NOM’s Brian Brown Responds to Documents That Reveal Its Campaign to Divide Gays and Blacks

NOM President Brian Brown released a statement today in response to evidence revealed by documents related to an investigation into its election activities in Maine that it worked to sow division between gays, Blacks, and Latinos in order to further its anti-gay agenda on the state and national level.

BrownSaid Brown in a statement:

"The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was formed in 2007 and has worked extensively with supporters of traditional marriage from every color, creed and background. We have worked with prominent African-American and Hispanic leaders, including Dr. Alveda C. King, Bishop George McKinney of the COGIC Church, Bishop Harry Jackson and the New York State Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz Sr., all of whom share our concern about protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

"Gay marriage advocates have attempted to portray same-sex marriage as a civil right, but the voices of these and many other leaders have provided powerful witness that this claim is patently false. Gay marriage is not a civil right, and we will continue to point this out in written materials such as those released in Maine. We proudly bring together people of different races, creeds and colors to fight for our most fundamental institution: marriage."

Maine's investigation into NOM was authorized after GOP presidential candidate testified before The Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices in October 2009. Karger has been tracking NOM's finances and attempts to keep secret its lists of donors for years.

WolfsonFreedom to Marry President Evan Wolfson released a statement this morning in response to the documents, which reads, in part:

“In its anti-gay crusade to block the freedom to marry, NOM has spent years working to drive wedges within communities across the nation, all the while claiming it does not ’hate’ anyone, gay or non-gay.  Now exposure of NOM’s own strategy memos confirms that NOM will stop at nothing to push its agenda, pitting American against American, minority against minority, family members against family members. 
“NOM’s wedge-strategy memos detail its campaign to funnel money to a handful of African-American clergy in order to attack gay couples and, appallingly, discredit the strong and clear voice of those African-American civil rights champions, such as John Lewis, Julian Bond, and Coretta Scott King, who have stood up for the freedom to marry and the equal civil rights of all people, including gay people of color.  These smoking-gun documents show how NOM has sought, in the most cynical ways imaginable, to bait the gay community in hopes of provoking a hurt response that would further divide, all in furtherance of the ugly and cruel anti-gay agenda.
“NOM’s secret memos describe its intention to ‘interrupt [Latinos’] process of assimilation’ by ‘making support for marriage a key badge of Latino identity’ and ‘seek to identify glamorous young Latino and Latina leaders’ to reject equal protection for their own family members who are gay.  And all of this to be done, fueled by NOM’s shadowy secret funders, in the name of religion — in flagrant contempt of the Golden Rule of treating others as you would want to be treated.  Despicable.
“Happily, even as NOM works to sow division and falsehood, we’ve seen the majority for marriage grow, as more Americans hear from their friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers about why marriage matters to gay people, their kids and their kin.  And while NOM has worked to generate and showcase anti-gay animosity in communities of color, all of America’s communities have moved in support of the freedom to marry, thanks to the gay and non-gay people of color and others who have talked from the heart about why marriage matters.


  1. says

    make no mistake, if you’re an “anti-black” gay person you’ve let NOM win.

    now, closeted insecure boys will come on here to rail against this, and continue to blame black people for the fact that their own white conservative families don’t do jack s**t to promote LGBT Equality.

    pay them no heed.

    the people at the “top” don’t the rest of us working together. they know that when we do it’ll mean the end of their rule. take solace – their end is coming, and a brave new real cool world awaits.

  2. bobbyjoe says

    The SPLC has declined to give NOM official “hate group” status because of SPLC’s specific guidelines. These new revelations, however, ought to do it.

  3. Leo says

    “worked to sow division”…um, politically incorrect warning: wasn’t that there to begin with and NOM saw an opportunity to just make it worse? I’m not racist, I’m not a Rick/Jason/like troll, I’m as liberal as they come…just thought this is a discussion that NEEDS to happen for true progress moving forward. Any response?

    The trolls will be all over this, ignore them/engage them, but they won’t go away unfortunately.

    (Side note: I know how it works on here, Rick responds to all the posters that engage his inherent racism/misogyny on here except for LittleKiwi who asks him to post a video and he never responds to him and never will, and the non-engaging fight between the two of them will last until their dying days)

  4. says

    The intent, Leo, is to make gay people disregard non-white people.

    Which far too many are all too willing to do. It’s pathetic.

    and if you wanna make Rick go away – do what i do. call his bluff. the wimp FLEES.

    The discussion that needs to happen is this – if you’re not a wealthy white heterosexual Christian male then you need to realize that any and every attempt at putting minority against minority is exactly what the Good Old Boys want to continue their reign.

