Kirk Cameron Says He’s Being ‘Slandered’, and his Gay Friends are Offering Him Support

Kirk Cameron has responded to the media firestorm that has occurred since his remarks to Piers Morgan over the weekend that homosexuality is "unnatural…detrimental" and "ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

CameronSays Cameron in a statement to ABC News:

"I spoke as honestly as I could, but some people believe my responses were not loving toward those in the gay community. That is not true. I can assuredly say that it’s my life’s mission to love all people. I should be able to express moral views on social issues, especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years — without being slandered, accused of hate speech, and told from those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square. I believe we need to learn how to debate these things with greater love and respect,” and added, “I’ve been encouraged by the support of many friends (including gay friends, incidentally).”


  1. invisible_man says

    How the hell does he have gay friends? The same ones that the Santorums have? Can he ask his gay friends to speak out on his behalf? No? They won’t because THEY DON’T EXIST.

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Calling him out on BS is “slander” but telling the world that marriage equality undermines the foundation of civilization is not? What a jerk.

  3. Paul R says

    I think that far too much attention is being given to a former celebrity who did a bit of TV that I never watched and has since gone Suzanne Somers and Victoria Jackson Christian insane.

  4. kjpnyc says

    This from the guy who’s best friend on the show was called Boner?? I think it would be best if he crawled under whatever rock he has been under since the 80’s and just stayed there from now on.

  5. says

    It’s time to use their lingo…..

    “We ARE having a debate Kirk, and we believe your position and statments on these social issues are immoral and harmful. We in the gay community don’t understand why you are unwilling to stop slandering us.”

  6. Strepsi says

    You 3 posted what I came to post, so we’re 4 for 4. I totally agree with Dan Savage, that this should absolutely be the follow up question:

    “Which gay friends? Can you please give me their names? I’d like to interview them, even as protected sources. ”

    He may have gay show business acquaintances, but no. He has no gay friends.

  7. MikeH says

    I’m sorry, but that dog don’t hunt. Following his logic, those who support white supremacy should be able to expose their views without it being labeled hate speech. Enough of giving these bigots a free pass in the name of “tolerance”. You don’t tolerate people who are trying to make others unequal.

  8. Rich F. says

    @ AZGAARD: You beat me to it.

    We want some proof, Cameron. None of that “some of my best friends are…” BS.

    And you’re not allowed to include your tricks from Griffith Park, either.

  9. Gus says

    If your friends are gays in your church who are celibate because of reparative therapy, they don’t count, the condition and your friendship is only temporary. And don’t count GOProud either.

  10. TampaZeke says

    You can’t “slander” someone by QUOTING them directly!

    And, of course, he drags out the IMAGINARY, never named and never visible “gay friend”. It reminds me of the imaginary “some of my best friends” who were black that my parents would speak of when a stranger would confront them for their racism. My parents NEVER had a black “friend”. The only black people they ever had anything to do with worked for them and I can assure you that they NEVER did the things with them that they did with their friends.

    Of course it is possible that he has the Alan Chambers sort of friends that he can always rely upon to prove he’s not homophobic.

  11. Sarina says

    Here we go with these “gay friends” conservatives seem to have. Do ex-gays count as “gay friends”? And how loving can it be to say gays are unnatural and destructive.

  12. Kevin says

    Oh Kirk – You’re just misunderstood.

    We support your right to screw up and judge your family any way you want. What we don’t support is your need to publically spew your hatred beyond that circle. You are no better than anyone else who spews hatred under the pretense of morality.

    And as the Dowager Countess famously said, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

  13. Michaelandfred says

    Nothing like the “love” of a friend telling you you’re bringing about the destruction of civilization by being born. This is the problem when people deal with issues that don’t impact their lives at all. It’s purely cerebral for these people. Just ideas or hypotheticals with no personal stake that actually changes their lives or impacts them in ANY meaningful way. Funny, he gets all hurt when he’s personally attacked.

    We LOVE you Kirk, we just think you’re a bigot and holding society back.

