Master Sgt. in Afghanistan Condemns Military Paper for Printing Photo of Gay Marine Homecoming

A letter to the editor of the Stars and Stripes newspaper from Master Sgt. Corey Wade in Kandahar, Afghanistan calls an article the paper wrote about Dalan Wells and Brandon Morgan and their now iconic gay Marine homecoming photo "disgusting and outrageous".

Writes Wade: Marines

It’s bad enough to publish articles that cover the debauchery of homosexuality, but to show that photo crosses the line.

The vast majority of military members I know do not support homosexuality in the military in any way, let alone homosexuality on its own. Yet the voices of opposition to homosexuality continue to not be heard by biased media outlets. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” although not perfect, was a good compromise for the military. The military is not a 9-to-5 job; it requires people to work in combat 24/7 operations, often under extreme conditions.

I can’t always choose who I room with. But as a Christian, it goes against my faith and the clear word of God (for those Christians who disagree, blow the dust off your Bibles and take a read) to practice such an act; it is clearly a sin.

Marriage has always and should always be between a man and a woman, for it was designed by God and clearly stated in his word. Even non-Christians can agree with this. America is in a deep moral slide and this country will pay the due penalty of its errors.

Stars and Stripes publishes four daily newspaper editions for the United States Armed Forces serving overseas.


  1. Rich F. says

    The use of the phrase “But as a Christian” in these contexts should be a red flag that the speaker has no bloody idea what his god actually taught.

  2. kpo5 says

    FYI Wade – your inner-circle of bigoted military friends hardly speaks for the entire U.S. military. There will always be people who don’t agree with ending DADT, but don’t think for a single second you’re not a member of a small, shrinking, and pathetic minority.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Even non-Christians can agree with this.”

    Perhaps Sgt. Wade’s been in the sun too long. If you don’t believe in God, how can you agree with that statement?

  4. Jack says

    Wade should be dishonorably discharged, for lacking the maturity and mental stability to serve in combat situations.

    Anyone who gives a rat’s ass about their fellow soldiers’ sexual orientation to the point where it would affect their job performance are the ones who are clearly unfit to serve and deserve to be cut loose.

  5. uffda says

    This sargent should blow the dust off his own bible and stop eating bacon, feel free to stone his daughter if she gets sassy, kill his wife if she makes him a shirt made out of two different fabrics or plants two different kinds of vegatables in the garden. Leviticus is hourseshit and so is the selective cherry-picking of favorite passages in order to substantiate senseless prejudices.

  6. Chris says

    “America is in a deep moral slide and this country will pay the due penalty of its errors.”

    I, for one, could not be happier that Fred Phelps has finally decided to join the military. Maybe it will do him some good

  7. Nick says

    This is indicative of the pervasive fundamentalism that is in the U.S. military. When you have a culture that discriminates against non-Christians (AFA and other branches-that has been well documented here in the U.S. and abroad) it is no wonder that this neanderthal feels as if he speaks for the entire military. Fortunately he does not.

  8. EO says

    Corey Wade is totally wrong about th— oh, he’s a christian? well then, by all means, he must certainly know what he’s talking about. sorry to question you.

  9. SeanR says

    Kissing is disgusting and outrageous? Seriously? *That* upsets you? I’d argue that pissing on your fellow service personnel is disgusting – and you’re a disgrace. DADT has been repealed, if you don’t like it, just resign.

  10. Bob says

    DADT is gone. This has been done by the correct legal and procedural processes. If Sgt. Wade cannot follow the rules and regulations of the armed services, then he is no soldier. If he believes that his Christian faith trumps the orders of the officers above him, including his Commander in Chief, the sitting President, then he is no soldier. He needs to be cashiered, and a real soldier can take his place. As he said, the military is not a 9-5 job, it has very codified rules in place. Follow the rules. If you cannot do that, then get your non-soldier ass out.

  11. kit says

    We know that it is not true that the “vast majority” of people in the military have a problem with gays serving. So the guy is either completely out of touch with members of his own organization or he is a liar. Then we get to the part where he proclaims his Christianity — so I’m going to go with “liar.”

  12. says

    Wade is a bigot, plain and simple. He is one of those who think his way or the highway. He seems to forget that we are all God’s children. As he sits down and eats his shellfish, wearing clothes of many threads, eating food from different crops that were grown in the same field, may he reflect that they are all abominations according to the Bible. I always find it amazing that people pick and choose their beliefs to support their bigotry. BTW, I’ll bet ya this MSGT is a ‘good ole boy’ from the Bible (aka bigot) belt.

