Neo-Nazis Attack Gay Chilean Man, Slice His Ear, Burn Him, and Brand Him with Swastikas


A hideous attack has been reported on a gay man in Chile. Daniel Zamudio remains hospitalized in a coma after a group of neo-Nazis attacked him over the weekend. Chilean news reports can be found here, here, and here.

Daniel_zamudioMichael Lavers at EDGE translates the reports:

El Mercurio reported that Daniel Zamudio, 24, was found in Parque San Borja early Saturday morning. El Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh), the country’s largest LGBT rights group, told La Tercera that Zamudio’s attackers struck him with blunt objects before they cut off part of his ear, carved swastikas into his abdomen and burned other parts of his body with cigarettes.

Zamudio’s mother told the newspaper that her son had gone to work at a store on Friday, but she did not know his whereabouts until he was found in a park the following day. She told La Tercera that neo-Nazi groups had previously threatened Zamudio inside a popular Santiago nightclub.

More information is available for Spanish speakers at MOVILH's (Chile's LGBT rights group) Facebook page.

Said MOVILH in a statement: "We condemn this cruel act that tramples the equal dignity of all human beings. We ask the Chilean authorities to bring the guilty to justice. A crime this hateful cannot go unpunished."

Ricky Martin has also spoken out about the attack, tweeting: "No más odio,no más discriminación. Espero que se haga justicia YA. Mucha luz para Daniel y toda su familia."



  1. boston beat says

    What a way to start my day. We here in the US are very lucky. Although things are not perfect in the legal sense depending on the state at least we get to live our lives without the threat of being burned and or having body parts cut off. I feel for fellow gay men in other countries. Truely sad and vile.

  2. robert in nyc says

    Oliver, exactly! The right wing religious scumbags in the GOP would condone it if they could get away with it and so would some in their party. All of the anti-gay rhetoric coming from the right wing sends a message to those so inclined, to go out and physically harm us and in some cases, kill us. The haters in the GOP should also be held responsible every time a gay man or woman or even child are attacked. If this had been an ethnic group, there would have been worldwide condemnation.

  3. robert in nyc says

    And remember Michael Savage’s tirades calling for our deaths, that we should all get AIDS and die. Imagine the message that sent to homophobic bullies.

  4. Francis says

    I agree to a partial extent with Boston Beat……..but let’s be honest. If you do live in Boston, which I am assuming based on your user name, you really don’t know what a gay person in a state like Oklahoma or Mississippi have to deal with on a day to day basis. Heck, rural Massachusetts ain’t a picnic for LGBTQ citizens. Most LGBTQ citizens, and straights who are presumed to be gay by homophobes, are still at a severe physical risk and are not in any position to feel as if they can live comfortably within their societies. And that includes within the United States.

    With that said, my heart goes out to Daniel. Hopefully he pulls through this and should he do so, that he have the support of loved ones that he’ll need to recover from such a senseless attack.

  5. ratbastard says

    Can happen anywhere, but some places seem to have greater extremes, either the right or the left, or seesawing back and forth from one extreme to another. This creates a lot of instability and potential for violence.

  6. luminum says

    Look how quickly the discussion became US-centric…

    I hope this man wakes up soon, has a swift recovery, and gets the support he needs. The idea of having swastika’s carved into his skin is horrifying, and I hope it heals over, or he can get financial support to have any visible scars removed.

    Hopefully, MOVILH will be bale to rally some community support for him. Just awful.

    Those bigots should be brought to swift justice.

  7. boston beat says

    Hey guys…I apologize…I was speaking more of my experience here in Boston which in no way is perfect but the idea that there are neo nazis running around stalking me is not something I have to deal with. Regardless, I’m saddened to read this story. It breaks my heart and I am from a Latin country and know very well the dangers that gay men deal with in those areas. I count myself very lucky living here in the US. I hope that when Daniel wakes up, he is able to identify the assholes that did this to him and that he is able to piece his life back together.

