Police: Man Extorted MLB Player Carl Pavano Over Alleged 3-Year Relationship

CarlPavanoPolice in Southington, CT, searched 36-year old Christian Bedard's home after he allegedly tried to extort money and a Range Rover from Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano in exchange for his silence on an alleged gay relationship the men had in high school.

Sports Illustrated reports that Pavano's sister, Michelle DeGennaro, contacted police after Bedard hit her up on Facebook and claimed to be shopping a book about his 3-year love affair with the baseball all-star and former Yankee.

According to a search warrant affidavit, Bedard wrote to DeGannaro, "I have serious juicy book offers…to the point that the only way your brother is getting out of this … is with a heartfelt apology and a navy range rover with tan leather.""

He continued, "If I'm going to drop a 1.2 million dollar book deal I want something." He also claimed to have depositions from people he told about his and Pavano's gay love, and allegedly asked for cash.

Upset over the messages, DeGannaro went to police, who launched the search.

Officers executed the search warrant at Bedard's home on March 21 and seized items, but wouldn't say what they were. Bedard said on his Facebook page that police took his laptop computer, material relating to his relationship with Pavano and the book he was writing. Bedard hasn't been charged.

The search warrant affidavit, first reported by the Record-Journal of Meriden, includes copies of several Facebook messages Bedard allegedly sent to DeGennaro. In the messages, Bedard said Pavano was his "first love" and they had a three-year relationship when they were teenagers growing up in Southington, the affidavit says.

Bedard claims he and Carl were more or less out to close friends and family. "For years, my physical high school relationship with Carl Pavano has been well-known to my close friends and family," he said in a statement. "Carl Pavano's sister, Michelle DeGennaro, contacted me on Facebook asking under what conditions would I not talk about my relationship with Carl."

The Range Rover request was "in jest," he says, and he in no way tried to extort Pavano.  "I did not attempt to extort money from Carl Pavano," Bedard said. "I have not been charged with any crime. I will allow my local police department to conclude their investigation.

"I feel a bit violated, but I hope they charge me with something, because I will bring it to trial. Finally I'll be able to tell my story and I will have my closure, which was the whole point to begin with."

Pavano had no comment.

Here, via My Journal, is a picture of Pavano and Bedard in high school:



  1. jim says

    Cool, looks like were on our way to having our first out(ed) currently-playing US major leaguer! Pavano isn’t talking, he’s letting his sister do that…which speaks volumes.

    Interesting how she says Bedard contacted her over FB, Bedard says she contacted him. There’s definitely more to this.

    I predict that soon someone who’s had a more recent, um, “relationship” with Pavano will emerge.

  2. Matt says

    why oh why did it have to be Pavano? Couldn’t it be anyone else? The entire NY area HATES Pavano with a vengence. The comments are going to be endless (and endlessly negative) I’d have even preferred if it was some total prick like Albert Belle or Milton Bradley who was the first to come out. As a Yankee fan this isn’t going to be fun.

  3. daftpunkydavid says

    i’m really ill at ease with this thing… forcing someone out to come out as lgbt is usually not the right thing to do. it ought to be personal decision; this is such an intimate, private matter…

    if indeed this guy was extorting a player over something that happened in freaking high school, then he deserves to bear the consequences of his actions under the law.

    and finally, i really would not be getting vindictive and all excited about some famous sports person who was forced out of their lgbt closet… kinda undercuts the entire pride thing, doesn’t it?

    much better they come out of their own volition.

  4. sara says

    Well who knows. He could be a nut, an extortionist or maybe there’s some truth in it. Deadspin has some of the correspondence between this guy & Pavano’s sister, which is all a lot of ramblings. He keeps calling her a racist homophobe, but also writes about them going on a trip together in Atlantic city & him climbing up to Pavano’s room. Pavano will most likely deny everything as I believe he’s married with kids.

  5. AW says

    I don’t really believe anyone needs to write a book about their gay high school relationships with celebrities in order to “gain closure.”

    There is NO reason to do so aside from personal gain.

  6. jack says

    If this story is true; Bedard is scum. You don’t threaten to harm someone, you say you once loved, for money.

  7. Rick says

    “Cool, looks like were on our way to having our first out(ed) currently-playing US major leaguer!”