  14. says

    i’d love to from his “gay friends”

    clearly, they’re the world’s lousiest homosexuals as none of them have convinced Kirk that they’re people deserving of worth and respect in this country.

  15. djcchicago says

    Please, he was brought on the show because he would say controversial things. Other than that, what is there to discuss with him? Growing Pains? The Left Behind movies? That would hardly make the plane fair worthwhile for the producers.

  16. Walt says

    I just love these a-holes. First of all, I doubt that he has any gay friends. Secondly, calling something unnatural, detrimental and ultimately destructive is not debating with love and respect. And, lastly, he is free to say whatever he pleases. Unfortunately for those of his ilk, so are we. Come down off of your cross, Mr. Cameron, and accept that not everyone is going to take your nonsense lying down. You are not the victim here.

  17. Sean in Dallas says

    Stupid prick.

    The downfall of civilization has nothing to do with how gays behave, it has to do with the disenfranchisement of a significant part of the population that works hard, pays taxes (more than our fair share, generally), and otherwise act like good citizens.

    Gays are simply asking for legal recognition of their relationships.

    And for the names of these fictitious gay friends.

  18. SFshawn says

    These Jesus freaks are just beyond brainwashed. It’s just weird to me how OBSESSED these supposedly religious ‘straight’ men are with gay men,gay sex,gay equality,gay everything?
    They might want to stop repressing their true feelings and get laid already. :)

  19. kpo5 says

    Gay friend (noun) – A conservative term used to describe an individual who identifies as homosexual whom the conservative has once said “good morning” to

  20. Tabsea says

    He has no gay friends…… nope… nada….. NONE……Perhaps the florist @ the flower shop is nice to him, or a certain barista @ Starbucks……. He’s a hater because of HIS interpretation of the book he reads tells him to hate….. His career was over 25 years ago- why is he even doing interviews- he’s just getting more & more press for doing nothing but being a freak christian……

  21. Paul B. says

    Like Limbaugh…they open their mouths and out comes the fecal matter. Then publicist gets involved and reminds them that they’re still public figures and should be more careful. Then the meaningless mea culpas. Save it you little twirp with absolutely no “gay friends”.
    You’re nobody, a “has been”. Oh, Mr. Religious Freak…how did I get these naked pictures of you in my documents folder? I guess the wind blew your clothes off during that photo shoot.

  22. iowan says

    The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.

    Exactly as someone posted: quoting a person directly isn’t slander. And if ‘he’ isn’t being judgmental, then neither are ‘we’ by saying that he is being harmful…. yet he (and Bachmann) say we are… what color is the sky in their world I wonder.

  23. Christian says

    Ah, backpedaling homophobic celebrities with “gay friends”. “I love you…but I think your life is wrong”. Kirk, that kind of love you can motherfucking keep. And BTW who are these “gay friends”? Who are these self-hationg morons?

  24. Paul in Charleston says

    Things I have never,ever said to my friends;
    “You’re unnatural” even when the hair color looks like it was chosen from a box of crayolas.
    “You’re a detriment to society!” even when the drinking was so bad you hit rock bottom.
    “You are destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.” …not even to people I dislike!
    All kidding aside, to have these thoughts about another human being and then call that person a “friend”…don’t you have to be more than a little mentally ill to think this way? How can you love and respect someone then say “but I want you to be somebody else!”? As in not gay.
    But to give him the benefit of the doubt, I can imagine that there very well could be people in his life so desperate to belong, are afraid to be out and proud, clinging to their churchy groups, tolerating being second class just to experience the transitory pleasure of agape communality. These could be his so-called friends.

  25. Larry says

    My homosexuality is as natural as his heterosexuality is to him(perhap, but I believe his homophobia stems from being a closet homosexual himself).

    Detrimental? To whom? destructive to what foundations of civilization?

    Homosexuality has exisited as long as heterosexuality on the face of this planet and it has yet to destroy anything that wasn’t on its way out anyway. We have destroyed some fashion that heteros created but thats a good thing, no?

