1. ATLJason says

    I watch Survivor all the time and he is truly an embarrassment to gay men.

    Sidebar: some of his tribemates are SMOKIN’ HOT. I am enjoying watching the eye candy this season.

  2. doug says

    I never watch this crap, but since I switched to CBS in the morning, my TV kind of stays there till I change it. She’s a cartoon…a lip pursing, eye rolling, heinous one. She ain’t gonna win, an no one is going to feel bad if someone punches her in the face.

  3. Jayson says

    Hate this little twerp. Did not like him from the start and he has just gotten worse. He has so many phobias I am surprised he is not homophobic.

  4. gaylib says

    So anti gay bigot/Survivor producer Mark Burnett wants to make gay people look bad by putting our worst face forward?? SHOCKER!! Any gay watching this trash/propaganda from the right wing religious nut factory should be as ashamed of themlves as whoever this gay republican loser is.

  5. AJ says

    @gaylib: It only took 24 seasons for a true gay villain. Last season the villain was a raging Christian. If anything, Burnett is an equal opportunity offender. And no one is shoving words in Colton’s mouth. He is doing this to himself. He is truly horrid and we are only FOUR episodes in.

  6. Artie says

    I’m a gay moderate (registered independent) and have some conservative views. Please note: this queen most definitely does not represent me or anyone else who is even mildly conservative.

    He’s a loser, a caricature, and a ridiculously easy target.

  7. Joey Y says

    Just a couple things: “get a real job” and “ghetto trash” are quite race-independent. I have called many people “ghetto trash” throughout my life, and trust me, they came in ALL colors. It’s a kind of behavior, not a race, so it’s a little, dare I say it, racist to assume that everyone in “the ghetto” is a minority.

  8. josh says

    So Joey your racist comments aren’t racist just because you’ve also aimed them at white people and/or your own race?

    Sorry pal, you are still a racist.

  9. Gregoire says

    The very FIRST winner of Survivor was an openly gay man — and a TV-perfect blend of villain and crafty player.

    A second gay male winner, Todd, was a very watchable winner, a bit back-stabbing, but most people are to win this game.

    Colton is a nasty little twit with no redeeming values. He will not be the third gay male winner, and he’s only ruining his life by conducting himself in such a vile manner.

    And we can delight in laughing at this monster because he’s everything wrong about the world today.

  10. gaylib says

    Mark Burnett is a close friend and congregant of Joel Osteen, a rabidly gay evangelical. He is NOT an ally to our community and always does his best to paint gays as stereotypes or complete jerks. This is the first gay villain on survivor? are you kidding? Watch if you want, but you’re supporting the enemy.

  11. Dawson says

    O.K. many people do not watch the show. The problem here is that for many people who have no contact with gay people they believe what they see on T.V.

    In an election year and with many people who want to vilify us you have one of the worse portraits since Stephen Fetchit. We are trying to get many people who are on the fence with gay rights, adoption, DOMA, don’t ask don’t tell…. So AGAIN we have another gay person who plays to the extreme. Does he represent us? I sure hope not. Unfortunately try telling that to someone who’s global view is what they see on T.V. This is not unusual. Many people get their world view from T.V. (how many of us truely knows what exactly is going on in Iran, Botswana, Nepal etc?)

    Survivor plays to a certain demographics. Many of the same demographic we need this election year if we are going to get more people elected. This is why it is important. Yet you have a gay, Southern Republican who is a bigot to the demographic that is still on the fence—our African American population, Southerns, moderate Republicans and older Americans.

    Sure it is entertainment but do we really need this now when we are fighting for gay rights and candidates that are understanding to our cause? It just makes our fight a bit harder. Look at Rick Santorum. Who really believe that anyone would listen to him? We need to be changing opinions not giving people a reason to hold on to their sterotypes.

  12. Chris says

    I’ve never been moved to comment on Towleroad, but Survivor is my guilty pleasure and so here are my paltry two cents.

    During last night’s “Tribal Council,” when Colton made many of the comments referred to in the post, I was – for the first time in my viewing history – nearly compelled to change the channel. His behavior and statements were appalling.

