1. says

    I just wish there was some form of consistency among these idiots from the religious-Right.

    i mean, i’d love to heard Coach Brown’s thoughts on Jewish Nebraskans. Or Atheists. Or any non-Christians.

    You show me and anti-gay Christian and I’ll show you an anti-Semite.

    while “theological consistency” is indeed a neverending conundrum, I just wish these plebes would at least attempt it.

  2. nick says

    Attempting to understand and comprehend the entrenched prejudice in Fundamentalist theology is futile. Adherents base their thought processes on a piece of mythology. However the danger that they represent is real and extremely troubling. There is absolutely no difference between them and the Taliban except the fundamentalists have opportunities open to them that aren’t available to their brethren in the Middle East and elsewhere- and that is education. For an educator to spout this bile is sad and offers very little hope for the future in this country.

  3. voet says

    “I’m sorry that you’ve been offended by Ron Brown’s comments”

    This is NOT an apology. This is like saying, “I am sorry that you are so hypersensitive that you took offense at Brown’s comments.” For all we know, Osbourne may agree with what Brown said.

  4. says

    Coach Brown would be delighted with Nebraska being a theocracy. Once established there, theocracy could spread to other states and eventually to the Federal Government, which could then establish a Catholic-style Inquisition. Coach Brown might feel safe, have his beliefs become the law of the land with all sinners punished, and finally be happy as a fulfilled Christian.

  5. Bob says

    WHAT can we do about the blatant Black homophobia, which has not gotten much better, and certainly does not come from all Black people?
    WHAT does God and Jesus have to do with a city or county ordinance?

  6. QJ201 says

    And according to his precious bible, it was okay that his ancestors were slaves because they were not believers.

  7. says

    The athletic director shouldn’t apologize for his coach; he should FIRE him. There are gay kids who have gone through that program, likely at least one or two on the team today, who are likely in the closet and now living in that much more fear that they’ll be found out.

    Now they know they won’t just be targeted, but according to their coach, they should be ‘fired’ from the team for being gay. That could lose them their scholarships and put them at odds with god knows how many fanatical fans and teammates from the campus — putting him in danger.

    There should be outrage over the coach’s comments and he should be immediately fired from the team. Like yesterday.

  8. Rance says

    As someone who has been a victim of employment discrimination, I am particularly offended by this representative of a public university. In my case, after accepting an opportunity for advancement, everything was fine – until the rumors started – and my life became a living hell. What I do, or anyone does, in the privacy of their bedrooms is of no concern to this assistant coach, and it is shocking that he is allowed to blatantly discriminate against students and others in his university.

  9. RICK says

    We can thank all those effeminate lisping queens who worship Lady Gaga for this. Football is a real man’s sport and every time a diva-worshipping twink listens to Lady Gaga it makes it harder for gay men who play football because bigoted coaches aren’t what keep those men in the closet, it’s those stupid twinks who dance to pop music.

  10. Chris Simmons says

    It’s always tough to balance a person’s right to freely express his opinion against a person’s right to express bigotry. Bigotry, of course, is repellent whether conveyed with a smile or a scowl. But, obviously, a line is crossed when the rhetoric becomes insulting or overtly hateful. In this case, I think the Nebraska assistant was simply parroting the benighted views of his strain of Christianity — and, in normal circumstances, a verbal version of an eye-roll by the councilmen would have sufficed as a response. But where Brown erred, I think, was by essentially stating that he’s a football coach at a public university — he gave his address, as I understood it, as the football stadium. There’s a difference between a private citizen and a public figure (which Nebraska coaches are), and he deserves to be reprimanded for blurring that distinction.

  11. My 2cents says

    Does Ron Brown have a right to express his bigotry in public? Of course he does! But he should be closely monitored on his job to be sure his pathetically sick & disruptive beliefs do not interfere with the rights of students he supervises to achieve their educational goals. The university may soon learn that he is an atavistic embarrassment, and will cost them dearly in alumni contributions.

  12. Lee chevalier says

    Methink she doth protest too much. Of self-loathing closeted gays, aging gay DL jocks loathe themselves the most loudly. She’s not kidding, Jerry Penn State’s address was the Stadium, too.

  13. redball says

    wow he is dumb.

    also: he is muscular and has a fine muscle ass. that is all.

    he should stick w/ his strengths: showing off his fine body instead of his alleged wisdowm on matters of civil rights.

  14. Clark says

    Double standard prevails. Had he commented similarly along racial lines he’d be fired.

