1. Butch says

    Look, it’s Andy’s site and he certainly can post what he wants, but can someone explain to me why we’re seeing post after post of Madonna snippets?

  2. V-8 says

    finally a video that looks somewhat interesting, image-wise… and I am not talking about the guy parts, just the texture and hopefully editing etc…

    of course the teasers for Celebration were extremely different from the ending video (in the teaser, each time she moved her arm she painted a line, like graffiti, like the cover of the single)… I guess that got put in the trash bin, so let’s see what ends up being the final cut…. any idea on the release date?

    and Danswon, the video is slow to load…

  3. borut says

    I’m tired of seeing gays in a chains-and-latex setting. If she had football players kissing in the video for GMAYL, now that would be another story.

    And what’s up with the smoking. I can’t get rid of the feeling she’s only doing it because Rihanna smokes in the video for We Found Love.

  4. Marc says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing….about…….Madonna!!!!!!!!

    The Queen is back! yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  5. V-8 says

    borut, i think she was smoking in videos before rihanna was even born… just sayin’

  6. says

    This is my least favorite song from the album so far, but what an effing ear worm it is. I’ve been singing it to myself for days and I clearly dislike it, so M must be doing something right (maybe?).

    That said, this video looks superb so far. And the other “official” video (the viral one Andy posted here a few days back) should be embraced by Madonna as well. I think she needs more dancing girls in pink leotards with hollow eyes. LOL.

  7. says

    And, please, Madonna was chain smoking in the Bad Girl video (and looking fierce) back in the day.

    I also have a giant poster from the Bedtime Stories era of her with a cigarette (not to mention the Herb Ritts photoshoot for Immaculate Collection).

    More thoughts on the song . . . I think what ultimately kills it for me are the lyrics. She has no business calling Gaga reductive with those lyrics. Waiting for Cyndi Lauper to show up with a single called “Into the Groovy Material Prayer”

  8. david says

    the album is going to be huuuge. cannot wait. every day something new from madonna! heaven.

  9. Maverick69 says

    @Randall, If Jack Nicholson can utter the line “look who gets to be the girl” Madonna can certainly sing about it.

  10. Name: says

    How many other music artists put gay men kissing in their videos? Maybe 2 others Xtina and Gaga. Although Gaga tends to copy others.

  11. Sad says

    Nice to see Vadge pandering to the gays now that her career is in the toilet. But that’s what all has-beens do – run to the gays when nobody else will pay attention anymore.

    And the song still sucks.

  12. jason says

    I reckon she only put it in because of criticism of her on the web. In any case, why does it have to be a female singer? Why can’t it be a male singer having male-male action in his videos?

    There IS a double standard. A male singer would never be allowed to get away with what female singers are allowed to get away with. A male equivalent of Madonna would never be allowed to have the kind of success that Madonna has had during her career.

    All your liberal friends are guilty of promoting this double standard. Yes, those liberal friends of yours who pretend to be accepting of you. They only say they accept you because they fear that, if gay guys turn against liberalis, liberalism is finished. Kaput, finito, endo.

    With the collapse of liberalism will come the inevitable backlash against women’s privileges, a backlash which women fear more than anything.

    Women know that their current social status is based on privileges that are not allowed for men – eg being allowed to wear trousers or dresses whereas men can only wear trousers, eg being allowed to enter nightclubs and bars with very little clothing whereas the men must often wear shirts and pants that cover their whole bodies, eg the bisexual double standard which says female bisexuality is hot but male bisexuality is gross.

  13. Thomas says

    No amount of shirtless men will make this anything more then a reductive Cyndi Lauper knock off.

    Madonna just isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll take Cyndi’s blues album any day over this generic Ke$ha b-side.

  14. Randy says

    1. Why do we need a teaser for a video? This is as bad as trailers for short film. Desperation…

    2. I didn’t see a video, just an image. Is it because the evil Vevo and evil Facebook are joining forces to form a big ball of evilness? I’ve already written them out of my browsing experience.

    3. I saw it elsewhere. So are gay men now being used the way lesbians are, as entertainment for straights? I guess that’s a sort of progress…

  15. Seaguy says

    Scott C: Well then don’t read about her. I am sick of negative nellies like you posting your crap!

  16. Eddie says

    I’m 48 years old. I bought Madonna’s debut album when I was 19. I thought ‘Madonna’ was a band – like ‘Blondie’. I was surprised to see it was only one woman. I slept out at the Burlington Mall with my kid sister to get tickets at the Sears’ Ticketmaster for the Virgin Tour. I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. I know all about how great/awful she can be. So now, in 2012, what the f#*k do you want me to do? Just stop liking her? Stop being interested in what she does? Stop being a fan?? How??? I mean, if I can’t be excited about Madonna, who can I get excited about? There’s no one. No one. Anywho… Go Madonna!!!

  17. Rob says

    Madonna was Madonna before everybody else was Madonna. And let’s not forget, she took the pro-gay aspect of a campy, sexy chanteuse to a whole new level. She’s all gay, all the time, and makes it feel hip and fun and hot.

    Theatrical female pop stars all stand in her wake. Sure they drown her out some, including Lady Gaga who is out-Madonna-ing her at her own game. But there will only be one real Madonna. And if she is doing contortions for attention from me, fine. I’ll give it to her. She has done plenty for me.

  18. Shannon says