  5. Leo says

    @Little Kiwi

    “do what i do. call his bluff. the wimp FLEES.”

    Yes, and then he’s right back in the next post of comments thread that will predictably lure him in (“femme” men, race), then you’re back, and the process is never-ending. I’m just glad you’re crazy enough to try and engage him every time (though I know there’s many on here sick of you both)…

    “The intent…is to make gay people disregard non-white people.”

    Yes, but what I’m getting at is that the racism was already there and very strong to begin with in the gay community. Why and how THAT stops is the question I’m aiming for. IMHO it goes beyond animosity for things like the prop 8 vote.

  6. RHR IN TN says

    “We have worked with prominent African-American and Hispanic leaders…” Hmmm…sounds an awful lot like the “but some of my best friends are gay” defense when one is called to task.

  7. says

    oh, on THAT i do indeed agree.

    i was interviewed for an article in a Canadian queer magazine a few months ago, and it was indeed featured on this site. it was an article addressing (as its title stated) “The Troubling Terminology of Our Desires.”

    It was an article questioning and challenging people on their use of phrases like “no fats fems asians or blacks”. “no rice, no fried chicken, no falafel, no watermelon, no curry, no tacos”

    The most telling thing about the response to this article, which was indeed about THE LANGUAGE USED was the knee-jerk responses from racist gay men saying “oh, what so now i have to have sex with people i’m not attracted to?”

    No, and nobody said that. What was said were challenges to the language people use. Grindr, for example, where you have barely three lines to use. Rather than describing yourself, people choose to say “no blacks” – “no asians” – and rather than interrogating themselves for why they choose to say such things, let alone think about their own preferences or attractions, we got people saying “i’m allowed to say no asians!”

    well well well, isn’t that noble and useless.

    there are many factors – we all know a great many gay conservatives who suck up to racists in order to get the anti-gay heat off their own backs. “Don’t hate me, i can’t stand that Muslim Kenyan President either!”

    that aint helping. sure, it buys them one more day of ‘tolerance’ from their own communities, but it doesn’t actually help themselves, and it truly does harm others.

    let’s be real – none of those guys who defend their right to advertise their “preferences” the way that they do online would dare to walk into a bar with a tee-shirt saying “No Blacks”

    A big part is to simply realize that words have impact – one gains nothing by saying “no blacks” – one helps many by no longer promoting and encouraging such a nonsense term.

    now, this aint the solution. it’s merely one of many much-needed steps.

  8. FernLaPlante says

    Brian Brown would be a much happier person if he would stop spreading hate and fear and jsut accept that he is a closeted gay man.

  9. TJ says

    As was so well-articulated on the other thread, religious beliefs are the bigger factor when considering what might appear to be racially-specific propensity for homophobia. NOM is taking advantage of any group where religion informs opinion.

    That having been said, I can’t help thinking about a Facebook friend from my days working in SC. She’s as black as is possible and devoutly religious. And she “likes” every link I post regarding gay rights. So there’s that. What may be true for many is rarely true for all.

  10. Daphney says

    This is false that Brian is dividing the gays and blacks.Brian is educating people about the gay agenda.
    Gay right is not a civil rights issue this is an insult to the black communites and our ancestors who died for human right fighting to be human beings not for a lifestyle.This gay agenda is trying to make everyone accept their lifestyle as normal and you know that it isn’t or you would not be fighting so hard.
    Please keep your lifestyle in the bedroom where it belongs. I see and treat gays as humans.
    I do not give them “special treatment because of the lifestyle they choose.
    “Leave Brian alone he is doing a great job. KUDOS Brian keep it up!!

  11. says

    Dear Daphney, MLK called and wants you to know that he thinks you’re an idiot.

    Oh, and Towleroad readers called and are aware that you’re not actually a black woman, but another of this site’s racist trolls who thought they’d drum up some fun by pretending to be a black woman with a “black-spelled” name.

    so f**k off, racist white boy. you fool no one.

  12. says

    folks, “Daphney” is none other than one of this site’s resident anti-black insecure white boy anti-liberal trolls.

    it’s obvious.

  13. Derrick from Philly says


    I could be wrong, but your posting reeks of Shirley Q Liquor. Heavy ebonics and the term “KUDOS” just don’t seem to fit, honey.

    But if you are real…well, remember, the same people who back Brian Brown and NOM are the same people who would feel quite justified in shooting your 17 year old son for just walking through their neighborhood.

    (You can’t be real. How the hell could you find this site? Take off that bandanna and that blackface, you miserable b.tch.)