  15. CJS says

    Osborne DOES agree with Brown. When Osborne was Nebraska’s representative in the House of Representatives, he co-sponsored the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Osborne and Brown are completely on the same page.

  16. Just sayin' says

    He’s got a BIG, FAT ass. Isn’t that the kind black women go for, or is it the other way ’round? What’s that old saying- the bigger the cushion, the deeper the pushin’?

  17. GeorgeM says

    Good job everyone for ignoring Rick!!!
    O his mouth makes him one ugly bastard, I wouldnt do him

  18. Alan says defines sodomy first as “anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex.” So what does this proposal have to do with that?

  19. says

    Sometimes it is the problem when our society is very free to express themselves but the other side they dont know that they already hurting others.

  20. Bob says

    @BOB, we can start by addressing that it’s blatant faux-Christian homophobia, for starters.
    BLACK CHURCHES and Black culture are their own universe in the USA, and are not effectively un-homophobed by lumping them in with evangelicals, etc
    Black sports stars say “faggot”, and Black posters on websites tell you not to be offended, it’s just a word
    THERE IS A REAL PROBLEM getting throught to that community

  21. Bob says

    I came to this page expecting to see you had demoted or fired Ron Brown for bringing disgrace on the University and its Athletics. Identifying oneself as a Nebraska coach, then delivering a fire and brimstone religious speech in regard to a before the Omaha City Council shows TERRIBLE JUDGEMENT. In a University funded by taxpayers, EVERY student should be honored — but to Preacher Brown, those born Gay would only be safe on campus if Christians are made unsafe.

  22. says

    Go to the schools website and ask them why they have a bigot working for them, see if they give a response.

  23. Pointed says

    A hothead that should not be mentoring our young adult future. Being a publicly paid employee, I would think that he and ALL public (tax) supported bigots should keep their opinions private. I do not think the public should be supporting bigotry and intolerance. If they want to speak out publicly, then get a job working in the private sector, then hope their private employer is also an intolerant jerk, lest they be let go for being the cause of poor workplace productivity and harassment.

  24. Ladislav says

    Mr. Brown the bible also says it ok to beat your slaves as long as you don’t kill them. Well thank God your decendents had slave owns that followed the bible or your hating twisted ass would not be here. Your a discrace and probably one those on the down low brothers that likes his white bootie. Jerk off.

  25. says

    From BOB: BLACK CHURCHES and Black culture are their own universe in the USA, and are not effectively un-homophobed by lumping them in with evangelicals, etc
    Black sports stars say “faggot”, and Black posters on websites tell you not to be offended, it’s just a word

    THERE IS A REAL PROBLEM getting throught to that community
    Posted by: Bob | Mar 11, 2012 1:39:38 AM

    Bob as much as SOME Black Christians are homophobic is no different than white gays with racist views.

    Are you going to tell me that the Mormon Church whom contributed 20,000,000.00 to passing Prop 8 is less homophobic. Are you going to tell me all these Southern Baptists and Catholics are NOT HOMOPHOBIC?

    I think the real problem here is this there is a racial disconnect in the gay Community and folks are scared to bring conversation about it. But it’s due. Some of you white kids think when a Black person that is perceived homophobic it’s greater than any other form of homophobia.

    And another thing where you said “THERE IS A REAL PROBLEM getting throught to that community ” Really no it isn’t there are many churches and Pastors that speaks for equality. Maybe if you still didn’t carry the racist traits you were taught from Parents you would understand.

    RACE is not the enemy RELGION is!

  26. jack says

    It is always especially sad to see an African-American speak in favor of discrimination. I and many other gay people participated in demonstrations demanding equality for Black People in the 1960’s, and that was at a time when we did not even dare to ask for equality for ourselves.

  27. Mario says

    Who cares what he says or where he works? I’m gay. Why do I want to fire someone for anti-gay views? It’s no different from firing someone for being gay. Don’t you see the double standard? Get a life.

  28. says

    Thanks for your time. So Ron Brown as an American who happens to hold Bible based views is not free according to some of you to express those views. Don’t you believe in freedom of speech? I would agree with you if Coach Brown was saying that gays should be put in prison or put to death but he is expressing a very that a lifestyle that many of us hold should not be given special rights. Also why is it cool for many on the left to express their views who support things like same sex marriage but not Ron Brown. Isn’t that a double standard?
    Thanks for reading this and God Bless You,