New Hampshire Lawmaker to Introduce Amendment Barring Two Left-Handed People from Marrying

Yesterday I reported that New Hampshire Rep. David Bates (R-Windham) is sponsoring an underhanded bill that would roll back the state's marriage equality law, replacing it with civil unions, and then allow voters to weigh in (in a "non-binding" way) about whether they like that or not.

CohnThe bill is coming up for a vote on Wednesday, and another lawmaker plans to offer an amendment "that would bar a left-handed person from marrying another left-handed person," WPTZ reports:

State Rep. Seth Cohn (pictured), a Canterbury Republican, plans to offer that amendment Wednesday when a bill sponsored by Rep. David Bates is debated. Bates, a Windham Republican, proposes to repeal the gay marriage law in effect since 2010 and replace it with civil unions for same-sex couples.

Cohn was a co-sponsor last year on a bill that would have replaced marriage for heterosexual and same-sex couples with domestic unions. The House killed the bill which would have established marriage as a cultural and individual right apart from governmental definition.


  1. Gregv says

    It would be interesting to see a signature drive to prohibit same-handed marriage (I.e. Righties could only marry lefties) anywhere where the same thing is going on to attack same-gendered couples.
    I can imagine the slogans and attack ads: “Adam and Eve were not Southpaws!” “Children will be forced to study lefty-lefty marriage in school if we don’t stop them!” “Why should a tiny minority that is left-handed be allowed to have the same rights as the vast majority?”

  2. Steve says

    He is right. Think of the children! Two lefties have a far too great chance of having a leftie child

  3. J R says

    Why dont we just ban marriage period!!! Then there would be no divorce, less law suits, and if your not happy with who your with just move on! I really dont see why people feel so threatened by what is different from them! Get over yourselves.

  4. BABH says

    We laugh, but only a generation ago Catholic nuns were literally beating children up for the sin of left-handedness.

  5. walter says

    one question have all the people in new hampshire gone nuts? why are these people wasting so much money and time on useless legislation when jobs and the economy should be the priority. the state has had marriage equality for a while and the mountains are still standing lake winnipesaukee hasn’t dried
    up so what’s the big deal. but repeal of marriage equality will make new hampshire a less desireable place to visit.

  6. Shelly says

    I choose to believe the Old Man lost face just so he didn’t have to witness the absurdity of what “Live Free or Die” has apparently come to signify.

  7. ian says

    shouldn’t the bill outlaw same-handed people from marrying each other? two right handed people shouldn’t marry either, only opposite handed marriage should be legal. Classic.