1. badlydrawnbear says

    Lana Del Rey, a modern Rex Harrison.

    and, the opening line of the song is “blue jeans, white shirt” … what is the model wearing in the video? A BLACK shirt.

    Seriously, with the number of websites Ms. Rey’s PR team has managed to get this video posted to today you think they would have done a better job shooting it.

  2. Greg says

    Tigers in one video, crocodiles in the next. I can’t help but feel that Lana’s management want her to be ripped to shreds for real. What next, bears?

  3. Kevin says

    I LOVE Lana Del Rey but I have to say I like her original home-made video for this song that she made herself. And this is just my opinion, but I think the guy in this video is really skanky and greasy looking… he’s also the guy in her Born To Die video… I don’t see the appeal of facial tattoos at all. I guess the idea is he’s kinda edgy looking maybe.

  4. Thomas says

    Lana Del Rey’s visual esthetic is always great, and I really like the image she has – even if it was manufactured, I can still appreciate the beauty in it.

  5. MattS says

    The video and song are both beautiful. I seriously doubt Lana was ever in the same room as an alligator or a tiger. Pretty certain they use special effects to create the videos…

    Curious if she writes any of her own music, as I think her songs are just amazing – lyrics and melody alike.

  6. SPI says

    I enjoyed the extended intro to the song… That’s the biggest positive for me. The video has a nice feel, but doesn’t really go anywhere. The original clip that has been out for months was creative and artistic; I can understand the need to make a new version in all of its HD glory, but I feel like it was a miss.

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