1. Vern Dufford says

    Nicely done,voting for Obama most certainly… But don’t these films preach only to the choir?
    I for one wish the money to make these went to the causes he and we up hold.

  2. anon says

    The problem is that he’s so cautious that it’s like watching paint dry. His administration has been largely drama-free.

  3. say what says


    the point of this vid is to inspire the base

    it is one thing for the bast to vote because repubs are NUTZ but it is another thing to vote for someone because you are inspired to do so…….the thrill of voting for obama 2008 can’t be gotten back but the sweet joy can be brought back a bit at least

    think of it as 2008 = first kiss
    2012 = anniversary and this is a nice dinner, roses, some sex oils etc to get some of that old feeling back


    Anyway; Obama will win because the smart repubs like george will have already given up on 2012…….this vid etc will stimulate volunteering and GOTv efforts

  4. say what says



    dram free has been a good thing and was a main reason many voted for Obama in 2008

    no drama Obama after the drama of the bush years

  5. DanielBerryNYC says

    Don’t you love the republican response? Still pretending that nothing that’s been wrong in this country the last 12 years has anything to do with them.

    They won’t be satisfied till everything in this country is handed over to the already ridiculously rich.

  6. Eyes For Guys says

    “Documentary” lol. Why not call it what it is. Campaign promo. Very polished, btw.

  7. Vern Dufford says


    The very thought of Santorum or Romney is all the oil I need!
    VOTE OBAMA…got it!

  8. The Iron Orchard says

    @say what. Obama has done nothing but continue and expand on the Bush Doctrine, assinations of american citizens without charge, evidence or trial, torture, secret survailence of american citizens, the most whistle blower prosecutions of any president, wanting to continue the Iraq war past the timeline set by Bush…but Iraq would not agree to amensty for military and contractors killing innicent civilians, multiple killings of civilians through drone attacks including the targeted assination of a 16 year old boy, and the most secreative presidency since Nixon. Do a little more delving into the facts.

  9. Zlick says

    Yeah, Obama’s got a terrible, horrific record on “national security” matters. Le sigh. I much prefer his domestic record which, while far from perfect, at least does not display the pure evil, not to mention Constitution-shredding, of his national security policy.

    But, such subtleties are not needed to determine whether to vote for Obama vs. hmmm, ANY of the Republican candidates. Oh, and since my Californian vote would not count in any event, it’s all academic to me.

    I hope Obama wins. But once again, amazingly, the lesser of two evils.

  10. say what says

    oh yeah iron orchard lets vote for a mormon from utah


    romney’s only hope is a 3rd party run to suck off dem and indie votes from Obama

    I’d like to see Rocky’s bank records on how much $ he has gotten from either romney and or the mormon church to help romney

  11. Dback says

    It blows my mind that Republicans are seriously, with straight faces, complaining about gas prices right now under Obama. The spring and summer of ’08 under Bush, when gas went over $4 a gallon, just doesn’t exist, apparently. (Neither does the Bush spending sprees for eight years which started the debt mushrooming, the fact that Bush went on vacation for a month before September 11th when memos were warning of its possibility, the fact that we blew thousands of lives and billions of dollars on a trumped-up war in Iraq but now they want us to declare war on Iran…oh, don’t get me started.)

  12. The Iron Orchard says

    Why don’t you do that say what, Rocky has a web site you can check out…see his his ideas. Liberal ideals only hope is for America to get out of it’s rut of the two evils system, and start to look for real solutions instead turning to two parties who get harder to tell apart.