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    It was said: “even though Saturday’s ceremony is not legal” — this is not true: The ceremony and the marriages were certainly Legal — even if just as political protest, the right to freely assemble, free speech, redress grievances etc etc — Still, there is no law preventing gay marriages, from gay folks saying they’re married, or using the word “married,” nor preventing clergy or others to officiate at gay marriages in Ohio, or anywhere else in this nation.

    The “ban” on these marriages is against the government — the government is banned from recognizing the marriages that are perfectly legal. The bans, DOMA and the mini-DOMAs don’t make any statement about gay marriages except that they are not allowed to be recognized by bureaucrats. No gay person can be charged with a crime of “getting married” or saying “we’re married,” nor is there any penalty against any citizen, gay or straight, from recognizing the marriages, or saying they’re married. Even elected officials and bureaucrats might say they recognize the marriages.

    The law merely states that the gov’t can’t recognize reality — which is a very strange law indeed.

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    This reminds me of when my partner and I took part in a very ragtag Gay Pride March in Cleveland in, I think, 1991 right after we met. The key speakers were a couple suing Washington D.C. to for the right to marry. It was a cold long march without any floats or banners, but there was a group commitment ceremony at the end of the parade that we participated in. We have been together for twenty-one years and we are still waiting to really get married. It is not yet legal in Oregon where we live now and we don’t want to go to another state to get a piece of paper that won’t carry any wait at home.

    On another note, we did get married in Portland during the very brief period when Multnomah county issued marriage license. We still have the license framed and the letter that came later that voided it.

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    Until we all are united we won’t get any rights. We still have too many uneducated, self-hating gays who vote Republican and it takes away from our power.

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