  13. pierre says

    Bravo to the “Stars and Stripes” for printing this letter — because it shows that there are still guys (in the military)who did not pay attention in the classes to which they were sent regarding the new military position on gays in the military. For sure: Sarge has flagged his superiors that he needs to be pulled aside for another ‘private’ counselling session. As for his brand of Christianity: he is obviously not a biblical scholar or theologian — and does NOT speak for all Christians.

  14. Chadd says

    “Marriage has always and should always be between a man and a woman, for it was designed by God and clearly stated in his word.”

    Most of the marriages in the Bible were between one man and as many women as he could buy, trick, kidnap or conquer. There are very few marriages in the Bible between one man and one woman. I love that selective quoting / interpreting that goes on with that book.

  15. Joey says

    The moniker Christian has gone from being a description of someone very nice and caring to a description of someone who is arrogant, judgmental and bigoted. Sgt. Wade is a perfect example of the moral slide of Christianity.

  16. Michael says

    “As a Christian”, “the vast majority of people I know”, “marriage has always been”… Is there a list of ‘got to be used’ lines these people have? First off, Christ said of a homosexual, via the Roman Centurion, “Never have I seen faith greater than this” so, no, it’s not Christianity you’re referring to. Casper, Esmeralda and Goldilox are NOT real people even if they’re you’re only friends and marriage used to be between one man and many women. This guy, you can tell, is a complete closet case who hates the world is moving on without him.

  17. wisebear says

    Tired old phobe needs to be brought up on charges of insubordination. The rules have changed. Actually, to publicly defy the new order is more like treason, isn’t it? Some soldier.

  18. Rin says

    First of all, he is not a Christian then…he’s an orthodox Jew because Jesus never set aside those prohibitions. He had two laws, love God and love your neighbor.

    Second, marriage, true, was never historically for same-sex couples. It was historically for the procreation of children in an environment that allowed him to know as best he could that the child was his.

    Women, historically, were bought, sold, used as incubators, could be thrown out (still can be in almost every non-Western country, including Buddhist nations) and set aside if they could not have children, thus setting them into a life of prostitution and begging. They were forced to endure the fears that came with being cast off never to see their children, watch another women enter the home they tended and take over the caring of their own offspring…yeh, great shakes for women.


    Marriage only became a love match (in the West) in the last 100 or 150 years or so, before that it was a financial arrangement with little or no benefit for the women being traded like cattle. So, I’m sure that men are having a hard time with losing “traditional” marriage that put them in charge of everything, but hey! If they still want it they can move to Brooklyn, Israel, India, South Asian, any African or Middle Eastern nation, or Utah.

    The other week we were going to represent a Muslim woman in her divorce case against an abusive husband, but in the end she decided to stay with him rather than lose her children. This is traditional marriage. We had to have the courts force an order against a man to have him allow his wife to receive a rabbinical get so she could remarry. This is traditional marriage. The Jeffs compound was traditional marriage, too.


  19. Caliban says

    Right before DADT was repealed and since, I’ve had a few arguments with people over the timing of repeal and how it came about. After pointing out that the several studies since the 1980s the military commissioned about gays in the military ALL supported inclusion, I add in some variation of this:

    “As for the timing and how it was implemented, the military and people like YOU only have yourselves to blame. It wasn’t perfect, but DADT was supposed to be a compromise between the old way of handling things and full inclusion. The policy was supposed to be Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, DON’T PURSUE, but the military didn’t keep up their end of the bargain, didn’t abide by the spirit of the new policy. In fact, dismissals of gay service members INCREASED under DADT even though it was intended as a half-measure where there would be no investigations and witch-hunts to ferret out the sexuality of gay military personnel, allowing them to serve quietly. Gays have ALWAYS served in the military and the ban was going to end eventually, but if it had respected the DADT compromise the military could have delayed it for a while longer. But they didn’t so they only have themselves to blame for how and when full repeal came about, which in any case was the right thing to do. So suck it up.”

  20. says

    Someone should tell him to blow the dust off of his Bible and read again those passages, in the context in which they were written, regarding homosexuality, and then re-think his comments about calling it a sin. He clearly has no idea as to what he’s talking about!

  21. Michael says

    I have to agree with the previous comment about DADT. IF, and that’s the imaginary “if” since it never happened, DADT had been implemented as it was meant to be, it probably would have worked. But by allowing 3rd parties to ‘out’ service members and then pursuing the claims it was an utter and complete failure. Yeah, DADT worked great as long as you weren’t gay. btw, obviously DADT had to go since truth and honor doesn’t come attached to a closet.

  22. Michael says

    May I just go over the original text of the Bible real quick?

