‘Evolution’ Watch: Obama to Share Stage with Marriage Equality Activist Evan Wolfson

President Obama will be sharing the stage with Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson as they both receive the Barnard Medal of Distinction at the New York City college's commencement Monday, Buzzfeed reports.

WolfsonWill it place added pressure on Obama's marriage equality "evolution"?

Wolfson tells Buzzfeed:

If I got to whisper in the President's ear, I would thank him for the important steps he has already taken in support of the freedom to marry, applaud him for speaking in such personal terms about the journey he and so many Americans have made to understand who gay families are and why marriage matters, and encourage him to complete that journey and join the national majority for Americans. And if we happen to be standing near a hot mike, I expect that would get a unanimous standing ovation from the graduates who, like the overwhelming super-majority of young people now favoring the freedom to marry, want this president with them on the right side of history, with liberty and justice for all.


  1. Mike C. says

    Can the gay community collectively quit it with the ‘evolution watch’. Can we show any gratefulness at all to a President who has already done more for our community than every previous president combined?

    Do you think the election is going to be a cake walk, is that it? Because I assure you it will not. Economic indicators will dip over the summer, unemployment will increase as discouraged jobseekers flood the labor market, when gasoline prices will also rise along with the very real possibility that we are dragged into a war with Iran by August. Romney will have an excellent shot at winning Ohio in November, and with it the presidency, just in time for Ruth Bader Ginsberg to die on the bench and to set the clock back on us decades. Making gay marriage a feature of his campaign will only ensure that!

    Please, let’s unite for once around the one man who has shown us promise, and who has indisputably signalled to us he will fight for marriage equality once he wins the election and saves us from the perils of a republican president who will shut us out from public discourse and cast us as the social pariah of the 21st century.

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    @ Mike C: YES, of course, he must be reelected. But your regurgitation of the distortion about how much he’s done is pathetic as is your nonsense about being able to read his “signals.” I agree that in the interest of not hurting his reelection we should leave him alone now regarding marriage equality. But too few still don’t know that far from his Smart Ass term “evolving” he’s DEvolved from his unequivocal position when running for the Illinois Senate in 1996 that he favored “legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” Time and time again he’s demonstrated “political homophobia,” not just backsliding from that, but also his 2007/8 campaign promise that “As your President, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality.” Yes, celebrate he’s done that for NC 1, but remember all the times he’s remained silent as in 2009 when Maine’s marriage equality law was going down in flames. Assuming he doesn’t actually believe what he’s SAID: that he opposes marriage equality because “God is in the mix”—I can still imagine him listening to people saying after he’s reelected, “No, you can’t endorse it now either because it will hurt the Party’s chances in 2016.” In short, we mustn’t approach his second term with the same mistake the majority of the Community made throughout his first—simply trusting him to do the right thing. If you need any more reasons why, I can give you nearly 800—that’s the number of gay troops he needlessly shitcanned while coddling recalcitrant Pentagon homophobes.

  3. RandyOw says

    I have been struggling for with this for quite some time, though I am old enough to have lost my naiveté over American politics I still have the child inside me that screams that America is better than what we have, he tells me that leaders should stand up for what is right no matter what. He tells me that even if you lose fighting the good fight you have won. Yes Obama has done more for us than any other president, yes he is miles better than any alternative in the GOP, yes I will probably vote for him, but what I want to do is one day live in a nation that I don’t have to make the decision to back someone who is just better than the other person, but who is actually the best they can be. I know that will probably never happen, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it. And that is why we can never let the pressure off, that is why we have to keep pushing this man to state openly that we are equal to any other citizen. It does not stop with marriage, it will probably not stop with our community, we will find other people who have fallen through the cracks and we must push for those, whoever they are, to be treated equally as well. We must continue to fight the good fight, or we don’t stand for anything.

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