1. RyanInSacto says

    Wow. That wasn’t just a gift to Obama, it was a gift to Santorum. If Frothy’s campaign is worth a damn, they’ll put that footage in a TV ad and run it non-stop in every state that has an upcoming primary election.

  2. paul says

    Markus – Obama may have changed his opinions on things over time. No one can remain inflexible it’s an untenable position especially when you are working with the house and congress who are diametrically opposed. He has had to make compromises but his value system and beliefs has remained intact. Romney says one thing, and in the same SENTENCE will contradict himself. Romney openly lies quite regularly. Just look on youtube and you will find plenty of evidence – for example Romney openly said the economy is getting WORSE under Obama and then when challenged he lied and said he NEVER said the economy was getting worse. Romney is shallow and I certainly wouldn’t trust him as far as i could spit at him. Obama on the other hand does an admirable job at navigating the insanity of his responsibilities….oh and he nailed the bad guys, saved the country from another depression, and saved the auto industry, and did away with DADT, meanwhile fighting for women’s rights and raising a family all at the same time.

  3. says

    Right on Paul! There’s an important difference between growth and flexibility on one hand and unprincipled pandering on the other.

    Again, this is “nuance” (read: reality) that those on the right have trouble with.

  4. RyanInSacto says

    Well said, Paul. The thing about Romney isn’t just that he has changed positions occasionally or makes a misstatement here and there. That happens with every politician. In fact, we WANT people to change their minds occasionally – that’s one way to move the status quo and make progress. So the issue isn’t that. The issue is that the guy is a complete pander-bot. He is a human weathervane that will say anything to anybody if he thinks it will earn a vote. And his campaign manager just affirmed this. I mean, the guy just admitted that nothing Romney has said in the primary campaign means anything. That’s both beyond the pale and probably the most accurate statement to come out of the Romney campaign… ever.

  5. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Romney as an Etch A Sketch. The comedy routines write themselves. Barring an unforeseen economic downturn, Mittens will not be president. The American people will not be able to stomach this unprincipled prostitute.

  6. kansastock says

    This is certainly not news. Its just that he’s say it on video, which can’t be etched. Yep, Santorum won’t lose this in the primaries (sorry, gave them credit for not being stupid), but Obama’s perps aren’t quite that ignorant.

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