  8. Rin says

    In Queen of the Damned, Anne Rice has Akasha telling Lestat why she wanted to rid the world of men and their violent abusive behavior. She told him, if he were to bring back to life all of the women who have raped, beaten, or killed men they would not fill a gymnasium, but were they to do the same with men they could not stop counting for days.

    It is easy to say that this group or that group would/could kill, hurt, maim. I know that I am afraid of all strange men due to violence done to me in the past, but it truly robs you of your joy.

    What is the solution? The problem is obviously a lack of love, but how do you grow love in a sea of hate? It cannot be done by responding with hate, and yet…pacifism feel dangerous and reckless.

    These things sicken me. Were that my son in the hospital bed, all of pacifistic beliefs would go out the window as I went Michael Corleone on the perpetrators.

    Really…what is there to be done? Hate creates more hate, and yet how to rise above the human condition and nature to spread love and tolerance when everyone around you pisses you off?

  9. MitchSFO says

    Neo-nazis are active in Chile, Southern Brazil, and to a lessor extent, Argentina, as well as in Spain. If you aren’t of European decent or if you are LGBT, you are an enemy. There have been programs about it on Spanish language television, like Christina.

    Also most people don’t realize that Chile has a sizable German population, made up of ex-Nazis who fled Germany and was welcomed with opened arms. It’s the same welcome extended to Nazis in Argentina and Brazil. We don’t hear about all of the atrocities against LGBT in Brazil, for example, because they are often not reported.

  10. deanmoore says

    To all those people who are wondering how can there be neo-nazis in Latin America: Spain conquered the land…they’re white. During the early 20th century, a lot of Europeans moved to countries like Venezuela, Chile, etc. If you go to Argentina, you’ll feel like you’re in southern Europe. In other words, there are TONS of white people, who could potentially be neo-nazis.

  11. ratbastard says

    In my experience racism is very common among white [and by extension the ruling class] Latin Americans and Brazilians of Spanish, Portuguese and other European descent. A lot of the extreme right/left down there has to do with external forces trying to stir up trouble and with the ruling class trying to maintain the status quo, not to mention drug trafficking and organized crime syndicates with mercenary armies. In some places like Brazil, the crime is very bad and many white middle class Brazilians naturally gravitate towards law and order ideology.

  12. Rory says

    In answer to this question: “Um, why are there neo-nazis in Chile? People there aren’t exactly Aryan looking.”

    I am Chilean and gay. I am also pale skinned and stand 6’2″. I am not a “short, dark skinned ‘Latino’ type contrary to the popular stereotypical image of Latinos. If you asked the average Chilean, they would consider themselves to be white. The notion of “Hispanic” and “Latino” is an American marketing term. Chileans come in all shapes, sizes and yes, skin tone. But as mentioned in other comments, there are a large portion of Chileans of European descent: Irish, German, British, Italian, French, Scandinavian…Hell, the first leader of the newly independent Chile was named Bernardo O’Higgins!

    Rascism, bigotry and hatred are global human traits. Having lived in the Midwest and Southwest of the U.S. and having gay friends beaten to within an inch of their lives (one was hospitalized for six months and had to have his face basically restructured from his attack), I do not think that this horrific attack in my homeland is any different that what can and does happen to gay men and women in areas of this country or across the world.

    They should all be held in contempt.

  13. Blake says

    What most Americans don’t understand is that a large part of Latin America considers itself white. Many Latin American governments in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries enacted whitening laws that encouraged European immigration. The white descendants of Spanish immigrants and light skinned Mestizos (white/Native Americans) consider themselves white.

    So, there is a segment of the white population in Latin America that finds Nazism attractive.

    It’s also important to note that in Slavic countries like Poland and Russia, countries whose populations HItler and the rest of the Nazis considered subhumans, neo Nazis have a dangerous presence–especially in Russia where crimes against non-whites and dark skinned whites are extremely violent.

