1. says

    He’s cute. Whenever you see him around town, he looks just like that.

    James always looks like a homeless person in real life. He showed up to an art show last weekend like he just rolled out of bed and onto some Hep-C medication.

  2. Question says

    Why does his brother James look so disgusting all the time? James looks like he showers once every two weeks and gets an hour of sleep a night. Whatever hard living James done is not doing his appearance any favors.

  3. says

    Dave is adorable, really beautiful. I see he’s using the gay cock tease method to further his career, just like his brother. I hope Dave’s career is bigger than his eyebrows.

  4. David says

    This is a gay site. Why do you promote this? It has no place on a gay site. Is the “joke” on us?, . Are we promoting his career, like we enabled his brother’ James. He’s cute but he need not inflict it on us, unless he can validate his male homosexuality. .There are lots of cute gay boys. Edit out this cock tease stuff. We are being exploited. This isn’t a launch pad for straights. Show some respect for gay people. SERIOUSLY!

  5. Gabriel says

    To the guy whose comment is above mine: get a f—ing grip! Too bad that you come off as a cheerless malcontent. Incidentally, what you should do is tune in to Dave on an episode of Scrubs. A dose of Dr. Cole Feelgood is guaranteed to put some joy on your jowls. To paraphrase a character from “The Color Purple”, I’d drink [Dave Franco’s] bathwater. There’s maybe 1 or 2 other people in the world with a better physical profile. Alison Brie is a lucky woman.

  6. Tim says

    BS…I am as gay as a fruitcake and I love to see Dave Franco! I know he is not gay and I don’t care. I like half the str8 men in the world and I don’t care. I ain’t getting any from most of the gay men in the world, so what. I like to read about them. I like Halie Berry and I ain’t gettin any from her, so what? I am a consumer and I love being used! Exploit me every day! I love it! I love Dave Franko too!

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