    To Joey Y: I agree with you in the sense that some of his phrasing, epithets and name-calling are race neutral – but only if taken out of context. However, Colton himself provided the context when the host, Jeff Probst, gave him an opportunity to defend himself against the insinuation that his dislike of Bill was tinged with racism. Jeff encouraged him to speak of the black people in his life and he could name only his black maid, a woman he deemed “a member of the family.” To which Jeff responded: A PAID member of the family. Colton’s rejoinder was as mind boggling for its vacuousness as it was for its inherent racism.

    Not an overt racism, mind you, but the insidious, below-the-surface kind, the kind that the movie The Help attempted to address. Not a perfect analogy by any means, but his comment reminded me a bit of those people in our lives who argue against gay marriage; when rightly called homophobes, they often protest, “But some of my best friends are gay!” Or black. Or Asian. Or whatever one’s prejudice may be.

    All that said… it made for compelling television. The jovial, struggling but proud and open-minded stand-up comic, and the seemingly dense male model, came off as the closest approximation to heroes last night, while the gay man – usually a thoughtful, charming misfit, victim, or underdog – revealed himself for a shallow, uncultured, classist bigot. I can’t stand him, and I am now quite engaged in witnessing his downfall.

    Finally, I’ll admit that Colton may deserve just a teeny, tiny benefit of the doubt. These shows are all edited from thousands of hours of footage to create a narrative. Real life events are re-ordered and chopped up to give the viewers a story that is not always entirely accurate. It’s possible that Colton is not quite as awful a human being as he made himself out to be. But he’s still pretty damn bad.

  13. uffda says

    Survivor is still the best recurring show on television, now that Will and Grace are gone. And Colton was hilarious the first three episodes, never seen anyone like him, actually pining to belong to the girls camp, calling himself “the girl” among the men. He cracked me up. Unfortunately, in this 4th episode, he showed himself to be everything said here, yes he was awful. Now, however, I especially wouldn’t miss the next show.

    Mr. Burnett you have me at the door, just not the door to your repellant church.

    Oh, and GAYLIB, why is he a “close friend”? It’s you who seem to be “supporting the enemy.”

  14. MichaelJ says

    @Joey Y: That’s BS, at least about “ghetto trash” being race-independent. “Ghetto” means a place where a group of people are segregated from the rest of the population, whether by law, discrimination or poverty, and in the US it has been used to describe poor black neighborhoods. (“Barrio” is used for poor Hispanic neighborhoods.) “Ghetto trash” is an offensive term because whether or not it leveled against someone African American or not, it basically proclaims trashy behavior to be the norm of the ghetto. It is similar to the term “trailer trash,” which is based on the presumption that trashy behavior is the norm of folks who live in trailor parks. I am sure that this gem of a human being would not try to demean any black person by calling them “trailer trash.”
    Ghetto trash is also not unlike the way so many people use the term “gay” to mean lame, weak or ineffectual. Yes, it has been used to describe some straight people and yes, some if not most of the people who use would say that it does not apply to all gay people, but it still is offensive. It reminds me of when I told a childhood friend, who I’d lost touch with for many years, that I was gay and her response was “Good for you for not being faggotty!”

  15. says

    texbook gay republican. racist, clueless as to how he’s perceived by others.

    it’s as bad as this Gay Republican in this video who keeps complaining about “stereotypical gay people” – uh, Mary, if you aint a stereotypical gay then i don’t know what is! LOL!

    now, don’t worry. he doesn’t represent “us” – he represents gay republicans. you know, the boys who had to parrot their parents’ racism in the hopes of avoiding their parents’ anti-gay bigotry.

    he is indeed the quintessential Gay Republican – and this is why the GOP is against pretty much all forms of LGBT Equality: not because of Liberal Gays, but because the Conservative Gays that they know and are related to are so cowardly and pathetic that they make it very clear that they’re not deserving of Equality.

    and they’re not. Gay liberals are. Gay Conservatives aren’t. they don’t even have the orbs to fight for it.

  16. Apparatus says

    Is it bad that I think he’s cute? I know, I know! I hate him and everything he stands for and that voice my god…but if he just shut up, he’d be such pleasant arm candy.