  14. Sarm says

    This ineffectual response, reeking of implausible deniability, from this filth does not surprise me. Christians are racist as well as homophobic. Christians hate everyone who isn’t exactly like them. They feed on division and strife amongst humanity. They enjoy stirring up trouble within society. Also, leave it to a duplicitious troll to pose as a NOM supporter. I suppose that’s all Christians can do these days, considering their deceit and their secrets are being exposed every day, and their influence continues to wane.

  15. says

    Back to the subject at hand: Brian Brown’s “response” is nothign of the sort. he just ignores the entire matter and repeats his “talking points.”

  16. says

    I wish someone would directly, and on television, ask Maggie Gallagher if she thinks she’s created a nurturing and safe home environment wherein a gay child would feel safe Coming Out, if they were in fact gay…….

  17. Zlick says

    I hope they can afford to publicize this in Maine and North Carolina and wherever else NOM rears its ugly and loathsome excuse for a head.

  18. Chadd says

    Whether or not “Daphney” is a real person in the context of this thread is not that important. What is sad is that what “she” wrote is exactly what a lot of people out there actually believe. Without actually knowing any gay people, they are dead sure about what we think, what we want and who we are. It is impossible to reason with people who can only parrot what their pastors say and who can only win an argument by yelling louder.

    I’m glad to see NOM exposed as a group that is willing to manipulate an entire race of people in order to achieve its agenda.

  19. coemgenus says

    Interesting to see how these smug authoritarian (how much of this is tautology?) Christians really think.

  20. David says

    To deny that marriage rights are civil rights is laughable. There are laws regarding marriage, and they are civil laws. Therefore, the right to marry is a civil right. Brown’s arguments are ridiculous and delusional. Does any TV reporter ever challenge him on this point on one of his many appearances?
    And by the way, it’s disappointing when this comment section descends to the level of people sniping at each other and calling each other names. Many of the posts are not even on topic. (Yes, I mean you, Littlekiwi.)

  21. jack says

    Just in case you haven’t noticed, littlekiwi is hazardous to the health of the kind of free, honest and fair minded debate that a democratic society depends on. His rants, vitriol and name calling are totally out of line. He seems to confuse talking tough with actually putting forth reasoned arguments.

  22. APL says

    I’m so over the self-loathing queen that is (probably) Brian Brown. He’s like some bad extra character cut from Boys in the Band.

    “Who is she? Who was she? Who does she hope to be?”

    I long for the day when no one even cares anymore.

  23. gregv says

    “The intent, Leo, is to make gay people disregard non-white people. Which far too many are all too willing to do. It’s pathetic.“

    “LittleKiwi: “`Far too many,“ perhaps, only in the sense that ANY racism, sexism or homophobia in ANY community is too much until it is ZERO.

    But I really see no evidence whatsoever that the gay community is anything but far less racist than the world at large.

    Statistics from the US government on the races of same-sex couples have showed they are quadruple as likely as opposite-sex couples to be of different races.

    So regardless if some men-seeking-men profiles on Grindr or Plenty-of-Fish or whatevèr dating site say they`re looking for a partner of a particular race, you`ve provided no stats saying that men-seeking- women profiles are any more likely to say they are open to all races.

    I actually know a number of straight people who specifically go to a dating site that serves ONLY people of a certain race or another. I find that a very odd main criteria for a life partner and I`ve told them so. I`m actually not even aware of any gay site that specifically excludes other races like that.

    People like Brian Brown have succeeded in getting the media to talk about this mythical level of racism in the gay community.
    They media exploited this idea after Prop 8 by taking some comments by Dan Savage out of context and conjuring up the idea that racism was rampant at anti-Prop 8 rallies.
    I went to a huge anti-Prop 8 rally and all I saw was a VERY integrated crowd. Some of the main speakers were pro-equality black pastors and one Mormon (who all got enthusiastic applause and cheers from the crowd) and a lot of the signs white people were carrying commemorated their civil rights heroes such as Coretta Scott King and Bayard Rustin.

    All the talk in the right-wing media about racial animosity at these rallies was so different from any experience I have EVER had in the gay community that I saw it as basically made up.

    I actually suspect that some of the so-called commentors here who make ugly racist comments (and I don`t need to name them, because we all know who they are) may very well be NOT gay and may even be the same person using different names.
    It would really not surprise me in the least if they are posted here by some anti-gay bigot whose agenda is precisely this “`divide-and-conquer“ thing that NOM has going on.
    I don`t assume that racist commentors here are gay or male or white or anything else (this is the internet, after all). Part of what adds to my suspicions is the fact that, of the thousands of gay people I have met in real life, not one has ever said anything so vile.

