1. Steve says

    It’s been an open secret that Sue is a lesbian.

    Still – she and Chuck were a New York institution. A real shame that she’s out because she’s as sharp as they come.

  2. Rick says

    This has become such an “ageist” society. Except in politics, one is basically considered “obsolete” by the age of 50–unless one has made it to the very top of an organization–and the result has been that millions of high-performing professionals have lost their jobs at the height of their careers and have nowhere to go once they do.

    I don’t know if that had anything to do with this case, but I would be surprised if it didn’t.

    What a perverse, twisted society this has become.

  3. jakeinlove says

    The point is that the world is bigger than your perception of it and news reported on this site doesn’t have to pertain to you specifically or generally for that matter.

  4. Taylor says

    Screw WNBC. Sue Simmons was the best thing about that newscast. She’s real, she’s funny, she’s not a plastic talking head.

    I hope she writes a scathing tell-all!

  5. TANK says

    I just can’t believe some of the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of some of the pathetic, middle-aged queens around here. You can be so cruel and catty with people who are truly deserving of sympathy, yet the tears flow for some overpaid, mean-spirited, unprofessional, self-centered old cow. The New York City local news programs are thought of as jokes by the critics all over the country and this fat moose was one of the biggest clowns of all. Grow up, you bitches, and save your crocodile tears for people who really care about gay rights and not self-promoting careerists!

  6. CKNJ says

    Sue is awesome, and I think NBC are making a HUGE mistake! 11pm news will be nowhere near as good as before… I like Chuck, but Sue makes that broadcast… hope NBC reconsiders their bad decision!

  7. MarkUs says

    I can’t think of another place I visit on the web where when an insult is thrown out against another commenter the “middle aged” or “old” queen card is played every time. And I mean every time. I don’t know how young you are but you wouldn’t have your rights without old queens.

  8. Wavin' Dave says

    After heaving sighs and hurling furniture, I merely look to the afternoon sky and howl “Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue!”
    It’s like a death in the family – Screw Cabletown!

  9. George says

    Comcast the parent company of WNBC does not believe in rewarding talented people if everyone is expendable my guess is there going to replace them all eventually with lightwieghts that come cheap. I liked her very much and wish her well

  10. Jake C. says

    Never cared for her. Part of being a news anchors is atleast FAKING being personable. She couldn’t even do that. She sounded angry reading every news story, even the uplifting ones. Anger managment Sue….run to it.

  11. IonMovies says

    If you can’t act professional in a professional setting….you should absolutely be let go. She should have been let go during this incident. Of course, count on a few people on HERE who are as classless as her and want to promote thuggery to want people like this to be their mascot. Won’t happen. Civility and grace will always trump trash. Always.

  12. Steve-ATL says

    Am I supposed to like her because she’s crude? am I supposed to have sympathy and think she’s so “bad ass” for being so vulgar and rude? The person who has my sympathy is the gentlemen who has dignity working along side her, not this lady who obviously has a chip on her shoulder. Some people like that, I think those people have the same anger issues this Sue character seems to have. This clip speaks volumes on her lack of respect.

  13. Michelle says

    Looks like your Karma caught up with you Sue. Now you can curse yourself out, alone at home.

    Unprofessional behavior should never be celebrated, no matter how amusing some immature people think it is.

  14. Tagg says

    Ahhh…such fond memories of Sue Simmons and Live at Five when I was in college. Btw…not renewing her contract isnt exactly being “fired”. She’s prob too expensive for the station after all these years and not fitting the demo’s.

  15. Gregv says

    I don’t know whether the decision has to do with her age (She’ll turn 70 in May of next year).
    But I’ve seen similar stories in which an older anchor lost her job when management decided it wanted a young, new face.
    My thought on the issue always comes down to the fact that, as much as experience lends an air of credibility, TV is always looking to appeal to certain demographics and so no hiring decision is EVER “fair.”
    I’m sure when she got hired, she beat out thousands of others who were not pretty enough, or maybe even too pretty, or too old or too male or too white or too black or weren’t blessed with a “news” voice or didn’t have symmetrical eyes or had distracting freckles or whatever.
    Most people in the journalism industry never get the chance to be in such a position for a single day, let alone for decades.

  16. hodzer says

    Thanks, Tank. This middle-aged queen didn’t know any better until shown the light from you youngsters. Also, I’m surprised at your knowledge of what EVERYONE around the entire country thinks of NYC newscast. Is there nothing youth can’t do!

  17. says

    Who cares whether she is old, young, black, white, male, female, controversial, or milktoast. I can’t believe that the person who was in the booth who is supposed to turn the MICROPHONES OFF when the talent goes to a break…is not being blamed!! THAT PERSON is at fault. The moment the talent goes OFF, live, the mic should be cut. Take it from a 27 year radio veteran that who has spewed more than her share of curse words during commercial breaks!!

  18. Jeremy says

    I mean IF they fired her for being a lesbian that’s completely and totally WRONG…but if you have ever seen the video of her dropping the F-Bomb on TV it makes one assume its for other reasons…she seems like a not so nice person.

  19. Sam says

    Chick cursed so she’s out. That’s one of the first things you learn in broadcasting school. Also she should know better to not curse at all near a camera. Peace out home girl.

  20. Kevin says

    That f-bomb happened THREE YEARS ago, so she’s not being let go because of that. I’m sure it’s a combination agism and $$. She will be missed.

  21. pat says

    Everybody has an opinion about everybody else,good grief!.sad thing is we know nothing about why sue is leaving,just another chance to point the finger at someone else and forget about your drab lives for awhile. This lady has paid her dues,and probably has,and will continue to have a great life.All of you who’ve heard or said the word f–k for the first time raise your hands,yeah right.How many of you have retired or been fired with millions backing you up? Don’t cry for Sue Argentina.
    Will truly miss you Sue,you made the news palatable. Continue to have fun with your life.Bless you. A long time viewer.

  22. says

    Sue’s departure is not entirely true. According to insiders she is actually moving to a cable channel and unseating a very famous news commentator. I read this on the today as its headlines story. I was kind of shocked but the source is unimpeachable.

  23. bree says

    I think those two have a relationship such as being together all these years they’ve become very “comfortable” with each other. He no doubt has the same comraderie towards her he is just more astute when using their “comfortable” language. I doubt very seriously if he would let her just run roughshod over him in a demeaning way.

  24. Jeanne says

    I am still in shock. Sue is NYC, as I am
    I hope another station would take her. She would be great on sports, as she loves it,
    and used to play sports. No Sue? No me. Chuck & Sheba? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  25. Eric says

    Twitter hashtag and Facebook petition were started up recently… in hopes of it saving the job of long-time WNBC anchor Sue Simmons. I’m hoping that NBC will reconsider this bad decision too.

    Twitter hashtag: #SaveSueSimmons
    Facebook petition: SAVE Sue Simmons

    Canning Sue is a bad decision. I would much rather Sue be allowed to stay on at WNBC… her being allowed to announce her decision to retire, on her own.

  26. pjk says

    Sue you will be missed! 32 years! Champion of the TV industry and you have inspired many. too bad that NBC treat women differently than men,,,a lesson to for all other women newscasters, including Russell

  27. Kini 59 says

    Posting words like crude and vulger I am sure not one of you can ever say you have never used crude or vulger language or have ever been rude to a person. All of you sound like a bunch of hypocrites. We are allowed a few mistakes in our life. Those without sin cast the first stone.

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