    Why do I get the impression he’s going to be just that for some rich middle aged white GOProud member someday?

    They can ride off into the sunset together in their pastel polo shirts, tanning bed brown skin, blindingly white bleached teeth and a live in a house full of black servants like the civil rights movement never happened.

  17. Jeff says

    As my very good straight friend remarked this morning, “That Colton is giving Caucasians, men, gays and people in general a bad name!”
    I couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe some of his tribe mates haven’t bopped him over the head with a coconut or a palm frond or something. Hope he’s gone soon.

  18. Craig says

    The sad thing is this may be the first gay guy middle America actually relates to. I don’t understand why the “tribe” is falling at his feet. He is clearly a rotten person.

  19. Disgusted Gay American says

    I hate this show – and just watched the first video….Ewwwwwwwww I HATE HIS VOICE……he started talking,and HIGH HEELS fell out of his mouth…what a MARY!

  20. Apparatus says

    @Disgusted Gay American

    Sorry, but you can attack him for his rotten beliefs and opinions, but attacking him for his “feminine” mannerisms is just giving credence to all the straight bigots who attack any gay man who is more “feminine” by nature. And there’s nothing wrong with it if you are! Masculine and feminine are all artificial archetypes that no one really fits into anyway.

    Also, who says “Mary” anymore? You have got to be an older “disgusted gay American”, lol.

  21. uffda says

    MYACKIE- right, entirely scripted…and Obama wasn’t born in the US
    It’s true DISGUSTED, Colton really is a Mary which, however, is the most defended of gay types on this site, in fact ALL the living stereotpes are especially defended on this site. Which is fine. I liked Colton to start with because he WAS so out, such a Nancy and all the rest. I think that most people know he’s just a type and not a fair symbol for all gay people, in fact until this episode all the other guys in his tribe were totally cool with his many “differences”. I loved that about them.

  22. says

    what gives me a giggle is that we get people who say things like “those gay mannerisms are the result of peer-pressure from the stereotypical gay community!!!”


    Colton and Hissey and other gay republicans prove that sort of statement wrong – if these little wimps have spent so long avoiding other gays, and indeed The Stereotypical Gay Communities, then why does he look and act like…well…. like a redneck’s idea of what A Gay Person Is from 1988?

    i suppose a lifetime hanging around straight republicans didn’t mean their…uh….”energy” rubs off on you.

    he’s a typical gay republican. this is to be expected. it’s actually a wonderful example for queer youth out there – hey kids, take a good look at what not to be when you Come Out!

  23. Tom Stoppard says

    I’ve watched every series of Survivor – there have been lots of gay contestants over the years, some noble, some conniving. I don’t know to what extent the show is “scripted” but it definitely feels like they’re been trying to get more extreme characters and outrageous storylines in there in the last few series. Colton and what happened last night is a good example of this.

    Like Chris, I was tempted to switch off about halfway through this episode. Colton’s entitled, dismissive attitude made me feel angry. There’s no way I’d have agreed to give up immunity and go to tribal council. Even if I’d have been the next to be voted out, I’d have ensured I made his next three days a living hell and tried to provoke him into hitting me so he’d be kicked off the series. But anyway… it’s a useful if unpleasant reminder that intolerance comes in many forms, and that we need to work within our own communities at removing it, just as much as we need to remove homophobia from the wider world.

    I feel sorry for Colton (if he’s not an actor). He’s likely to get a lot of negative attention in real life from now on.

  24. Homo Genius says

    I am so embarrassed by him. He has literally set gay men back 50 years. When I was a young gay man the perception was that ALL gays were like him. People would find out you were gay and just assume you were a certain way and believe in all the sterotypes.

    That said, gamewise he isnt doing so bad.

  25. Brad says

    He is so nasty for such a young person. The hope here is that he will learn something from his experience. Too much negativity robs the spirit of growth.