    Yeah, that is so “cool.” Subject a gay man trying to make his way in an intensely homophobic environment to blackmail and extortion over his sexuality. And seeing his career and life destroyed by it will go a long way towards encouraging young gay athletes to come out, won’t it?

    How ironic is it that the same tactics that were used by McCarthyites in the 1950’s to destroy the lives of gay men are now cheered on by twisted gay activists…….but not really surprising since both groups were/are principally motivated by their hatred of gay men who have succeeded in any field despite all odds.

    Unbelievably pathetic response.

  8. says


    Calm down.

    The central issue isn’t the, “outing,” it’s the extortion.

    This dude broke the law…allegedly, whether Pavano is gay or not.

    We don’t even know if the allegations that Pavano was in an actual affair with Bedard are true.

  9. sara says

    Way to overreact to a comment Rick. I doubt very much that being gay in any way affects your pitching arm so I don’t see his career spiraling over it, whether it’s true or untrue.

    This is not some Mccarthyism, just some guy obsessing over his high school romance, whether it just exists in his head or it happened in real life. Bedard has issues –dui’s etc per the report. I’ve read & the police says an arrest is not imminent although they’re still investigating. So at this point everything is alleged.

  10. Rick says

    “I doubt very much that being gay in any way affects your pitching arm so I don’t see his career spiraling over it, whether it’s true or untrue.”

    That is because you are a woman and therefore know nothing about male sports culture.

  11. Jase says

    OK I’ll be the shallow one to say it: they were both HOT in high school! Would’ve loved to see them going at it back then!

  12. Allen says

    It’s BS and it’s wrong! Having said that I did have a couple of BF’s in HS that have money and wifes now. And I do need some new tires…..oh well, It’s BS and wrong.

  13. sara says

    Rick funny. I cannot take you seriously on your women issues. I have a feeling if I saw you & said boo, you’d go cower in a corner.

    I watch baseball and the gay to not able to pitch correlation exists only in your head. There’s no current openly gay mlb player so it’s hard to predict reactions. MLB has suspended staff like the Braves pitching coach for homophobic slurs. MLB teams have participated in the IT’s get better video. The world is changing & the sports world will have to catch up with the rest of everyone sooner or later. All it’ll take is the first person who ‘voluntarily’ outs themselves.

    It will be interesting to see how this extortion story develops.

  14. jaragon says

    Bedard and Pavano might have been “boyfriends” in high school but extortion is just sleazy- I would much rather have a proud gay MLB player come out ( are you listening David Wright? )than this sorry mess

  15. Notkony says

    As they say, people come out of the woodwork on FB. It’s really kind of pathetic for this guy to be claiming his moment of fame for a supposed highschool affair. Who the hell want to be held accountable for stuff you did at that age? Hogwash.

  16. gayalltheway says

    potentially bi.

    but please let this be true because Pavano sizzles and I’d totally hit it.

  17. bruce says

    I don’t think there was an extortion attempt. The media is spinning it as an extortion attempt. If you read the article carefully, the family of Pavano seems more concerned about the fact that someone is accusing Pavano of – shock, horror – having a same-sex relationship.

    There appears to be a homophobia in how the media is covering this and in the way Pavano’s family is reacting. With a family like that, I think I’d be hiding it from them.

  18. sara says

    The media often gets stories wrong. If she contacted him & asked what it would take to make the story go away, & he gives his response, in jest as he says, then it’ll be difficult to prove extortion. You’d think if he was going to extort from anyone it would be Carl Pavano , the one with the money & not his sister. I bet Pavano is not thanking his sister for making this a public story.

    Carl Pavano’s response has been no comment on the advice of his lawyer.

  19. Angela Channing says

    If I were to bet a lunch at Applebees, my money is on Bedard being a Bunny Boiler. He could also be delusional and it never happened or perhaps it did, but the Facebook contact is creepy at best, extortion at worst.

  20. Michael says

    Gay men are pretty well educated, we know extortion is a crime and I doubt any of us would be dumb enough to put it in writing in a f’n FB message.

    btw… let’s see. Either he gets $1,200,000 or a Range Rover. It’s obvious he wasn’t serious.

  21. Grant says

    I’m still trying to figure out why Bedard feels “wronged.” He was doing a jock in high school who was way out of his league….this needs closure?

