‘Growing Pains’ Co-Star Tracey Gold Responds to Kirk Cameron’s Homophobia


Kirk Cameron's Growing Pains co-star Tracey Gold tweeted her response to Cameron's homophobic remarks to Piers Morgan this weekend:

"I am a strong supporter of the #LGBT Community, and I believe in equal rights for all. #NOH8 #LOVE"

Said Cameron: "I think that it's unnatural… it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization." Morgan said later he thought Cameron was "brave" for speaking his mind.


  1. says

    Piers Morgan is a crass tabloid talk show host and a puppet of Rupert Murdoch. He’s probably a homophobe, too. I can’t stomach his interview technique; bring back Larry King! Piers is every bit as objectionable to me as Kirk Cameron is.

  2. Richie says

    Can’t Kirk Cameron be brave *and* an idiot? Let these dummies speak their mind. We win when they do. Not much point getting riled up over what some two-bit child actor thinks.

  3. 99% says

    I watched the interview and I cringed; not for Kirk Cameron’s response, but because he really was STRONG ARMED into making a statement. Had he not been cornered by Piers Morgan, Mr. Cameron’s personal opinion would have remained just that; PERSONAL. Give me the proof that he’s been bashing gays, and all bets are off. I just don’t see that.

    I also do not see how his PERSONAL opinion has impact or influenced his PROFESSIONALISM.

    I am a gay man, for as much as it saddened me to hear his PERSONAL opinions forced out of him, I respect his PERSONAL opinions. I think we all should do the same.

  4. says

    99%, do you think we should also “respect” racist opinions?

    his personal opinions are inherently about disrespecting those who are different. LGBT people. Non-Christians.

    you’re asking people to “respect” the chosen disrespectful stance of someone. that makes no intellectual sense whatsoever.

    what next, respecting the opinions of the Klan?

    his opinions are not worth respecting.

  5. boston beat says

    let’s friend tracy gold aka “carol seaver” on FB. she deserves it :)

    its rather sad news to read about his comments because as a teen, i watched “growing pains” religiously and had a crush on kirk cameron like you would not believe. if i had known then what i’ve learned now, id of burned all my tiger beat magazines with kirk on the cover.

    what an ass.

  6. 99% says

    If you want to compare anyone who has does not support gays as being equal to supporting the Klan, then you are as narrow-minded as the right-wing schmucks who want to strip away our rights, and the is not worthy of a dignified discussion.

    No where did the interview go down the road of disrespect. Did you bother to watch it? Apparently not.

    You Little, will be first to scream you want equality, but how can you possibly demand a better world for everyone when you can’t respect the inherent worth and dignity of the individual. They may not hold your view, but at least TRY and find a common ground.

  7. says

    the relief about Kirk Cameron’s bigotry is that it’s no real “loss” in terms of respecting an artist.

    he was always a mediocre actor who made it only through being “80s Cute”.

    it’s one thing when an artistic “hero” of sorts lets you down – mel gibson comes to mind.

    but kirk cameron? meh.

    it’s funny – when a politician starts to fail they court the religious-right for support.
    same thing with failed performers: Kirk Cameron belongs to a glorious list of folks like Victoria Jackson and Chuck Norris who knew when their time was up, and have since gone on to profit from plebes.

  8. says

    99%, there’s a complete lack of intellectual discernment evident in your comments.

    this man does not believe in the Equal Worth of citizens. HE is in fact the one that does not believe in a better world for everyone.

    it’s not “disrespectful” to have the intellectual integrity to call out, and stand up against, the specific disrespectful beliefs that Cameron not only holds, but PROMOTES.

    perhaps this video is your first introduction to Kirk Cameron and his beliefs. it is not mine.

    it’s not about people like me “trying to find the common ground” – people like me are utterly correct in pointing out that the beliefs espoused by Cameron and his ilk are the reason that “common ground” is not being found.

    WE didn’t start the fire

    cameron opposes Equality for LGBT people. it’s not “intolerant” of me, or anyone else, to point out that we will not tolerate his intolerance.

    perhaps, 99%, you could provide a link to your own youtube video where you show us all a bright shining example of how to “share common ground.” it would be much more impactful than making asinine comments from a place of closeted anonymity 😀

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “I watched the interview and I cringed; not for Kirk Cameron’s response, but because he really was STRONG ARMED into making a statement.”