  26. Marc says

    I wasn’t going to comment on this story because I thought, Who cares what Kirk Cameron thinks? But after this statement, I will not be silent. Here’s the deal, and I’ve heard this many times … this idea from religious folk who accuse the “tolerance community” of not being tolerant of them. That’s absurd. As Christians, are they loving and tolerant of the KKK? Do they say, “I love you dearly, we just happen to have different views on blacks, but that’s okay … what you believe is okay and what I believe is okay.” Of course not. So this idea that we have to “tolerate” those who are saying we gays are “unnatural, detrimental and destructive” — as Kirk Cameron just did — is asinine. I won’t tolerate that because it’s evil, it’s cruel and it’s wrong. So no, I’m not tolerant of allowing people to spread those hurtful ideas over the airwaves when so many kids are listening and feeling bad about who they are because of it.
    Tolerance is not about tolerating everything under the sun. I won’t tolerate treating blacks as animals and that’s why I don’t tolerate the Klan. And I bet Kirk would agree with me.

  27. Daniel says

    ‘They’ of the religious right, fail to realize that their holy book is chock-a-block with factually inaccurate information, as well as ancient opinions masquerading as ‘holy words of god’.

    That much of what they are taught by the bible is not only factually untrue but also hateful, bigoted and morally abhorrent is beyond their abilities to comprehend.

    What’s so diabolical is how ‘they’ cling to the worst of the bible’s falsehoods and hatred, ignoring the parts that might actually make them better human beings.

  28. Vern Dufford says

    A taped piece Cameron did was on TMZ today showing him and some Aussie sharing what they were a calling the perfect fruit the banana…weird!

  29. Rance says

    Well, excuse me for getting angry because someone accuses me of being a destructive force against civilization itself. I don’t know why I’m so irritable and thin-skinned, Kirky.

  30. says

    it just becomes more and more clear that Gay Conservatives are the problem.

    i mean, every figure and politician who’s made “anti-gay” statements claims to have Gay Friends.

    really? i’d love to hear from them. clearly they’re terrible gays, as knowing them hasn’t led any of these Conservatives to think that gay people deserve Equality in this world.

    or perhaps their Gay Friends are doormats – gays so whipped by the conservative right that they don’t stand up for themselves, and others, and thus make it clear that they’re not worth respecting – they don’t even respect themselves.

  31. Robert Cadalso says

    Marriage was defined by god? Religious people are so insane. God did not write or defined anything. Man has written all these stupid laws that make no sense. The bible is a fairy tale book.

  32. Disgusted Gay American says

    he has gay friends? Who are these self-loathers? Sorry- I would NEVER associate with someone who thought I was an abomination……nice friends kirk, is one of them Chrissy from GoProud?

  33. Tim says

    His Moral underpinnings” have not existed for 2,000 years.
    Supporting discrimination against a group of people is not love.
    No one can love everyone; he needs to learn what love is.

  34. Sebastian says

    Spoken like all the hate mongers, sorry, Christians, ‘I love everyone,’ whatever, has been, keep on hating hating this gay man, don’t need your love nor pity.

    And, I would not be at all shocked, all those of his ilk have ‘friends’ look at all those defending the newly out gay Sheriff, lots of them ‘love’ him and the job he does, but, hate his ‘lifestyle.’

  35. Francis says

    Homophobes have really been doing their damndest to talk themselves off as victims after saying horribly egregious things against every LGBTQ persons’ basic existences on Earth. These people truly have no shame. Kirk’s legion of “gay friends” he talks of likely consist of the rent boys he hooks up with every couple of weeks and other self-hating conservative closet cases.

    As long as the crux of the entire gay rights fight remains in the “moral option” category, people like Mr. Cameron will continue to have the opportunity to use emotions such as guilt to manipulate people into believing he isn’t crazy and that his attackers are just being “anti-Christian”. We have to use logic against people like this and expose them for the stupid bigots they are.

  36. Scott says

    I have to say I really don’t understand the vitriol that is being directed toward this man.

