Ex-Boyfriend Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against Sheriff Paul Babeu


Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is now facing a lawsuit from his ex-boyfriend Jose Orozcoseeking $1 million in damages, The Republic reports:

The notice of claim, which attorneys for Jose Orozco filed with the sheriff and the county's Board of Supervisors, seeks $1 million in damages, according to County Manager Fritz Behring.  Additional details about the notice of claim were unavailable Monday night. Neither Orozco, nor Orozco's lawyer, Melissa Weiss-Riner, could be reached for comment. Babeu's lawyer also could not be reached.

Tim Gaffney, Sheriff's Office director of communications and grants, issued this statement in response to a request for comment: "A notice of claim was provided to our office earlier today regarding this matter. As with any pending civil litigation, it would be inappropriate to comment at this time."


  1. ATLJason says

    Wow…I thought I had some awful tricking stories. But nothing compares to “Hey, remember that time I hooked up with a dude and then he sued me for $1 million? Boy that was weird, huh?”

  2. antb says

    if Babeu really threatened Orozco with deportation as Orozco claims, then I hope he takes Babeu for everything he’s got. and then some.

  3. Chris says

    1 million? What happened to standing up for ideals not cash? Anyway, a judge will sort that out.

  4. GeorgeM says

    Jesus Christ, enough with these two. Get back together and STFU or go to court and figure it out

    O BTW thats a cool looking bowling alley in the picture on top.

  5. Dagoril says

    Allegedly using the power of the State to get a guy to have sex with you is pretty revolting, Babeu. If you’re found guilty, I hope you suffer the maximum penalty available.

    This guy is not suitable for political office, not suitable for law enforcement…though perfectly at home in the GOP.

  6. endo says

    “Allegedly using the power of the State to get a guy to have sex with you is pretty revolting”

    Uh, what? LOL! That’s not even what Jose is accusing him of, much less what actually happened.

    I love how stories like this take on urban legend status.

  7. AggieCowboy says

    Like sands in the hourglass so are the Gays of Our Life.

    These two are starting to make Soaps look like normal life.

  8. says

    I, too, am sick of hearing about these two. The sheriff is a lout, but I’m also beginning to wonder about the boyfriend. Why would anyone date that sheriff? It doesn’t show the best of judgment on his part.

  9. Artie says

    “He threatened to deport me, even though my visas ran out and I was taking advantage of the system. Give me a million dollars for this pain and suffering!!”

    What a pathetic loser. Go home already.

  10. endo says

    BEGINNING to wonder about the boyfriend, August? He’s been crazy all along! Paul may be GOP scum, but Jose is a scorned Latin who had a public meltdown when he found out his f-buddy had other f-buddies.

    Neither of these people are saints. But I agree with other commenters, this is better than daytime television!

  11. Jay007 says

    Paging Gloria Allred in 3-2-1……

    Seriously, though, this lawsuit sounds totally baseless. This relationship has never been described as anything but consensual and I’ve seen no evidence that Babeu used his official position to take any adverse action against Jose. Instead, I see this as a morally-challenged hypocrite (Babeu) being dogged by a scorned lover who exceeded the allowable limits of his visa. I hope Jose doesn’t see a single one of my taxpayer dollars go into his pocket as the result of this bogus lawsuit, because we will be the ones paying for this – not Babeu personally. Enough is enough.

  12. ratbastard says

    Babeu is a single guy who’s led an *cough* active personal life. Nothing wrong with that. Did he harass or rape anyone underage? Anyone pass the age of consent? Anyone under his power as a sheriff or other duties? Can anyone answer these questions, because this is what it all comes down to.

    On the other hand, is he unethical? Sounds like it.

  13. L.C says

    I don’t have any sympathy for illegal immigrants who want to abuse the system. Your first act on this soil was an illegal act.

  14. IonMovies says

    Jose sounds like an oppertunist. I would not be surprised if he were hied by La Raza to make a point on behalf of illegal immigrants, while throwing this man under the bus.

  15. Kevin says

    Jose…if you WERE here illegally, you don’t have rights. No rights. Rights and constitution belong to U.S citizens, not people who break laws and break the line at all costs to enter this country unlike my family and I who waited years to attempt than reattempt coming here from Asia.

  16. Sebastian says

    Get all you can out of him and Pinal County Jose, he and his ilk have made life here in Arizona for Hispanics awful, legal or otherwise and, you are part of the blame as you knew he was a bigot and yet, chose to be his top stud until he decided to cut you off sexually and I would guess with money too, but, that said, glad he’s squirming in a vat of his own self made issues, like using County phones and pc’s looking for trade and tricks.

    Just waiting for more of Paul’s exes to come forward, and, I’m sure there will be plenty of them ready to give the 411 on Studboi0.

  17. sugarrhill says

    Yet again the comment section of this site turns into KKK message board.

    Sorry to break it you racists, but even if you’re in the coutnry illegally you are still protected by the constitution on this country.

  18. Hollywood, CA says

    Babeu, if you did nothing wrong, what do you have to be afraid of? It’s not like someone’s going to be abusing their power on you during the case, right? If you didn’t continue a relationship with this “illegal,” or threaten to have him deported when things didn’t go your way, don’t lose one minute of sleep over it… However… (lol) GOP, republican, Arizona, … it’s not looking so good.


  19. truthteller says

    The racist come out in droves. Maybe you should try reading the facts before you spew your bigoted views. Jose is not here illegally. He has a visa, which means he is here legally.

  20. Slice says

    @ SugarHill…no, illegal immigrants don’t have American rights based on American laws, because they broke the biggest law in the American legal system. I and many others, including liberals (which I myself am one) do not entertain the idea of illegal immigrants being in this country. They drain it, and they are also not beneficial for the fight toward LGBT equality. Their views are often extremely religious and uneducated, so I stand against illegal immigration with millions of other Americans.