  24. says

    Grreg stop fooling yourself to even think that straight people come to this blog to spew racism.

    Just as there is Black homophobes
    There are Gay racists…PERIOD!

    Cut the bulshit..No shade giving cover to one group while leaving the other to be criticized!

  25. Bob says

    — that has no chance of changing in the short term. The effort must go toward winning equality, and let the races get more understanding in the fullness of time.

  26. jack says

    Actually OPHU: Orange is not the color of tolerance to the Irish Catholics who were oppressed for centuries by Protestant England. They were oppressed to such an extent that EIRE may be the only nation in the world where the majority of the people cannot speak there own language. The color orange is worn on July 12th in Northern Ireland to celebrate the victory of the House Of Orange ( William and Mary)over the Southern Irish at the Battle of the Boyne. As a young boy growing up in a suburb of Phila, my Irish imigrant grandmother would check to see that I had no orange colored clothing on me when I went out to play on July 12th. Pick another color.

  27. ophu says

    @Jack: The Irish are not a race unto themselves. No one believes that anymore.

    And I should know…

  28. jack says

    There is asolutely nothing wrong with people seeking to date others of a particular race or nationality. We are attracted to whom we are attracted. I am an Irish American gay man. I have always been more attracted to Latin men than Gaelic men. Am I prejudiced against Irishmen? Of course not. But, if you said to me: you can “date” any Irishman in the world or the Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, the Irish guys wouldn’t have a chance.

  29. jack says

    OPHU: I didn’t say that the Irish were a race unto themselves. I said that the color orange was not the color of tolerance to millions of Irish Catholics. It is the color of oppression. I don’t care who picked it. It is an insensitive choice.

  30. ophu says

    @Jack: Jack, every color offends somebody. Every color is taken, and every color means something. But orange is the color of the racial tolerance movement and it’s what we have to work with.

    Red? Means you’re a hooker in Japan.
    Yellow? Means illness if you wear the wrong shade; you have to be careful.
    Green? Offends oil company execs and Irish protestants, apparently, if orange offents Irish catholics. It’s also a plasphemy in some cultures.
    Don’t even get me started on red and blue.

    etc, etc. No matter what you do, it’s probably going to offend someone. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Trust me, I won’t go to Ireland wearing orange. But this is the USA and we’re a bit more multi-everything here. So, trusting that Catholics in Ireland won’t be offended if we wear orange here, we’ll continue to wear orange to promote racial tolerance and give the color a DIFFERENT meaning.

  31. jack says

    Well Ophu by your description of the color problem you have to offend someone. You chose to offend the millions of Irish-Americans. Just don’t pretend that you are some open minded liberal who wouldn’t offend anyone. You have chosen the very color that represents intolerance to Irish people. Do you understand that the native Irish were oppressed by the English from the12th century to the 20th century. Ireland was Englands first colony.” UP THE REPUBLIC”

  32. ratbastard says

    a gay village, ratbastard, is where there’s a collection of gay-friendly and gay-oriented businesses and homes. it’s that place your dad wouldn’t let you go visit before he did us all a favor and died.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Mar 26, 2012 10:26:33 PM


    Yes, Littleahole is a cool guy

  33. ophu says

    @Jack: Do you realize how your come across, saying not to wear the color of racial tolerance on this thread?

  34. says

    I posted at comment at NOM that so far hasn’t appeared so I thought I’d spread it around:

    As Diane once said to Carla on Cheers, “you’re a bitter little person, aren’t you?”

    Your true colors are showing, and they’re not beautiful like a rainbow. They’re ugly, divisive, and uninformed torrents of hate.

    Marriage is a civil right that cannot be taken away by mobs of voters or self-righteous leaders of fraudulent institutes.

    NOM is a con. You’re here, you spread fear, and we’re exposing it. FAKERS!

  35. MooseintheOC says

    Robert George, founder of NOM, just was appointed to the US Commission for International Religious Freedom. NOM’s talking points, arguments and strategies come from this man, who calls for the arrest and imprisonment and promoting bigotry of LGBT people. If you believe NOM’s tactics are reprehensible, please take the time to fill out this petition on the White House’s webpage condemning the appointment of Robert George. He will use this official US government position as a platform to spread vitriol against LGBT people globally. Pass the word along and post where you it is appropriate.!/petition/condemn-appointment-bigot-robert-george-us–commission-international-religious-freedom/TFPJSmSh?