    What Kirk Cameron believes should have no more affect on my life than the fact that Tom Cruise worships Xenu!! He was asked a question, he gave an honest answer. I don’t have to like him, he doesn’t have to like me. We BOTH have the right to our opinions.

    What IS sad is that opinions like this have anything whatsoever to do with the rights and freedoms of individuals in your country. If you want to blame someone blame those who have forgotten that your country was based on the separation of Church and State. ANYONE running for office on a religious platform should be reminded of this fact.

    Surely people should know by now just because someone is religious does not (necessarily) mean they are honest, incorruptible, and have your best interests at heart.

  37. terry says

    I would have done him in his teen years. It might have saved him and I know how much he wants people to be saved. His “acting” didn’t work out and the right wing nuts will pay well for anyone who can give them oral assistance. Kurt got down on his knees and is pleasin’ jebus.

  38. says

    It’s one thing to force your family to listen to your distorted perception, but it is another to force us to listen to this.

    Gay friends? Really? Evidence please, as I don’t know any only in the GLBTI family that would want you as a friend after you said such cruel statements.

    Statements like this and your extreme homophobic attitude only allow me to question your own sexuality. It is quite common that people who are struggling with homosexuality tend to be extreme homophobic.

    I’m just saying………… I would have never thought that without YOUR comments.

  39. Jack M says

    The standard response from hate mongers. I wonder if they don’t all get together and figure out what to say when people call them on their BS. Let him think he’s a martyr, who cares?

  40. Mark says

    As long as your public stance as a “celebrity” supports or encourages discrimination and/or hate speech against gay people you are the enemy. Not much fun being persecuted, huh?

    Welcome to the jungle, baby.

  41. Jexer says

    ?? NOT BIGOTED ?? Mr. Cameron, please try making your comments again, but replace LGBT with “Left Handed People” … and see how non-bigoted you sound.

    Not the same thing? Being gay is generally as unpopular now as being left-handed was roughly 80 years ago. Go back and look at the utterly unnecessary ‘corrective’ abuse lefties were subjugated to. Perhaps not in your life time, but certainly in mine.

    Take your superstition based morality and keep it to yourself. Try to prove that homosexuality is detrimental to people and I’ll counter you point by point with how homophobia is MORE detrimental and destructive to people.

    Judge not, lest ye, yadda yadda. If you follow the golden rule… you should expect to be treated the way you treat us.

  42. Ozymandias71 says

    Ah, so Kirk Cameron thinks he’s being clever by saying ‘Well, I think the *condition* of homosexuality is horrible, against civilization, etc. etc. etc. but I never said anything against *people*.’

    Sorry, but that doesn’t fly. Hatemonger speech like his doesn’t affect some nebulous ‘out there’ concept – it affects *us* and us *specifically*.

  43. Wavin' Dave says

    Kirk Who said wha’ to Piers Who about whom?
    Oh! He’s feeling misunderstood and victimized.
    NOW I understand!
    Meanwhile, here on Florida’s West Coast, the wind has really picked up. I hope it won’t continue to BLOWHARD…

  44. says

    and as much as some want to say “he’s entitled to his beliefs” the reality is this – people like him, who have these beliefs, are not immune from having gay children. nieces and nephews. brothers and sisters.

    do his beliefs affect ME directly? no, praise allah. but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some young gay person in Cameron’s life who is hearing this willfully-ignorant prejudice and being hurt by it

    anti-gay people who have a “right” to their anti-gay beliefs utterly miss the point – they truly don’t understand that their chosen beliefs are going to have a massively negative impact on the young scared LGBT people who’ve been born into their families and social circles.

    people who continue to insist on their right to promote anti-gay “beliefs” have blood on their hands.

  45. stevenelliot says

    automobiles r unnatural. polyester is unnatural. living past 45 is unnatural. humans are not unnatural in any form. to be born a dwarf is just as natural as it is to be born gay.