  22. Dan says

    I had sex with guys when I was in high school, but most of them ended up married to women. It’s normal for some teenage boys to experiment with gay sex.

  23. tomjck22112 says

    I hate to say “I told you so” but I told you so. Either Pro Sports athletes start to come out on their own, or they face being outed. In this day and age, it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught red-handed.

    The onus is not only on us to accept them, and forgive the damage their previous closetedness has done us and children and families, but to accept the fact if they choose to be with a woman in the here and now.

    This will happen. Mark my words. Many, many more where Pavano came from.

  24. ajthedj says

    1.2 million for a book about a high school affair?? How long will the “book” be – 5 pages?I don’t think there will be any interest

  25. says

    What Sports need now, more then ever is their own Gay/Straight Alliance like association. There are professional and amateur athletes who needs guidelines and standards. I am against anyone being outed without their permission. There might be some exceptions. I knew this kind of blackmail happened in daily life situations 50 years ago… however, I am not surprised by this,either. I just hope that this does not ruin Pavano’s career. He’ll needs new friends he can trust. I hope Mr. Bedard does not get celebrity treatment by the media, gay or straight.

  26. says

    I read the ESPN.com article about this and shockingly the comments were fairly mature. I even thought that ESPN must have deleted all the homophobic ones, but I did see one at the bottom. Believe it or not, I think that’s a good thing, because there were probably a good 30 or so that took the mature, responsible tact: whether or not he’s gay, it doesn’t matter. (The rest were Yankee fans who, thankfully, weren’t anti-gay, just anti-Pavano… LOL.)

  27. Oliver says

    I agree with AW. No one writes a book about a high-school affair to gain closure. If he truly wants closure (assuming this is all truthful) then he writes a long heartfelt letter and buys a 45-cent stamp. I smell rotten fish…

  28. ophu says

    Wow, he’s my age, minus a year. He looks about ten years older. No offense meant, Carl.

  29. anon says

    Sigh. I wish people understood these issues better in general. Technically, this can’t be extortion based on the facts presented. It could be considered blackmail, as that is commonly understood. You might toss in libel, but that’s a civil issue. Where was the threat to do harm to person or property? Now, in Hollywood they really know the nuances of blackmail. Agents get gay stars to say and do all sorts of things under the threat of losing their careers, including getting married and paying lots of “protection” money to PR firms. No one gets arrested for extortion.

  30. Frank says

    A 36 year old man needs “closure” over a high school relationship? It was 18 years ago! Get over it dude and grow up!

  31. Tom in long beach says

    Whoo cares ????
    Sad someone would try to get money from someone they dated basically a generation ago. To write a book about it is trashy. Only would be forgivable if the on being “outed” was an anti gay politician or someone at NOM…

  32. ThomT says

    Of course nobody should be forced to come out. However, if you’re going to have a relationship (or have had a relationship) it is unreasonable, and maybe a bit unfair, to expect your partner to keep “your” secret. Unless you entered into the relationship with an agreed upon decision that neither of you would ever disclose the identify of the other then you have put the other party into a position of not only keeping your story private but keeping their own. While you may never become famous enough that anyone would actually care about your sexual orientation there is always that possibility that you might so, unless you choose to be celibate (or always remain anonymous) you must realize that your “secret” isn’t really a secret if at least one other person knows.

  33. Kim says

    This is funny the only way this guy would get $ 1.2 M is if he was also the gay lover of Tom Cruise and George Clooney. Maybe he would get $10,200 advance for this book LOl

  34. Jerry6 says

    If I had a Dollar for every “Strait” man that had played around sexually as a teenager with another “Strait” male friend, I would be a millionair. How is a boy going to know if he is strait or not if he does not try out his options? High School Sex! About as meaningful as saying a kid of 18 smoking half a pack of cigarets and deciding he did not like them and never smoked again being classed a “Smoker” at age 80 because of 10 cigarets.

  35. FFS says

    @Michael: Jeffrey Dahmer killed dudes he was attracted to, had sex with their corpses, kept their severed heads in his kitchen freezer and would snack on their remains.

    I’m just curious where you’d plot that little gem on your Venn Diagram of well educated gay men?

  36. jim says

    Huh, a lot of people here are assuming Pavano’s straight, simply because he hasn’t come out as gay.