Kristin Chenoweth Okay with Being Pro-Christian, Pro-Gay

Kristin Chenoweth talks about her new show GCB (Good Christian Belles, based on a book called Good Christian Bitches) with ABC News:

ChenowethGCB revolves around Carlene's crew of similarly well heeled girlfriends, one of which is knowingly married to a gay man whose sexuality is kept secret from the church-going community. What does Chenoweth say to those critical of that plot point?

"I'd say go to church and take a look around the room and see if you see any women who might be married to a man who might be gay," she said. "I'd say be very careful of judging someone who's in marriage who is gay because they don't want to be told they're going to hell. I think that happens and I think it's horrible."

Chenoweth also says Christianity does not have to be anti-gay:

"Even as a young child, I thought, 'Why is being gay bad?,'" she said. "I didn't understand it. So I asked my grandma, who is the best Christian I ever knew. I'd say, 'What about my friend Denny, he's gay, is he going to hell?' She told me, 'I read the Bible like I eat fish. I take the meat that serves me well but I don't choke on the bone.'"


  1. Vern Dufford says

    Listen up Kirk this to me this is a true christian NOT what you call yourself.

    Would like to see her counter point on Morgan’s CNN show. Possibly Kirk and Kristen could debate the issue. Now thats a good and fair program!

  2. uffda says

    “I take the meat that serves me well but I don’t choke on the bone”…what a great metaphorical attitude, the only one that can save Christianity for me from the utter brink of disreputable. Every religion has been so badly soiled by the evangelicals, not to mention the doctrinaire Catholics, that credible is now incredible.

  3. Kevin T. says

    Love everything about her…a few friends approached her for a picture in NYC (they normally wouldn’t, but they are big fans, and let’s just say…aproaching celebs in NYC usually either gets you body slammed by a body gaurd or flipped off by the celeb)….she was extremely pleasent, asked if they have a camera to take a few shots, spoke to them for 5 minutes, and she was out walking her dog. She is sincerely a beautiful person inside an out…and more importantly..supremely talented!

  4. Matt says

    This is the kind of person Christians should be listening to, NOT Kirk Cameron.

    You hear that, Kirk, you washed-up has-been? Eat the meat that serves you well, but don’t choke on the bone.

  5. Clint says

    Her grandma is a classic example of the real, old-time Baptists, who, before the fundamentalists got ahold of the denominations, were proud to profess a doctrine called “soul competency of the believer”, which basically meant that every Christian had the aid of their conscience and the Holy Spirit to read the Bible for themselves. Unfortunately this has been downplayed or eliminated altogether. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are these kinds of Baptists. And Catholics are to hold their own consciences supreme when dealing with questions of faith and morals too, but, like the Baptists, this is too hard a truth for the hierarchy to really believe.

    Thank you, Kristin, for being an old-time Baptist, and for being such a staunch ally.

  6. Frank Butterfield says

    Clint —

    That kind of Baptist still exists. They just don’t always use that name.

    Riverbend Church in Austin (formerly Riverbend Baptist Church) stayed in the Southern Baptist Convention for many years even though the SBC tried to throw them out but found it was too expensive to do so. Riverbend, acting on conscience, finally left a few years ago, but they are still a Baptist church in that they perform full-immersion baptisms (which used to be one of the main criteria for being a Baptist).

    On July 4, 1993, I heard the pastor of First Baptist Church of Marshall, TX (deep behind the Pine Curtain in NE Texas) give a sermon about the founding fathers, particularly the Baptists, and how the separation of church and state was critical for them because they had real knowledge of what happens when a government prefers one religion over others. They were persecuted both in England and in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In his sermon, he essentially said that the founding fathers would not recognize the then-current positions of the SBC. And, of course, since then those positions have only skewered more to the conservative and dogmatic.

    So, they are out there, they just may not call themselves Baptists (or at least Southern Baptists) anymore.

  7. Tom in long beach says

    Need to watch this show. New Testament talks a lot more about loving your neighbor than the few possibly mis translated passages that may condemn homosexuality. There are many many passages condemning hypocrisy and self-righteousness. I never hear these being quoted. LOL
    That being said it is a total mistake that so many “Christians” focus on keeping the “sanctity” of marriage. If you really value life long heterosexual unions, then spend your energy on helping people stay married, instead of treating gays like second class citizens.

  8. TekkieDan says

    Mike, I was thinking the same thing about Kirk. He probably had sex with a man then confessed to his holier than thou preacherman who condemned him to hell unless he changed his ways. Hence, the Kirk we have today!

  9. jack says

    Sorry Kristin, Christianity which is based on the bible is anti gay.You should free yourself from that anscient B.S.Do you actually believe that Abraham talked to the creator of the billion gallaxy universe and gave up his foreskin as a sign of their covenant? Where are the stone tablets,written by Yahweh that Moses brought down from the Mount? Where is the Ark of the Covenant? Where is there one piece of physical evidence that hundreds of thousands of Israelites wondered in Sinai for 40 years? None exists. Why? It is all B.S. Thats why.

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