    Leviticus: It’s part of the Holiness Code. There’s a huge difference b/w the two codes. The term translated to ‘as with’ means ‘bed’ every other time it’s used in Leviticus which, IMHO, is a complete intentional mistranslation due to the Corinthians aspect…

    Corinthians: Paul was specifically referring to Leviticus when he wrote this and stated “male bed” and “soft” (as in morals). The translators were not able to change the meaning of ‘bed’ as they did in Leviticus. This passage is so vague it was condemning masturbation instead less than 100 years ago.

    Sodom/Genesis: Attempted gang rape. The official sin was inhospitality (ie, can anyone say ‘homophobia’?) If the mob of men were gay then why didn’t Lot offer his sons instead???

    Romans: It’s condenming Pagan idolatry and both female and male temple prostitution is condemned throughout the entire Bible. Homophobes always only give us the “for this reason” part, an incomplete paragraph, without including the reason. It’s like saying “because of this Dan went to jail while driving” without saying Dan was drunk.

  23. James in BCN says

    Thanks, Andy.

    I posted this:

    As a commander of U.S. military, you should know that denigrating the staff at your command through prejudice makes you unfit for leadership. As some of your staff will undoubtedly be LGBT people, the words you wrote undermine your authority, your and other corps cohesion and interpersonal respect. You are not worthy of your post and a shame to U.S. military forces.

  24. Selina says

    @ mike ryan but if he would have been killed fighting for a country that does not respect him would have been alright but the fact that he made it home and was received by a loved one warrants a “dishonorable discharge” how far we have come as human beings?!

  25. CGD says

    Blow the dust off your own bible mate. Wish Christians would follow Jesus’ teachings rather than reinterpreting them to mean something they didn’t.

    The Greatest commandment is Love.

  26. USCitizen says

    What an idiot this person is. He needs to be dishonorably discharged immediately. Anyone that can lead a branch of the military and show such bigotry needs to be kicked out.

  27. chris says

    msgt corey wade, your job is to do what the president tells you. the president has declared the military now openly accepts homosexuals, so shut the F up, or leave the military.

  28. David G says

    Marriage is a legal recognition only! If marriage was purely religious you would not have to register with your state to marry people. You need further proof, Go down to city hall and you can get married there and take note that human behind the counter is not a minister, rabi, priest, etc.. but that person is a paid employee of the city. Two people can go to the park, beach, or shopping mall and claim there love for each other before God and God will consider them hitched.

  29. TJ says

    People like this are the reason that the term, “Culture Wars” is so very appropriate. These people are not going to give up their right to misinterpret the Bible and the Constitution without a fight.

    As pointed out earlier in this thread, the talking points have been crystallized. The standard battle cries used by all foot soldiers of ignorance and hate. Say it often enough, and a lie becomes the truth. No critical thinking needed, or encouraged.

  30. Ozymandias71 says

    Here’s a scenario that often plays out in my mind when I read anti-Gay screeds like this:

    It’s 2062. I’m 90 years old, enjoying the company of my husband. We’re both in a fine suburban home, and our federal and state benefits are safely protected by a wall of Constitutional oversight. After a day of walking in the park, hand-in-hand, browsing at the local mall, and tending to the garden we put our feet up for a quiet evening at home.

    We receive a visitor – a great grand-nephew, who is glad to see us. He comes and visits us all the time, with his own husband, who also enjoy the benefits of full constitutional protection. While we sit and reminisce about the ‘good ol’ days’ he mentions that he had overheard some Christians say that it was *their* religion that was instrumental in the Gay Civil Rights movement.

    I look over at my husband, who rolls his eyes, and then I say to the house, ‘Please download Archive file 774 to micro-drive 8.’ The house’s CPU quickly complies, and one of the many portable micro-drives and palm ‘puters scattered on my desk ‘dings’. I get up with some difficulty (bad knees, dontchaknow) and quickly retrieve it. I shuffle over to my great-grand-nephew and say, ‘Next time you hear someone say that, show them this.’

    Somewhat bemused, my great-grand-nephew slots the microdrive into his palm-pad, and sees on the screen a virtual mountain of hatred, anti-Gay bigotry, and discrimination-as-morality. Laws, proposals, and ‘declarations’ – all pushed with one purpose; to marginalize and discriminate against LGBT Americans. Page after page of it scrolls across his widening eyes – all cross-checked and verified for accuracy, and both he and his husband can see that the files are arranged by one key phrase:

    ‘As a Christian…’

    There’s coming a day when Christians are going to hang their heads, turn away, and mumble an apology for all the blatant anti-Gay animus that these ‘Christians’ are now gleefully spewing, for all the world to see.