    That seems to be Morgan’s style. Shoehorning questions about gay issues into interviews is the only way he can get any press.

  10. Jason says

    It shouldn’t be assumed that, just because she was hired for and shared the stage with Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains, that she has the same value system as him.

    It’s fantastic she supports equality, absolutely. But we aren’t doing anyone justice by painting people with broad strokes that had a working relationship.

  11. Jason says

    He’s certainly allowed his belief system. Knowing his conservative Christian beliefs, was it any surprise he felt this way?

    And I can’t help but agree with Piers Morgan. It was indeed brave for Cameron to come out as a bigot. If he’s a working actor in Hollywod, that will most definitely limit his professional career. It will however, allow him to thrive in a niche Christian market, much like he has since his sitcom days.

  12. says

    Jason, to be more accurate i need to correct you – he’s not a working actor in hollywood. he hasn’t been for more than a decade.

    he works EXCLUSIVELY in the niche Christian market. hollywood has had no interest in him since the early 90s, and not just because of his beliefs, but his decided lack of talent.

    that’s why he’s cornered the Christian niche – talent not required. just parrot their beliefs and you have “fans”

    there’s nothing “brave” about preaching to the choir, which is all Cameron does, and has done.

    the man believes that Jews go to Hell when they die. yay. what a great man.

  13. rayrayj says

    There is nothing brave about Kirk Cameron sharing his opinion. I think his opinion is completely irrational and based on faulty assumptions but he has the right to that opinion. Moreover, although I respect his right to have and express his opinion (I will even fight for his right to hold and to express his opinion), I do not value or respect his opinion. I wish him no harm but his opinion means nothing to me.

  14. Joey says

    Piers is a manipulative bigot. He comes from the Murdoch Empire and is involved in the phone hacking scandal. He set up Kirk for his own ratings. He is the lowest kind of fake journalist.

  15. says

    “Had he not been cornered by Piers Morgan, Mr. Cameron’s personal opinion would have remained just that; PERSONAL. Give me the proof that he’s been bashing gays, and all bets are off. I just don’t see that.”

    Nonsense. His PERSONAL beliefs are his career now, his only career. If he was STRONG ARMED (must be really strong armed if it’s in ALL CAPS!) into making an opinion statement against his will, then he’s not only bigoted but a total wuss. In fact, his nutty anti-gay and anti-science beliefs are the only reason he’s in the news at all long past his acting expiration date.

    Kudos to his former co-star for speaking out against his cowardly homophobia.

  16. says

    nobody “strong-armed” him into starring in, and producing, a film series about how non-Christians wander a post-apocalyptic earth after all the Good Christians got raptured to heaven…..

  17. says

    PS @99%: Why–if you’re actually gay–would you possibly respect the opinions, personal or otherwise, of someone who disrespects your basic humanity and thinks you’re destructive to the foundations of civilization? Have some self-respect. Little ignorant Kirk deserves none.

  18. jim says

    I’m just kinda bored with the whole thing, but curious as to why he was on Piers’ show in the first place–was he promoting some new project or something? Obviously I didn’t care enough to watch the original clip…just being lazy here.

  19. Paul in Charleston says

    To all those who say “it’s just his opinion”
    A difference of opinion is:
    I really enjoyed the movie AVATAR – you hated it
    I prefer chocolate ice cream – you won’t touch it
    When your message – disguised as an opinion wrapped in religion- is that a particular group of people will be (among other things) the cause of the end of a civilization the only logical conclusion to that message is to prevent that from happening by demonizing said group,regulating said group,criminalizing said group, even exterminating said group. What else would be the purpose of proselytizing such a message? If you believe that a group of people are to quote Kirk “unnatural… it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization” are you going to just say “luv ya, have fun!” No, you are going to try and make sure that the group of people that you believe to be unnatural, detrimental and destructive, the people you don’t love, you are going to make it so they don’t have rights, don’t have protection under the law, don’t have respect or dignity, don’t have a place in society, don’t have life. Such “opinions” give sanction to the Aaron Mckinneys and Russell Hendersons of the world to beat up and leave for dead any “fag” they believe they have the right to hate and destroy. Cuz, ya know, that dude from TV hates ’em too.
    Do you think we are so stupid we have no clue what the real objective of such “opinions” leads to?

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