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NEWS: Julianne Moore, Anne Frank, And Why The UK's Catholics Don't Want You To Marry


Towleroad-roadicon Julianne Moore apparently does a wonderful Sarah Palin in Game Change:

As it becomes apparent to McCain’s team, via briefing sessions, that she is a know-nothing, they prep her on hot-button foreign policy issues—informing her that we fought Germany in two world wars, for instance. Here, Moore’s Palin takes notes with a diligence that at once enriches the farce and deepens the tragedy. After it becomes apparent to the world, via Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric, that she is a know-nothing, the camera tightens on Moore’s face at canted angles during subsequent tantrums, and we understand her resentment and paranoia. We can’t laugh at the surreal scene of Moore’s Palin watching Tina Fey’s Palin on SNL because the woman alone in front of the set is so, so far away from home—and farther yet from the first-born son who is away at war. He is prepared to die for a nation where she is a national laughingstock. Watching Palin escape a depressive funk by going to sleep—curling fetally on an anonymous floor in a hotel a bathrobe—I wished her sweet dreams, and ultimately found myself rooting for her to do well in her debate against Joe Biden.

Towleroad-roadicon The New Yorker explains how and why the Republican primary went wrong.

Towleroad-roadicon There was a caucus in Kansas today. Rick Santorum won:

Rick Santorum easily won the Kansas caucuses Saturday, which supporters say will give him much-needed momentum for two important Southern primaries Tuesday. With 89 percent of the vote counted, Santorum had 51 percent, compared to Mitt Romney’s 21 percent. Newt Gingrich is in third place with 14.4 percent and Ron Paul fourth with 12.5 percent. Neither Romneyh nor Gingrich campaigned in Kansas. 

Santorum is likely to pick up the vast majority of the state’s 40 delegates, notes the Associated Press. Wyoming is also holding caucuses Saturday and Romney appears to be leading.

If Santorum manages to use the momentum from his Kansas victory to help him win in Alabama and Mississippi Tuesday, “he could solidify his status as the conservative alternative to front-runner Romney,” writes Reuters.

Towleroad-roadicon William Hamilton is dead. (You may not know him, but you definitely know the magazine cover he inspired.)

Anne_FrankTowleroad-roadicon Anne Frank comes to Madame Toussaud's in Berlin:

The new Anne Frank figure is next to that of Sophie Scholl, an activist executed by the Nazi regime for her involvement in the White Rose, a non-violent German resistance group. But Zerbe made clear that the juxtaposition was just a coincidence, and that the museum was not trying to create a historical display. "We want our visitors, and children in particular, to feel an emotional connection with the figure, rather than to feel that they're in a history class," she said.

In a chilling irony, the wax figure of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, which the museum controversially re-introduced after it was beheaded by a visitor shortly after the Berlin Madame Tussauds opened in 2008, is in the next room.

Towleroad-roadicon Teacher fired for gay porn career is reinstated.

Towleroad-roadicon University of California may begin asking new students about their sexual orientation.

Towleroad-roadicon A brief, heartening rundown of LGBTs who've achieved high office in Latin America.

Towleroad-roadicon The Catholic Church in the UK officially articulates its objections to marriage equality. It does so in a long, drony letter which will put non-Catholics into a godcoma and, several Bishops hope, whip believers into a frenzy of marriage-defending. Watch Archbishop Vincent Nichols read it aloud, AFTER THE JUMP ... 


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  1. Regarding Game Change, I can't say it any better than Andrew Sullivan:

    Anyone with even the faintest grasp of Palin's reality - including former close aides like Frank Bailey - understands that she is emotionally unstable, paranoid, vindictive, self-destructive, religiously fanatical and clinically deluded. Her "wonderful mothering" led her to take a tiny child with Down Syndrome and parade him in front of the cameras as a political prop, and later hauling him out half-naked at night to show off to fans on her book tour. None of her children has made it to college; one was a teenage vandal, another a teen mom. A man who lived in her house, says her children had to raise themselves. She quit office in mid-term because her vanity and rapacity were more important to her than public service. The victims of her vicious career lie strewn all over Alaska. Anyone faintly aware of reality also knows that John McCain was as cynical, brutal and expedient a figure as anyone to run for president - and that Palin's selection was an act of such grotesque vanity and cynicism that it instantly disqualified him from the presidency.

    Posted by: MikeH | Mar 11, 2012 12:35:39 AM

  2. With regard to the Catholic Church in the UK, may I suggest finding a copy of this week's "The Now Show" from BBC Radio 4 (it's online and it's a podcast). The final segment is entirely devoted to tearing down the Church for its hypocrisy for the way they treat the gays.

    Posted by: Sol Muser | Mar 11, 2012 11:31:49 AM

  3. Hey, I have just about as big a crush on Julieanne Moore that is allowed for queer boys. BUT why is it that anytime Hollywood spoons us some pathetic drivel we slurp it up like emo vampires. I'm sure Ms Palin is in a fetal position from all the millions she raked in on speeches and book deals. How quickly we forget just how much she loves queers. Why I'm sure gay marraige would have been her first priority as vice president in '08 and President in 2012. why I bet that little maverick would even adopt a queer baby.

    Posted by: Benjamin | Mar 11, 2012 2:42:06 PM

  4. I know some folks around here give their adoration to Andrew Sullivan, but he's a self-absorbed and self-loathing gay man who clearly feels other homosexuals fall into predefined groups.

    He knows nothing more about Sarah Palin than we do; that is, whatever the media has told us and how they've presented her... She's not always a bumbling idiot as we're led to believe. Furthermore, we always say how Fox News portrays good Democrats in a bad light, but I can assure you all Palin gets the same treatment from most of the liberal-inclined media outlets.

    She's a normal person (like all politicians) who was thrown into the lion's den; she's not going to act perfectly and speak without flaw. And yeah, she rambles sometimes, but that's what Sean Hannity wants, so she gives it.

    Posted by: Drew | Mar 11, 2012 3:28:16 PM

  5. Moore will probably get an Emmy for her performance as Palin- it was truly uncanny.

    Posted by: jaragon | Mar 11, 2012 6:32:37 PM

  6. MIKEH - Well said!

    Anybody who thinks Palin is a "noprmal peerson (like all politicians) who was thrown into the lion's den...." needs to revisit her vicious, hateful, self-absorbed, egotistical, ignorant, bigoted rhetoric. Let's start with yesterday's explanation of why she thinks Obama is a racist -- a new low in whackjobbery.

    Posted by: wimsy | Mar 12, 2012 11:34:38 AM

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