  31. says

    MSG Corey Wade is closed minded, and that’s a shame. I retired 2 years ago and I couldn’t disagree with him more. I do wish to point out though that his comment about most of the service members he knows not approving of homosexuality is false. According to DOD statistics 76% of all service members supported the repeal of DADT. I wrote about it here if anyone’s interested.

  32. TJ says

    OZYMANDIUS – you are a terrific storyteller (you had me at “bad knees, dontchaknow” – I fear that will be a definite part of my future. BTW, I’d be 102 in your scenario). I hope that you are a prophet as well.

  33. TXboy says

    ugh……another hypocritical christian…”homosexuality goes against my religion “………ummm… didn’t did say tho shall not KILL…..that ain’t a bouquet of flowers swung around your shoulder solider…

  34. Pdxblueyesey says

    Wait. Gays and Lesbians can fight a war for freedom, and be maimed or killed for that right, but this Asshat has a problem with them being who they are while doing it? To that I say F**k You. DADT is gone. Over. Some dudes love dudes, some women love women. Get the f**k over it. And if you can’t get over it, get out of the way, because we’re moving forward without you.

  35. Rich says

    “Marriage has always and should always be between a man and a woman”…
    The ignorant fools that spew this really need to learn their history. Same sex marriage was alive and strong in Egypt up until WWII. The British troops that occupied the oasis during the war bitched and complained to the Egyptian government enough that they put an end to it(hmmm…in other words, they changed the definition of marriage).
    Read more here:

  36. jim says

    Man, I’m getting more and more angry reading about these “christian” bigots. They assume that, simply because the people they associate with identify as “christian,” EVERYONE must be a “christian” and believe the same things. Well, buddy, there many other religions and spiritual belief systems out there, and therefore, a helluva lot of NON-christians in the world, and that claptrap from your bible means nothing to us.

    Also, your religion has nothing to do with your job, Wade. They are separate entities, and ought to be kept in their respective places. You chose a 24/7 occupation, perhaps that was unwise, considering your need to make your religion the ruler of EVERYTHING.

  37. BCD says

    I’d like to say as a Marine coming up on my 8th service to finally be able to witness this is not in any form demeaning to the Corps or what the Corps stands for. Honor, Courage, Commitment. It’s individuals that are closed minded like said name MSgt, who have kept ppl like myself from truly being myself. The repel of DADT finally gave clarity to the Corps hallmark which is Honor, Courage, Commitment. Being a combat vet myself serving twice in Iraq, I know personally the hardships Marines face overseas, and not once did my sexual orientation ever stand in the way of me performing my duties as a Marine, nor did it ever change the mindset of any of my fellow Marines I’ve had an opportunity to serve with, that i felt comfortable telling. In fact it brought us closer. I am proud of who God has made me, but most importantly I’m proud of my service, and the amazing things i’ve had an opportunity to do. But finally I can share those moments with a loved one.

  38. terry says

    If he wants to use the Bible to guide him then I insist he follow ALL the other rules and not just cue in on one passage if he wants credibilty “as a Christian”. He MUST stone adulterers and witches, avoid shellfish, and not associate with women who wear pants. All or nothing. This ass just never got over feeling good when his friend touched him at summer camp.

  39. jack says

    Sgt Corey suggests that christians who disagree with him should “blow the dust off their bibles and take a read”. I wonder if the Sgt. agrees that people who work on the Sabbath, curse their parents, commit adultery or worship gods other than Yahweh should be stoned to death? The “good” book says they should. Does he think that the biblical god was right in drowning all the little children of the world in Noah’s flood? Or burn to death all the children of Sodam and Gomorrah because their fathers had sinned. Does he think that the biblical god was right in killing the child of David and Bathsheba to punish them for their tryst etc etc etc. The bible is a primitive book full of myths that properly belongs in a museum with the laws of Draco and Hammurabi and not being used to guide the morals of civilized societies.

  40. uffda says

    Dalan, it’s always nice to hear from you on this site. We know you now and care about your life, and that of Brandon of course. Post us somewhere now and then and let us know how you are both doing.

  41. Fritz Keppler says

    Dalan, the master sergeant is getting the treatment he so richly deserves here. Thank you again for taking such good care of your Marine.

  42. Craig says

    Wade, I just got out of the Navy and I can tell you that yours is not the opinion of the vast majority of any group I knew. I worked directly with the CO and XO and both of them couldn’t care less about DADT because they didn’t care if someone was gay or not. Your words sound very unprofessional and not unlike those of the fanatic Westboro Baptist Church. Whenever you get out of the military, you will find it hard to get a job because you can’t get away with spouting that bs in the real world.

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