1. MarkUs says

    Gays put to death as his religion commands? So he’s a Muslim.

    Extremes in this country suck. I agre with Trey Parker – Conservatives are stupid but don’t forget Liberals are idiots

  2. Opinionated says

    I am curious if when he started talking about the distracting “Igloo” chapter, he was challenign Maddow on whether or not she read the whole book or just the excerpts she was brining up. You can kind of see him regain his composure and respect for Rachel when she not only knew but brought up his nickname.

    Love how she also chose her “agreed upon item” as a conservative item on oil subsidies because it was one of those VERY clear fields where the conservatives are not behaving like conservatives.

    Science is brainwashing? Inhoff you and your crazy right party are so outdated it is laughable yet disturbing.

  3. Dale says

    Quoting from conservative British rags and calling them liberal sources does not make a legitimate point.

    Inhoff needs to be voted out. Shame on Oklahoma.

  4. Rob says

    As a person who has had some contact with The Fellowship and who had a former pastor work with them, I can attest that they do lobby diplomats from other countries which this pastor was doing. This former pastor was fired because of a sexual relationship with a women who he was counciling. Go figure!! They are highly secretive and are truly zealots.

  5. says

    Inhofe is the new Helms. Except he’s even worse. His obfuscation and obstructionism to protect his oil cronies is responsible for pushing our environment past the breaking point.

    Think the last few deadliest tornado years have been bad? Jesus is just getting started.

  6. Andrew says

    This interview was brilliant.

    Inhofe clearly had not even watched the segments of Maddow’s show from 2009 which he mentioned in his book. The senator tried to spin it as if Rachel blindsided him with all this off-topic ‘gay’ stuff, when in fact HE invited the conversation by sloppily including material from her show (completely out of context) in his book.

  7. KickServe says

    Unfortunately, Rachel had this all wrong. She actually mentioned Inhofe again LATER in her show that night in the global warming context mentioned in his book. This stinks. I watched the interview last night and was so stoked at her ownage of him. Now I find this out.

  8. db says

    markus–what does that have to do with this video? Maddow is incredibly reasonable in this video where Inhofe avoids and lies. If you’re saying that Maddow is an idiot–I think that the real idiot is you. And I don’t know what you’re talking about “he’s a Muslim”–the man’s a Christian and American Christians are using Ugandan Christians to further their kill the gays bill. It’s not just Muslims who are anti-gay, and you’re lying and avoiding if you claim otherwise.

  9. says

    markus and his family vote GOP – don’t expect logic and reason from him.

    “son, while we agree with Republican leaders who think you’re a hellbound sodomite who doesnt’ deserve to marry, we also don’t really *mind* that they think that, and promote that, and gain votes by demonizing you. I mean, it’s not a real problem for us because we’re white and save more in taxes by voting for people who think you’re a perverted second-class citizen”

    behold – the mentality of the “socially liberal fiscal conservative” – ready to sell themselves, and their family members, for a share of profits.


  10. alguien says

    i find it highly questionable that, in one breath he tells us that no one knows africa better than he does, and in the next, he professes no knowledge of david bahati or the kill the gays legislation.

  11. MarkUs says

    Oh Little Kiwi the den mother who can’t accept a differing opinion. Hey did you see the 17 year old kid who was wearing high heels and was such a role model and who had NO issues is already in prison? Yep. 17. Prison.

  12. Joel says

    I’m also a native Oklahoman, and when I was a teenager I worked with the Young Republicans to help on an Inhofe re-election campaign.

    The guy’s a total bigot. It wasn’t uncommon for him to call various democrats “faggots” under his breath or when he didn’t think anyone was looking.

    The guy’s so unbelievably myopic. These public statements and positions are totally tame compared to what his core beliefs are. He’s no different than Sally Kern; when you look at their district borders it makes a whole lot more sense.

    But it’s important to note that not all of Oklahoma is like this. Tulsa’s Senator is Dan Boren, a Democrat (albeit a blue dog). My local rep, now senator, is the first openly gay man in elected state office; he’s enormously popular, and my district (a few blocks from the capitol) is full of old people and old oil money. We’re not all like this.

  13. coemgenus says

    I’m afraid Markus is a little off beam with : “Gays put to death as his religion commands? So he’s a Muslim.” It’s also in the Christian/Jewish hate manual – ALL of them have the same murderous instinct.

  14. MarkUs says

    I can Google in 10 seconds two gay Iranian youths hanged from nooses on pick up trucks and driven through the street of Tehran in broad daylight and with no arrests. I’ll wait for the pictures from the Jews and Catholics doing the same. See this is why we moderates think liberals sound pretty stupid at times as well. Yep, I’ve (gasp) voted RePugGlican once or twice.

  15. nonesuch says

    Here ya go Markus! Sorry it’s not not an image of the actual beating in which David Kato was killed, as you seem disturbingly interested in seeing, but it will have to suffice.

    To be honest, it did take me about 14 seconds to find it though, rather than your 10. This is why we OTHER moderates who actually have a clue, think those who don’t such as yourself sound pretty stupid at times too.

  16. says


    You sound idiotic. Muslims aren’t exclusive to Tehran. This is an extreme act within the Islam faith. And clearly you can google the parts of the bible that call for the death of men that lie with men. Don’t be willfully ignorant and try and pretend this couldn’t happen with any other religion in the hands of a crazy person.

  17. ggreen says

    Introducing facts and reason to some one like Inhofe (or just about any Republican) is like introducing a dog to a motorcycle and a helmet. Realistically the only thing they can do is piss on them. and Markus what was that little tea party the Catholics called the Inquisition?

  18. FFS says

    Maddow for President, 2016!!!

    She obliterates every conservative that’s gutsy enough, foolish enough or (most often) too stupid to know the difference who agrees to go on her program. Why can’t the left groom candidates like her?

  19. Real Talk says

    markus is an ugly biracial rapper wannabe from Colorado who has sevre issues. plays the race card every chance he gets, and is actually a proud homophobe. did I mention his laughable “rapping”? he’d be jumped bad by any real rapper. just a vile troll (no really, he looks exactly like one those those troll dolls)

  20. Chuck Mielke says

    @ James: Just like straight people, we gay folks are concerned when those like ourselves are threatened, mistreated, or unjustly exposed to danger. It’s called “compassion,” in case you’ve never heard of it. You know, it’s what the bible calls “charity,” one of those “family values” that pseudo-conservatives like Inhofe are always yammering about but seldom actually demonstrate — that they, indeed, actually oppose in practice.

  21. Charles Lemos says

    I just love it how Inhofe relates the story about his granddaughter getting “brainwashed”. You see in their mind, any presentation of scientific fact that contradicts either Biblical myths or that might have a negative economic impact for his cronies is consider “brainwashing.”

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