    This is what makes me angry. To say that we as a human group with specific inherent traits, are unnatural and destructive to the rest of humanity is the slander here.

    there are 7billion people on this planet. I dont think gays are even making a dent in the destruction of civilization

  46. says

    I bet the putz does have Gay friends, and I bet they kiss his bigot ass on a regular basis (maybe literally, given the rumors out there about him). It’s not the Kirk Camerons of the world that are the greatest threat to Gay liberation. It’s not the Rick Santorums, Pat Robertsons and Bill Donohues, either. It’s a buck-eyed, grinning, bowing and scraping slave woman called Aunt Thank-You-Ma’am. You may know her better by her clinical name: Internalized LGBT shame.

  47. albertam says

    ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization huh hello didn’t they say this about religion once when they didn’t understand the whole of it…boohoo poor has been kirk cameron cant take the heat then don’t bother dishing it out you might get burn again.

  48. Scott says

    MY GOD…the drama!!! Kirk Cameron has not spit in my face Chad. Kirk Cameron has an OPINION which has no affect whatsoever on my reality. He is NOT running for office on a campaign of hatred, he is not doing the talk show circuit speaking out against the evils of homosexuality, he answered a question.

    Yes, I think he was foolish for expressing this in a public forum since he is a celebrity and relies on public support for his living BUT….he has every right to say it. I also support your right to be angry and speak out against him. I just don’t understand why anyone would give a rat’s ass what he thinks in the first place.

    I would agree that there are vulnerable individuals who may not have the self-esteem to accept this OPINION for what it is; the misguided beliefs of a fundamentalist Christian. Fortunately there is quite a bit of POSITIVE dialog to counteract this view.

    The golden rule is NOT “Do unto others as they have done to you”, but “Do unto to others as YOU WOULD HAVE THEM do unto you”

    There is enough hatred in the world. Why are we fanning the flames of this foolish argument. There are much more pressing issues than what Kirk Cameron thinks. SHEESH!!

  49. says

    “and told from those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square.”

    Au contraire, Mr. Cameron. Go ahead and espouse these views in public as much and as often as you like. I doubt most gay people will have a problem with that, including me, because it makes you look like a dinosaur and a fool… and when others who instinctively share those views, because they were raised in bigoted environments, see the ridicule, they’ll be that much more likely to realize that their views are a problem… and then change them.

    As for saying that you are being ‘loving’ toward us, while saying we’re “unnatural” and “detrimental to society” — detrimental to the very “foundations of society,” in fact — that’s just BS. You can’t have it both ways.

    What amazes me is that bigots like him don’t get the definition of free speech. They think that free speech means that they can say whatever they want to say and not be scorned from it. That’s not how free speech works. Free speech just means you can’t get arrested for speaking, and little more than that. The notion that he is somehow free from being ridiculed for his bigotry is rather silly.

  50. Matt says

    Oh wow, with friends like him, who needs enemies?
    These people comfort themselves in their delusions. (Cameron, that is, not his “gay friends” who don’t even exist.)

  51. Joey says


    Yes it is his opinion in a way. It is a belief system that says God does not like you because of who you are. Look at the world. In Africa they are thinking of passing a “kill the gays” law partly because some Americans went over there and expressed their opinions about the evils of gay people. Words have power and if you think even a nobody like Kirk expressing their opinion on national TV doesn’t adversely affect someone’s life you are being incredibly naive at best

  52. true colors showing says

    I hope all of you who have posted negative comments are happy now, because you’ve made Kirk very unhappy, sad even. He may end up crying his eyes out over this. His gay friends may be called on for support. Lots of hugs, really, really tight hugs, that last a long time. Until those tears go away. Its another case of gays bashing bigots shamelessly. If you guys keep this up bigots are going to be afraid to speak freely about how they feel. Even to their gay friends.

  53. says

    @Ryan, it’s like those people who freaked out like insane folks when Natalie Maines made her “we’re ashamed Bush is from Texas” comment who then, a few years later, are saying even more horrific things about President Obama.

  54. Brad says

    Its sad that this loser actor was even on TV to begin with. If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.
    BTW Marriage is NOT defined by GOD! Its a legal damn document you get from the court house idiot!

