1. PaulR says

    It’s nice to know that there are adults alive today who were not even born when two clearly-not-lesbians kissing was considered something worth talking about.

  2. jason says

    Andy of Towleroad appears to be a Madonna enabler/fanatic. In the process, he appears to be demeaning gay people, trivializing same-sex sexuality, and contributing to an all-round unhealthy perception of human sexuality based on the marketing of sleazy females.

  3. jason says

    This site really needs to stop it because they don’t realize that it hurts all of us gay men who aren’t Madonna fanatics. My father used to dress me up as a little girl and force me to make out with my own mother for his pleasure, all while playing Madonna songs. Sleazy females are to blame.

  4. GraphicJack says

    OMG! Jason… I’m so hurt by a post about Madonna kissing Nikki. Wow… for such a “real man” who hates women and effeminacy so much, you sure are a pussy. Suck it up… some gays like Madonna. Deal. You can like your masc/butch affirming gay male artists (whoever they are)… leave the rest of us who like Madonna to enjoy these posts in peace. Yeesh… give it a rest.

  5. Reality says

    Nikki is bi and she’s always been upfront about that. In case you losers dont remember, the “B” in LGBT is for “bi” so this is news relevant to the site. Go somewhere else if you’ve got your panties in such a bunch.

  6. Pig is a Pig says

    Lame. Two straight women (one who’s an old bag and another who looks like a clown) doing the tired girl-on-girl kiss in a desperate attempt for attention. This is so pathetic and tired.

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