New GLAAD Project Holds Anti-Gay News Commentators Accountable for Their Statements


Today, GLAAD launched the Commentator Accountability Project, with a goal "to put critical information about frequent anti-gay interviewees into the hands of newsrooms, editors, hosts and reporters."

CapWrites GLAAD: "Audiences need to be aware that when they’re not talking to the mainstream media, these voices are comparing the LGBT people to Nazi Germany, predicting that equal treatment of LGBT people will lead to the total collapse of society, and even making accusations of satanic influence."

Nearly three dozen anti-LGBT commentators including Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, Maggie Gallagher, Bill Donohue, and Alan Chambers are included in the roll-out of GLAAD's initiative.

Said GLAAD spokesperson Herndon Graddick:

"Hate is not an expert opinion. In most cases, news outlets invite reputable experts to speak on the subject at hand, but when talking about LGBT issues, open hostility and anti-LGBT bias seems to be all the credibility required. This project holds these so-called 'pundits' accountable for the extreme anti-LGBT rhetoric they continue to spread…These activists have the right to recite their anti-LGBT talking points, but it is important to expose the questionable and often hostile rhetoric that passes as punditry when so-called 'experts' speak out against the lives of LGBT people on the air or in print. If networks are going to continue to invite those with incendiary anti-LGBT views on their programs, show runners should know the full picture of who these individuals really are so that critical context can be relayed to the audience."


  1. J. Leo says

    The have the time and staff to dig into the backgrounds of their interviewees. They interview them just for the very reason that they are contraversial. They don’t care how it affects the gay community as long as it boosts ratings.

  2. sweetdog says

    One of the biggest offenders is Chris Matthews of msnbc. He hosts his “pal” Tony Perkins more often than not. The demonstrations against msnbc’s practice of hosting hate leaders has failed. What is amazing is that msnbc has two openly gay anchors and for them to promote the spew of anti-gay haters who hide behind the “Christian” label is mind-boggling to say the least.

  3. DRG says

    As much as i dislike these hate mongers and the groups they belong to, the media has the right to interview these people on these issues. Yes, the media is shooting for ratings but there are other reasons that they host these people.

    1)These biggots are the voices/heads of the huge organizations, fueled and funded by hate, that are leading the anti-gay agenda against our progress to equality. They are the mouth pieces for the organizations that are mounting the petitions, law suits, etc… They are at the center of the controversy.

    2)There are no experts to interview for opposition to the gay rights movement because all credible studies, arguments, and data point to giving equality. The only other arguments are hate, intolerance, and flimsy religious diatribe which these people represent.

    3)The media has no obligation to only interview experts. The media is not the judicial branch of our government. Only courts have to define experts.

    That being said, this push to disclose this information may help to make sure the news organizations actually question the legitimacy of their expertise and arguments.

  4. jomicur says

    It seems to me that this is the kind of work GLAAD was founded to do. Nice that they’ve finally gotten around to it.

  5. KP says

    Maybe GLAAD will actually be able to rise from the ashes of the Jarrett Barrios era. It remains to be seen but this is a good start.

  6. Eric says


    GLAAD isn’t calling on the government to step in and tell the media that they aren’t allowed to give these hate-mongers a platform. So this isn’t about freedom of speech or freedom of the press.

    What this is about is calling on the media to take social responsibility, and remember some ethics, and realize that just as it would be wrong to give the KKK or the American Nazi Party a stage from which to spout hatred, it is just as wrong to give a stage to these hate groups as well. A hate group is a hate group.

  7. says

    Homophobic pundits that spout their views in public are not threats. They expose themselves as haters & can easily be rebutted.

    The real danger is the politician that keeps quite until he gains power, then goes full speed ahead for homophobic policies and legislation.

    “Moderate” Republicans have long advised that the Party keep its mouth shut when it comes to social issues. We all know what happens once they’re elected.

  8. Eric says


    Research has shown that lies told over and over become almost impossible to refute with logic. This was a technique used by the Nazi propaganda machine in a massive way.

  9. jack leddy says

    I use to send a contribution to Glaad. I think they do good work.However. i read that their CEO makes a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. So I stopped giving.I earn less than $40,000.00 a year. Why should I send money to support folks to live extravagant life styles in the name of equality? I know that they are bright and talented. However, if they can’t live on $100,000.00 a year, they won’t get one dime from me.