Matt Bomer as Blaine’s Brother ‘Cooper Anderson’ in ‘Glee’


Michael Ausiello at TVLine offered up the first image of Matt Bomer's guest appearance on Glee:

On April 10, Glee welcomes White Collar hunkmuffin Matt Bomer as the cheekily-monikered Cooper Anderson, the older brother of Darren Criss’ Blaine, and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the siblings in mid-reunion. As we first reported, the Brothers Anderson are set to perform a mash-up of classics from ’80s supergroup Duran Duran in the episode, which is appropriately titled “Big Brother.”


  1. DBClark says

    This should be one of Glee’s season highlights. Not a huge Glee fan or Gleek but will watch for Bomer. Looks like Cooper Anderson got the height and looks in the family!

  2. jack says

    Good stuff. Both Matt Bomer and Darren Criss are handsome young men and fine actors. Keep up the great work guys.

  3. Grover Underwood says

    Cooper Anderson? I want the haters to please tell me once again how Glee’s audience is nothing but little fan girls

    Love the reference!

  4. gr8guyca says

    Is “Cooper Anderson” straight or gay? Are they saying that both brothers are gay? If not, it will be interesting to see a gay actor playing a straight character (Bomer) and a straight actor playing a gay character (Criss.)

    btw, I never get crushes on stars, but Darren Criss is really hot and really talented. He plays the piano, guitar, drums, cello, and violin.
    He sings, dances, and acts. And he is a really good songwriter. This song was written for his “Very Potter Musical”:

  5. Perry says

    @grtguyca: Matt Bomer plays straight every week on White Collar better than most straight actors play straight! In addition to great acting skills he plays musical instruments, dances and is a screen writer – CW bought a pilot from him last year. But really, “it will be interesting to see a gay actor playing a straight character (Bomer) and a straight actor playing a gay character (Criss.)” – Darren straight? LOL, I had pleasure of meeting him at an event and I think not.

  6. uffda says

    Anderson Cooper, I mean Cooper Anderson will be a hit no matter what he does. This is going to be altogether too much male pulchritude to plant my feet up for. I’ll have to watch re-runs in two-minute parts every couple of days.

  7. sparks says

    Matt Bomer is just SO gorgeous and Darren is cute as a button. My TV screen will surely melt with both on it at the same time. Sigh!

  8. Mark says

    If there is a hell, I’m certain that its only reading material is “written” by Ausiello. He makes me wish I were illiterate.

  9. Gr8guyca says

    @Perry: Darren has been comfortable with his sexuality and talked about how he has had gay people around him for years. Having gone on the record as straight, he is going to look like an ass later. Especially when he is with Bomer, who shows that coming out need not hurt one’s career.

    I am not saying that Bomer isn’t talented. I guess I am just in awe of someone who can be so musically gifted. I can barely play Chopsticks after 4 years of piano lessons.

  10. Cassie says

    I’m pretty sure Darren is what you would call “Metrosexual.” It’s alluded to in his Harry Potter musical when the Scarf of Sexual Preference sorts his character into “Metrosexual.”