  14. Rory says

    Just noticed this comment:”Also most people don’t realize that Chile has a sizable German population, made up of ex-Nazis who fled Germany and was welcomed with opened arms.”

    While Chile does indeed have a sizable German population, the majority of which came from the large wave of German immigration of the 1800’s. The regions of Valdivia and Puerto Montt were a particular destination.

    I am assuming that whoever wrote this statement is fully aware of the U.S.’s own “open arms” policy towards Nazi scientists and criminals that were labelled “menaces to the Allied Forces” during the war, but quickly pardoned and accepted warmly by America in order to continue working in the U.S. If not, why don’t you look up “Operation Paperclip” or the New York Times article from 2010 detailing how America helped Nazi war criminals avoid prosecution and escape – the most famous example being Klaus Barbie who was notably assisted by the U.S. to escape to Bolivia:

    Just saying.

  15. Todd says


    I think the poster asserting a Chilean connection to Nazis fleeing Germany was just confusing Chile with Argentina. Sadly, we in the U.S. tend to be shockingly ignorant of the diversity among the Spanish-speaking nations to our south.

  16. Charles Lemos says

    Of the three links provided at the start of this article, only the first is from a Chilean newspaper. The second is from Perú and the third is from Bogotá’s El Tiempo, the country’s paper of record.

    It was interesting for me as a gay Colombian to read the most of the 254 comments left on El Tiempo site. As a gay man, the thought of me being able to lead an open life in Colombia just wasn’t in the cards. I knew full well the bigotry and ignorance that my own family held and they are by Colombian standards very liberal. They certainly have been accepting of me but I don’t think I could ever introduce a partner to some of them.

    There were certainly a fair number of bigoted, hateful comments among those 254 comments. Most of those had religious overtones but there a few that really crossed a line. One that found just plain weird written supposedly by an ex-gay saying how glad he was to have been freed from this disease. But to be honest, I was really buoyed by how many heterosexual Colombians denounce bigotry and defended the right of homosexuals to be who they are.

    Bogotá is actually from what I hear becoming quite the gay destination. Perhaps not Rio or Buenos Aires yet, but it does have a lively gay district. Still, I know my countrymen too well. Bogotá is not Colombia and being gay in Colombia still has risks.

    This story, the appalling attack of Daniel Zamudio, brings me to tears. He was branded like some animal. Lucky he is alive and it looks like Chile will toughen its hate laws. Much love to Daniel Zamudio and his family. ¡Fuerza Daniel, te amamos!

  17. Andreu says

    I’m Chilean and I agree with Rory. Chile has a considerable mestizo population AND a sizable population of European descent (I descend from Catalonians). And the ‘Germans’ (Alsatians, Austrians, Bavarians, Prussians, Swiss) have been in Chile since the XIX century. I think it’s a big mistake to equate White people with racist violence. Many Chilean neonazis, for instance, could be ground to a pulp by their European ‘brethren’ just because of their looks/complexion. Intolerance and violent ideologies go way beyond skin color.

  18. Mark says

    Chile is built of many races: Italians, germans, spanish, croatians, irish, english, etc

    I do not know why some americans think that all south americans are short, dark skin, indian faces. That is totally fake, chileans are white like argentinians and uruguayans.

    I hope Daniel get recover soon, he was a very good looking lad and very intelligent. My prayes to him :)

  19. Marina says

    These Crimes can happen any where, in any country. I am in UK and I could say it doesn’t normally happen here but then I see all the hatred around and I believe it can happen here as well. I think it is a shame for LGBT can not be ourselves. We are in the 21st century but sometimes it seems we are still in the 18th, 19th or even early 20th century. Nazis was and still is all about hatred. They can never know what love is with all that hatred in their souls.
    My heart and prayers go out to Daniel Zamudio and his family.

  20. Вадим says

    Друзья! Всё это ужасно! Искренние соболезнования и сопереживания! Давайте быть терпимыми друг к другу и не уподобляться дикарям! (Россия, Москва)

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