  55. Caliban says

    Whenever nutjobs like Kirk Cameron, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, etc etc reference their alleged “gay friends” I always PRAY that someone will ask, just once, “You have gay friends? Can other people see them too or just you?”

  56. JONES says

    Take a very close look at that superior religion you espouse Kirk. Look back thru history at the destruction it has caused then tell us about morality.

    Truly blind to the damage your ‘morality’ causes.

  57. says

    All the conservative peeps use “my gay friends”, yet you never hear from their “gay friends”. That goes in the same category as Donald Trump saying “I have a great relationship with the blacks. ”

    I’ve alway been amazed at people who spew their hate, then, when confronted with it feel as though they are being oppressed. They stated what they believe, others provide a counter-point. Both have gotten their word out. The problem with haters is they think they should be able to voice their bigorty and no one should question or debate it. Freedom of speech works both ways.

    Now, where are these ‘gay friends’ Cameron????

  58. Mary says

    I happen not to have any gay friends, although it would not bother me if a friend revealed that he or she was gay. I would actually be more concerned with whether THEY could overlook the fact that I have politics that most gays would consider homophobic. My acceptance of them would not be a problem.

    Considering how many more people were closeted when Kirk was a teenager and young adult, I can believe that he has gay friends. It may be a question of those people accepting friendship with him at a time when it wasn’t necessary for him to reveal what his political views were on gay rights issues. But with the advent of the marriage equality issue it has come to seem to the LGBT community that anyone who doesn’t support the gay rights agenda 100% of the way is either stupid or evil. In THIS climate, I can see why a gay person who met Kirk now would not become friends with him.

  59. GeorgeM says

    I don’t necessary think someone is evil because they don’t agree with 100% but when it’s out in the open people are going to address it. He can think and say what he wants

    Why is it wrong for me as a gay man to not want someone like him around me or on my life? I would have a problem with any of my friends who only supported some of the “issues” that effect my life directly. I guess there is a level of friendships.

    It’s like having a great friend, be with you through it all but when you go and get married he’s like I don’t agree with gay marriage. How do I continue that friendship??

  60. Rin says

    The issue for many is that their definition of marriage is for the purpose of creating children. There is this stigma and always has been of “the childless couple”, as though to not have children or to not be able to have children was “unnatural”. This is an extension of that…marriage is for the purpose of procreating only.

    It is also why in many religions–Islam, for example, a “legal” reason for divorce is a wife’s inability to bear children (its never the man’s fault).

    Eleanor of Aquitaine had much to do with the changing notion in the west of “what” relationships should be and could be. In this respect, gay marriage is an evolution of that theory that marriage is not only about procreation, but about love, friendship, and a marriage of two minds, as the Bard would say.

    In the west we forget and take for granted that in many parts of the world, from Africa to Asia marriages are still arranged and still for this sole purpose.

    Now, Kirk can certainly, as a white male husband in a traditional evangelical family think this is wonderful, spiffy and whatever the … but for the women who were replaced when their wombs ran dry and still are in many countries around the world…this sucks ass.

    It is easy for him to agree with this concept of marriage because he’s in charge in this scenario. A marriage with two men…well, who’s the boss? Who gets to call the shots? Who’s superior and inferior? In a marriage with two women…how dare they get away with not having a man run the house??

    I do believe that families under one roof, marriage, children…these are important, but two people with faith, integrity, and love, willing to forsake all others to walk that path into old age together is beautiful whether it is two women, two men, or a man and a woman. Transcending love is what it’s all about for me.

  61. Mary says

    GeorgeM, I can see your point. I’ve never had a situation comparable to what LGBT people have had to go through, so I can’t honestly say what I’d do if I was in your shoes. Of course you have a right to have in your life or exclude from your life anyone you choose to. If we met and you told me that “you seem like a nice person, Mary, but I’m sorry we can’t be friends. I can’t have a friend who would deny me my civil rights”, I would regret your decision but accept it and try to be understanding.

    As for gay weddings, I suppose the only polite thing to do if you are gay and marrying is to not invite your friends who take an anti-SSM position. But of course, it IS sad for you to know that your friend wouldn’t support you on your big day. Just realize that their unwillingness to attend doesn’t mean they wish you unhappiness.

