Madonna Leaks Three More Times – ‘I F**ked Up’, ‘Beautiful Killer’, ‘Best Friend': LISTEN

"I F**ked Up"

"Beautiful Killer"

"Best Friend", an added track on the Deluxe edition.


  1. Rex Paul Martin says

    Isn’t just one person out there as sick of that old, tired news article called Madonna? She is such a whore for fame. Give it up, girl. Sit down with your first priorities: your children, and be a REAL, calm, rational, believable person. Enough already!

  2. QJ201 says

    Madonna used to record songs with witty and interesting lyrics, but all the “leaked” tracks sounds like the words were written by her teenaged daughter.

  3. Matt26 says

    Just don’t like the songs. Her voice usually suits well to her own songs (with her limited range) but not this time. What happened? Will she tour with these songs and did the ticket sales begin before the release of the album because they know it is not her best?

  4. Den says

    In with the first positive comment! Yay me! Enough with the vitriol and hate already. I like what’s been teased so far. If you don’t like what Madonna is doing move on. Nobody is forcing you to listen or read the stories on her. Go outside pet a puppy or rescue a baby bird. Do something that might put a smile on your face.

  5. Butch says

    Den, the confusion for me is why she gets so much play on this site. I don’t consider every peep that comes out of her mouth worthy of attention, especially when there are lots of musicians doing things that are much more interesting.

  6. V-8 says

    Butch, it is simple economics…. the more hits a page has the more ad revenue the site gets… and this happens with all sites, not just this one (and I completely love towleroad)…..

    so all the haters who write posts and get into drama word fights increase the traffic, which motivates the site to keep on posting, as their advertisers must like all the attention…

    so not reading any Madonna post that comes here will slow traffic and eventually less will posted… but any attention is positive in the numbers game… the adage “controversy sells” applies to web and media economics perfectly…

    I for one like the majority of the Madonna teases that have come out and think it is funny how the ones who r not fans r helping her career and that of the ones who support her…,

    in a sense, all the hating helps the economy moves forward lol

    (sadly it is the same reason Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans get so much financial support)…

  7. tom a says

    I’m confused. Isn’t her album already out and failing on the charts? Maybe that was just the first single or something.

    Most of us don’t care, despite these “leaks.” Santorum leaks too.

  8. Ashtonc says

    The last episode I ever watched of Americas Top Model ( no I’m not proud to admit it). Was the one in which Tyranossaurus Banks asked her crazy illiterate bitches to write and record a song and then make their own music videos. I’m glad to hear that Madonna has decided to re-record the girl’s songs and package them as her own, the only thing missing is the “Pot Ledom….”.

  9. DeeperStill says

    If you are soooo tired of reading stuff about Madonna, why the “%#¤% do you go to the posts about her? There are things posted on Towleroad that doesn’t interests me too, so I ignore it. There’s enough posted to suit all of us, no?

    How hard can it be?

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