Gill Action Fund Plans Massive Summit of Gay Political Donors

The Gill Action Fund is planning a summit involving hundreds of the nation's gay political donors, the NYT reports:

GillactionThe conference, one of the largest ever gatherings of gay donors, is being organized by the Gill Action Fund, one of the country’s leading gay political organizations, which has played a quiet but pivotal role at the state level in recent years on gay marriage and other issues, including working to defeat lawmakers who oppose gay marriage. The fund is keeping quiet the details of the gathering, hoping to shield potential donors from unwanted scrutiny or attacks from opponents, and a spokesman for the fund declined to comment on the plan.


  1. KP says

    I appreciate all the good work the Gill Action Fund does but I am I the only one who is a little unnerved by the organization? I think its because so much of what they do is behind the scenes and kept on the QT. I am just being paranoid I guess…

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