  26. uffda says

    Chris – Survivor should not be a guilty pleasue, reading this website should be…and if you post on it, for God’s, then you really are guilty. Still it’s a pleasure. These are nearly the only gay people I “know” (but not entirely) because I can think of no personally suitable reason to narrow my field so specifically. Stay on board now even if you step into the many set traps of the insecure and angry. It’s mostly a daily circus with many unexpected treasures week after week, like Brandon and Dalan, and David Kuria from last week. Thanks for your thoughtful remarks.

  27. says

    Myackie – yawn, the old ‘reality TV is entirely scripted’ nonsense again.

    Some of the shows are – absolutely. But a lot of them aren’t – and I’d put Survivor in the latter camp. It’s just such a lazy stereotype to say they’re all fake

  28. Apparatus says

    I am just so depressed by all the comments like those from Homo Genius making it seem like being “this way” is such a horrible thing. Don’t you realize, that’s as bad as a straight guy exploding with anger over people thinking he might be gay. It’s just a sign that you’re insecure and that you think being gay is wrong.

    So you hating on a gay for having the gall to appear on TV and be who is, is saying that being more “feminine” is wrong. It’s ALL O.K.

    If the best we’ve come in “50 years” is that the only acceptable gays that are allowed to put their face forward are “macho” men, then we’re so screwed. It’s just more self-hatred which does us no good, we should be proud of all our community members, our symbol is a rainbow after all.

  29. David B. says

    I like that a gay man of any stripe was chosen, and this is purely fiction created by the editor and producers, so don’t judge this person based on a depiction so grossly out of his control — Remember Reality TV is never the former and barely the latter.

  30. Ricco says

    I like that Colton is on the show. What Colton is is the true face of humanity, proof that gays can be as bigoted and small minded as anyone else.

    This are not attributes unique to those belonging to the larger cultural group of heterosexual, homogenous, all-white males, rather human attributes.

    I thought when I got out of high school that things would get better, and they only sort of got better, but then I found a whole new high school like environment in the gay community, where people were rewarded for the size of their cocks, how good looking they were on a scale of 1 – 10, and how much money they made.

    Colton may be a caricature of a gay man, but if one could smooth out all the BS from his behavior and he would actually be quite representative of gay men in general, at least those men who have not yet discovered they have a soul.

  31. Bill says

    For all the statements about Colton, I whole heartedly agree. He is the worst of all human beings, Gay or Straight. For those of you who watched the whole episode what did you all think about all the straight men who not only gave him the power to organize the vote-off, but went along with this racist action AND voted with him? Instead of standing up to the racist bigot, they capitulated to him and tried to convince any audience member that Colton shouldn’t be thought of as racist. It was the most amazing this I have ever watched in my life. I guess we now know what each of them will do for the chance at a million dollars.

  32. Salythetruth says

    The guy portrays so badly –or so well- all the stereotypes bigots love to point at gays, that more than once I really –like in REALLY- thought he was faking it. I thought: “It is not possible, I’ve never known someone so campy, mean, dumb, shallow and superficial etcetera”. I can’t avoid thinking “does he really need to tweak his voice in a way that not even the women in the camp do?” or “does he really think he is the Queen of Java in exile?”
    Add him being a stupid republican –lol, as if the republican would accept him, not even the Goproud idiots would embrace him- and being a racist, intolerant, discriminatory and a classist and you have the whole package. He will be the poster gay for the bigots to show how mentally ill we gays are.

  33. James UK says

    I’ve just watched episodes 2/3/4 to discover what all the fuss is about.

    I guffawed through most of it. Bill is so fake and desperate to be liked – he so isn’t ghetto trash, but he used that formerly ghetto, then jive then hip-hop (and then I got too old and lost track of what it’s called now) idiom that lots of guys use nowadays. Bro’ this and bro’ that and it’s just so fake – like the male equivalent of like the Valley Girl. Now I can see why some people might think Bill’s neediness was touching, particularly as Bill is good looking and ostensibly straight. But I’m with Colton – I thought it was nauseating and I wanted to hit Bill upside the head with a shovel.

    I think that’s why Colton disliked Bill. It’s nothing really to do with race. It’s projection. Colton had been doing the same, trying to ingratiate himself with the girls, with very little success.

