1. sherwin says

    just when we were beginning to forget about her, thanks piers morgan, thanks CNN. useless people, all of them.

  2. Jose S says

    First Krazy Kirk, now Krazy Eyes? Piers is definitely rude for allowing such garbage on the show.

    Thank heavens my cable package includes other worthwhile networks to look at, and lets not forget the internet… CNN is becoming less and less relevant. Operation Repo has more ratings than this ‘news’ network.

    Oh don’t worry, Krazy Eyes is being very ‘brave’ remember? So she should take his questioning as a compliment.

  3. George says

    No, Ms. Bachmann, you can NOT have it both ways.

    She is consistently and disturbingly evasive, disingenuous, and lacking in due humility.

  4. Craig says

    Michelle Bachmann? Judge? NO! Never!! “They’re going to burn in hell, bless their Satan infested hearts!” was of course meant in a nice way. We should have known.

  5. Mike says

    Well, I think his questioning of Bachmann is very different from Cameron. Bachmann is a member of congress and ex-presidential candidate. She is a law maker, thus I think it is very important for everyone (especially people in her district) to understand just how bigoted she is. She should be called out and often.

  6. Pointed says

    It’s a very sad life because bigots (she does not even realize she is one)like her make it a sad life by villifying us and depressing us by their words and fear of hell-fire. I feel bad for how her “family” member must have felt after hearing her condescending remarks.

  7. Jim Stone says

    Are “traditional values” knowing that you are gay and as a man and marrying a straight woman just to make it “look right?” Perhaps we need to ask Marcus that question? My buddy just came out of the closet at age 52. He also was married (like Marcus)He is sooo happy now. He has a BF and is in such a better state than what he endured in the closet… Let’s face it folks..that nasty closet is lethal…

  8. bobbyjoe says

    Piers Morgan has apparently changed the name of his show to “Homophobes Tonight.”

    I imagine any minute now we’ll be hearing about how “brave” Piers thinks Bachmann is.

  9. says

    F**k this $hit about being rude.

    Let’s be rude and call this reptile what she is; judgmental, bigoted, delusional, fascist and a mad bit*h.

    “Rude” is a hell of a lot more honest than the hypocritical posing of this celebrity addict with her barely concealed forked tongue.
    More “rude” , less BS.

  10. SpunkyBunks says

    So when are the Repubs going to talk about the real issues? The economy, the Federal reserve, deficit spending? Anyone, anyone? Obama to win in a landslide. The Repubs have already alienated minorities, gays, women, etc. Not enough bigoted white men left to vote for one of these shills.

  11. says

    If Morgan was sharp instead of a lightweight, he would have had the clip referenced and would have played it for her, the problem with people like Bachmann is that their feet aren’t held to the fire when they lie. I will repeat that Morgan is a lightweight.

  12. says

    There are no such thing as “traditional values”. There are traditions of which have been broken countless times in history. It used to be the tradition to enslave African Americans and Chinese people. As it was with the tradition of denying women the right to vote, to have their own job and bank account. If Bachmann wants to stick with those traditions she will find herself in prison. The sooner the better.

  13. jim says

    Michelle needs a new schtick. Everyone who hints that she’s anti-gay is “rude.” Didn’t she use the same line on, who, Leno (or some latenight talker) a few months ago? She needs to just give it a rest and to to Palinville for awhile…no longer relevant, Michelle.

  14. Robert says

    I think women should be seen, not heard…and barefoot and pregnant!! OK, I don’t really think that, but I do feel that women, who were oppressed for so centuries, should not be prejudiced towards anything, or anyone. For those women who speak out against anything, their rights should be revoked…see how they like it.

  15. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    and don’t you love the idea of public figures talking “Satan” when discussing public policy?

  16. Abel says

    Michele: “What do you mean, I judge gays? I don’t judge gays! Why, I MARRIED one!”

  17. Jason 2 says

    “Part of Satan” doesn’t even make any sense. It’s saying “chunk of bad” or something. So much for eloquence.

  18. walter says

    why is anyone still interviewing this ignorant
    cow? she has nothing relevant to say. she is
    opposed to gay marriage because she is afraid
    marcus may find a real man and leave her.

  19. scotsyank says

    People who have imaginary friends which they require to make themselves feel better are to be pitied. When they hold their quaint beliefs, said superstitious beliefs should be tolerated. When they seek to tell rational people how they should live and behave, they should be shamed and mocked. That’s how any person in possession of an actual brain should see this discussion.

  20. starshipcaptain says

    Of course Piers Morgan was rude. That would be to suggest that Michele Bachmann judges her own husband.

  21. FunMe says

    I’d be very careful with KARMA if I were Michele. I mean all her LYING, judging and homophobia can’t good be good for her. I mean, she saw what happened to Breitbart, right?

  22. jack says

    Her husband makes Liberace look like John Wayne. She can’t be anti-gay. She is married to a gay man.Unless your gaydar is old, broken and unplugged, you cann clearly see that he is GAY! She has even said that he picks her outfits for her. HELLO!!!!!!!!

  23. Marc C says

    “Any of you who have members of your family that are in the lifestyle—we have a member of our family that is.”

    Yes you do Michelle. Yes you do.

  24. Esurb says

    Well, did you watch the creepy broad lie and distort her way through that interview? What kind of people predominate in Minn’s 6th? to foist this wretched woman on the rest of us?

  25. Jerry6 says

    My Mother taught us that if you do not have anything nice to say about someone, keep your mouth shut. Fortunately, she did not say anything about a typewriter.

    Michele; When did you get your brain transplant done? I think you should get a refund.