TO as a sexual partner. I agree that it seems odd to me to suggest someone “looks heterosexual.” I’d expect that idea to come from someone who’s only been aware of having met one or two gay people and supposes that all gay people are, say, chubby red-heads who wear conservative sweaters, “just like Jim and John.”

    And yes Rat, I agree Lenny Kravitz is super sexy.

  6. says

    @GR8GUYCA : It’s not that I believe gay people can’t look straight, by no means. If you met my husband, without knowing his background, you’d have no clue he was gay and married to another man. I’ve simply never met a gay man who doesn’t reveal some trait of gayness from voice to mannerisms to appearance. In fact, it is generally those who protest too much who are closeted. Lenny Kravitz is simply not that good of an actor, based upon how he describes his own performance. If you read the books you know that Cinna is obviously gay. Lenny Kravitz is not playing Cinna gay from the snippet offered. Few gay men would take such poor care of their face, body and demeanor. Gay men are attracted to men and want men to be attracted to them which is why gay men are often considered more handsome, more virile, more appealing then heterosexual men. Now not all gay men can look or come off as straight and we all know and have met them. Would you have known Rock Hudson was gay if you hadn’t been told? And then we have Liberace – if you didn’t know he was gay then the only people he was fooling was my mother and the blind! LOL!

    Perhaps to you he comes off gay and if so, I’d say you’ve got a serious problem with your gaydar. To me, in that snippet, if I had to cast a vote gay or straight, I would vote straight. Please don’t be offended.

    BTW readers, I avoided GCB because I thought it was a “Desperate Housewives” type show for the Christian Right. How wrong was I? I was hooked after the first episode – especially with the hunky handsome shirtless and very gay ranch foreman. Woot Woot! What a joke on the GOP far right!

  7. Rex says

    What video are you watching? He was wearing gold eyeshadow!! Lol Anyway looks like he did a good job!

  8. stranded says

    Really? People are seriously trying to guess someone’s sexuality based on a 44 second clip? I can tell that this is not how Lenny normally talks, but I am not going as far as to judge if he tops or bottoms, unlike some people here.

  9. says

    Are you serious? Gold eye shadow does it? I never once believed Robert Preston pulled off his gay character in Victor Victoria. Slap a boa around a straight man’s neck and he is suddenly believably gay? The whole point of Lenny’s interview was to promote his perceived gay performance in Hunger Games and for my money, the guy came no where near bisexual or gay in the snippet we were presented with. Let’s hope he does a better job in the rest of the film.

  10. micnyc80 says

    Why does this matter? I think the bigger story is the reporter’s implication that a”stylist” has to be “gay.”

  11. Rovex says

    OS2GUY.. I think you are living in a strange land beyond the clouds.

    The simple fact is as soon as someone ‘tries’ to act as a certain sexuality, they fail.

  12. Rob says

    this is the worst cast role in the films. i love lenny kravitz as a musician, and i love cinna as a character. they don’t mesh. this clip serves to highlight that. he’s just…not right.

  13. epic says

    i just finished the first 2 books of the series, besides being a fashion designer and his assistants being a little over the top(as they are portrayed in the books, almost every character from the Capitol is over the top in some way) Cinna’s character was the least over the top of them all and his passion only showed when he was trying to inspire his muse…other then that he just wanted to mold a symbol for the rebellion…if you wanted to read he was obviously gay just for the simple fact he made dresses that’s completely on you…was he? maybe…was he written that way, not so much

  14. GregV says

    “Slap a boa around a straight man’s neck and he is suddenly believably gay?”

    I’m with you there, OS2Guy. I’m tired of Hollywood’s wardrope people thinking they need to slap something silly-looking onto someone and then the character will be seen as gay (even if it’s something that not one in a thousand gay people would wear in real life).

    But then the rest of your post lost me:

    “The whole point of Lenny’s interview was to promote his perceived gay performance in Hunger Games and for my money, the guy came no where near bisexual or gay in the snippet we were presented with.”

    Nor could he have realistically come across as gay, straight or bi in a few seconds of conversations that does not touch on sexuality or relationships. Ironically, you seem to be looking, if not for a boa, then for something along the same lines.
    Lenny says that he does NOT want to portray the character as gay, straight or bi because it is “intentionally ambiguous.” Instead, he wanted to play someone who could be straight or could be gay.
    I see in this character someone who could easily be straight, gay or bi, and I can’t imagine why you read into it someone who is only into women.

  15. gr8guyca says

    @OS2GUY: I am a bit confused. Of your husband, you say, “you’d have no clue he was gay.” Yet you also say, “I’ve simply never met a gay man who doesn’t reveal some trait of gayness from voice to mannerisms to appearance.”

    So, you are saying that your husband has no trait of gayness – except, of course, being married to you. : )

  16. says

    You all need to go back and reread the book. When Cinna meets Katniss to dress her for the Hunger Games parade, she “expected someone flamboyant” and that he met “none of those expectations”.

    Instead of wearing loud colors like the rest of the Capital, Cinna dresses in all black. He wears gold eye shadow, his “natural” hair cropped close and has somewhat dark skin.

    Obviously none of you here are Lenny Kravitz fans or remember his look earlier in his career. Or you would remember he abused eye shadow and silver vests and pants for years. But did that make him gay/bisexual considering his rock persona is much more flamboyant than Cinna.

    Plus, Collins has never proclaimed publicly that Cinna is gay/bisexual like her affirming that Rue and Thresh are African American.

    Geesh, I’m blown away by all the stereotypical and close-minded opinions of how a gay man should act and from the gay community no less. You all need to check yourselves at the door before you continue to wreck yourselves.

  17. gaydar says

    When I saw Kravitz, my gaydar went off the wall! He is so gay in that scene that I googled if Kravitz is gay in real life! That’s how I wound up here.