    So I don’t think that Colton is racist. He does come across as a spoiled, mean-girl brat. Which is terrible. Because he is feminine and therefore should have been properly passive and kept things fluffy. If he wanted to be a capital Q queen, he should have gotten dressed. So people would know.

    I think it’s really funny that they all assume that he is “in with the girls” and therefore powerful in the event of a future merge, when he’s nothing of the sort – which all those straight boys would know if they could ever actually bring themselves to talk to a girl.

    And say what you like. The straight boys were all going to vote Colton out first and he has used the chance receipt of an idol and their own assumptions about him to see off Matt and Bill.

    I say bitches had it comin!

  34. Sean says

    Honestly, Colton on this show is a dissertation, in itself, on how a Republican nitwit is formed. He’s completely close-minded and live a shelter existence, only associating with people of a similar background to him. He’s privileged, and has grown up that way. So he has no perspective on what it’s even like to come from a disadvantaged background, which is an common string with all ‘fiscally conservative’, anti-welfare people. Some people who’ve grown up rich manage to come to an understanding about the importance of wealth redistribution as a means of insuring social mobility through basic human empathy. Others not so much. The fact that he’s gay is just a confusing cherry on top.

  35. MarkUs says

    I think he’s hilarious. I enjoy him and obviously the producers put him right in the middle front row of tribal council like a queen holding court didn’t they. Just so the public (and I guess Democrats – any other political affiliations for the others we should know about?) can go Grrrr! Grrrr! Grrr! We hate him!

    (Just like Phi Phi on Ru’s show)

  36. Ryan says


    You said… “It’s a kind of behavior, not a race, so it’s a little, dare I say it, racist to assume that everyone in “the ghetto” is a minority.”

    Other people have made excellent comments regarding other flaws in your post, but I wanted to add one more addressing that quote.

    You clearly don’t understand the historical context of what a ghetto is or was. A ghetto is *precisely* a place where everyone stuck in them are minorities.

    Here’s’s definition:

    “a section of a city, especially a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or other minority group, often as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures, or hardships.”

    Many of the first ghettos, in the European sense, were Jewish ghettos, in which they simply weren’t allowed to live anywhere else. And then of course there was the German idea of a Jewish ghetto during World War Two, in which nearly half the world’s Jewish population was wiped off the map in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

    In America, we had many ethnic ghettos, most forming as communities in which it was the only real place they could live, pockets in which there was safety in number — and a slice of home. That wasn’t always a bad thing, but there were distasteful elements to it (ie the fact that they *weren’t* accepted elsewhere).

    Of course, we also had our own ideas of what a ghetto was in World War Two, in which we shipped our Japanese population into small camps of their own.

    Only later, as some of those largely European ethnic barriers began to melt, did many younger people start to think of ghettos as places where black people lived. There was tremendous discrimination against them forcing them in those areas, including banks not giving them loans to live in other areas and other kinds of overt or covert racism (including towns, neighbors, police, etc.) — and god knows what else that I myself have no context to understand.

    Not only were the people living in these pockets generally poorer, given the lack of jobs available to them, discrimination in pay and discrimination in availability in education, but the pockets within cities that these ghettos were in were so small that property values were often higher than many of the areas white people tended to live in — forcing black people to struggle even more to afford them.

    So you can’t just say the word ghetto doesn’t have an element of race to it, because there are now larger mixes of races and ethnicity of people who may live in them today and the idea of ghettos comprised of singular races or ethnicity is less than what it’s been in the past (even if it still exists more than you probably would realize). It took a long time to get to that point and even now, in the present sense of the idea of what a ghetto is, while it may not have as much of a racial element as it used to, it’s still very much a class-ist element — and the idea of forcing people to live in tiny pockets of a city because they’re black or irish or polish or just because they’re poor (and those pockets just so happen to be where all the crappy schools are, where the highest crime is, where murders are common and where the police don’t show up when called because, hey, it’s just the ghetto), then people should still ABSOLUTELY have a problem with it.

  37. Ryan says

    PS. Even if he’s not racist — and I absolutely think there’s plenty enough in what he’s said and the way that he’s acted to think he is — why is it any better that he’d want to discriminate against people because they’re poor or some other BS reason? What does money even have to do with Survivor? What should he ever care about it in that context?

