New Hampshire Lawmaker to Introduce Amendment Barring Two Left-Handed People from Marrying

Yesterday I reported that New Hampshire Rep. David Bates (R-Windham) is sponsoring an underhanded bill that would roll back the state's marriage equality law, replacing it with civil unions, and then allow voters to weigh in (in a "non-binding" way) about whether they like that or not.

CohnThe bill is coming up for a vote on Wednesday, and another lawmaker plans to offer an amendment "that would bar a left-handed person from marrying another left-handed person," WPTZ reports:

State Rep. Seth Cohn (pictured), a Canterbury Republican, plans to offer that amendment Wednesday when a bill sponsored by Rep. David Bates is debated. Bates, a Windham Republican, proposes to repeal the gay marriage law in effect since 2010 and replace it with civil unions for same-sex couples.

Cohn was a co-sponsor last year on a bill that would have replaced marriage for heterosexual and same-sex couples with domestic unions. The House killed the bill which would have established marriage as a cultural and individual right apart from governmental definition.