  62. GeorgeM says

    But how could they wish me happiness with something they disapprove of? But again how do you over look something like that, not attending. How do you interact with your new spouse around them.

    I just don’t see how or why a friendship should last if you have fundamental personal disagreements.

    Did you say you went to a gay wedding once? Or was that another Mary?

  63. Aulton says

    “Some of my best friends are X”

    I suppose bigotry knows no other defense. Also, truth is not slander. If others perceive you as an utter fool, Cameron, you have only yourself to blame. Pardon, but don’t you have to go peddle your crocoduck drawing someplace?

  64. Triggerc says

    so now bigots like Kirk want to be free to spew bigotry but NOT be called a bigot?

    talk about self entitled. you don’t want to be called an out of touch bigot? don’t be one! i worry about the society that does NOT call out bigotry like Kirks

  65. db says

    First, I want to know who these gay friends are and hear this from their mouths.

    Second, I really don’t see the point in launching petitions against Cameron. He had the right to express his opinion–as idiotic as it is. We already knew he had these opinions and this only gives him more of a platform.

  66. Rick says

    I agree that Cameron has the right to his beliefs. Cameron also need to understand how some people with his beliefs use it as a platform to promote hate, violence & discrimination against gay individuals. I don’t understand how Cameron thinks that he was slandered.

  67. Mitch says

    I agree, Kirk, that we are fortunate to live in a country where freedom of speech is the law of the land. But freedom of speech is not without consequences. (Why is that concept lost on so many bigots?) If you insist the world is flat, expect to be called out on it. If your speech exposes your bigotry and hate, expect members of your target group – and their allies – to expose you for exactly who and what you are. When you tell me that I am “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”, I don’t feel much of that love you claim to have for “all people.” By the way, tell us what you’ve done to become such a self-professed expert on the gays…

  68. jack says

    If cameron has gay friends they should step forward and tell us why they support him. It is possible that he has gay friends. Afterall there are Log Cabin Republicans and other gays who support the Taliban Lite Republicans. Come out, come out gay friends of kirk wherever you are.

  69. Milly Pere says

    I support you Kirk Cameron in your faithfulness to the Lord, I will continue to pray for you and your family. I also pray for all those who feel that showing so much hatred is good, that your eyes maybe opened to see how much hatred you are spitting out and how much of a hypocrite you are. Biblically homosexuality is a sin, whether you believe it or not it states it in the Bible! I have a Biblical Worldview and I agree with what Kirk Cameron said. That doesn’t mean that I hate anyone who is gay-No I strive to love everyone including gays but that doesn’t mean I have to go along and agree with their lifestyle. I pray for those of you who read my words can stop the hatred, you can voice your opinion without saying so many hateful things! God bless you all!

  70. Milly says

    I would say that if you say you hate someone that is hate speech! I don’t agree or condone the lifestyles of adulterers,, fornicators, homosexuals, bigamist, thieves, deceivers, cursers, murderers, but I don’t hate them. I pray for them that they may see and believe in God and His inspired word- the Bible , so that they may change from their sinful ways! That doesn’t mean that I am perfect I am not, We all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. Everyday I get up I do everything that I can not to sin, but I still do, When I do and it’s not consciously most of the time, I repent and ask God for forgiveness!, He has changed me and now I am not conformed into this world but transforming my mind everyday. Jesus Christ is the only way to make it to Heaven when we die, all we have to do is believe ! I am praying for all those who commented on this blog, that your eyes may be opened and you see Jesus Christ for who He really is – God, your savior who died for you and all you have to do is believe!

  71. Yes Homo says

    “Some of my best friends are gay.”

    Same thing racists say when accused of being racist. “But I can’t be racist, my best friends are black!!!!1!!1!1!”

    Proves nothing except that you’re a closed-minded douchetard.

    I honestly have always believed that Cameron is gayer than a 3 dollar bill, but maybe that’s just me. He who protesteth loudest hath the most to hide…

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