    I dearly, dearly hope he gets off that show and has to make his own way for a few years and see what kind of struggles exist, that he isn’t bailed out by mommy and daddy. What does it prove about yourself if your mommy and daddy can write you a check to pay that rent? How does that make you worth more than some guy who works his ass off trying to make a dream work for him and has to scrape enough to get by in some poor section of town?

    I seriously can’t stand people like this a-hole on the show. What a terrible representative of the GLBT community. I doubt he gives a damn about anyone beside himself. And I bet the horrible way he treats everyone else has more to do with his own insecurities and issues with himself than the problems he has with other people.

    Well, too damn bad.

  38. MarkUs says

    What did all the hand wringers here think about the guy years back who said to his teammates that his parents were dead and the producers of the show had told him his grandmother was hospitalized having a cancer operation? He cried quiet tears. And had the rest of his opponents crying with him. Then told the camera that his parents were fine and his grandmother probably “sitting with her feet up and watching The Price is Right about now.” The rest of the shows: “How is your grandmother doing? Any word?” -“Oh, she’s getting WORSE!” Jeff Probst didn’t say a thing until the finale.

    The producers have to love Colton. It’s on every website.

  39. brian says

    I’m a gay person so I think I can say this. Colton is a disgrace to the gay community. He’s a pompus judgemental FA*!it He disgusts me. Hopefully he’ll see the errors of his awkward ways and see the UGLY side of him. For anyone who is his friend? Why?

  40. says

    The only part of survivor I’ve ever watched is what I just saw above, about 1/3 of the final clip.


    People are entertained by that.

    There is no hope for humanity.

  41. Luke says

    In a turn on the conversation, we should do a gender study:

    I watched the clips here, and noticed something very interesting (and forgive me if I choose not to watch the other episodes or the entirety of this one, as I don’t watch survivor).

    The women, in this brief clip, discuss getting rid of the weakest members of their tribe. They talk about getting rid of the woman who happened to have the most problems with others in the tribe (starting “beef”) and for not “pulling her weight.” The discussion is level headed, there is no outright consensus, and it seems as though it has some rationality.

    Flip to the men’s team.

    Bickering based on someone being “ghetto trash”, subservience of opinion without questioning motives, and an argumentative, shallow, and disgusting tribal council. They send home a player that ostensibly seems okay.

    Forgive me again if I’ve gotten the details wrong (I have not watched the other episodes).

    But I would say the women will win this, easily. Or rather, a woman will win this season. The men are not disciplined, they lack focus, and are nothing but a bunch of followers. Colton will get himself voted off so even as a “strong” (and I use that loosely) leader he will fail.

    And that is my in depth analysis of the Gendered teams on Survivor: One World.

  42. jack says

    I never watch survivor and I am can see I haven’t missed much. I am sorry to see that such a drama queen as Coulton is the gay “guy” on the show. He is the kind of gay man that I wouldn’t spend two minutes talking too.

  43. Joe De Hoyos says

    I hope this nasty queen meets an angry black mob once he’s back on the street. He’s got some ugly karma coming to slap him hard in the face.

  44. jack says

    Is Colton Cumbie even a real name? Do you think that he ever had a friend? Could anyone be this obnoxious and be real? Is he just a product of Survivor casting?Isn’t he a good reason to stop watching Survivor?

  45. Rhoda says

    I watched the show with my son who is a gay man, who everyone in my family loves dearly. I was horrified and embarrassed to be watching this depiction of a gay man on TV. I know that’s not how he would want to be perceived by me or anyone else, and I can attest to the fact that he is not bitchy, nasty or mean…I don’t think Colton’s behavior had anything to do with his sexual orientation, but more to do with his upbringing and cultural mindset. I am appalled by him and everything he had to say about Bill as an individual and black people as a whole. Booooo, I have been a fan of Survivor since the beginning and I even cringed through the 2006 season that was based on race…I think this was my last episode. So sad, I really enjoyed it for the most part, but this is taking things too far!

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