1. Rin says

    I think that people should read more and listen more to non left leaning news organizations. Things are scarier than you realize.

    If Obama signed this it will be repealed bu Romney when he wins the presidency. Doubt this not. There is a strong Republican Congress and we’re going to have a Republican president because they have painted Obama as a leftist and uber liberal and now the middle is scared and feel Romney is a middle of the road candidate.

    Times are changing…and not for the better.

  2. Dave says

    Cheer up Rin, things could get worse. The GOP is currently fighting to see who will be beaten by President Obama in a landslide. The times are changing, for the better. The GOP has successfully divided itself into three distinct and opposing parts (the 1%, the religious right wing and the libertarian) none will support the other two. That is not a road to their victory. It is a road to their irrelevance in the 21st century. In the second Obama term, unfinished work will be done unimpeded by a filibuster in the Senate and lead by a new Speaker of the House Pelosi.

  3. Wes says

    The O doesn’t have to issue an EO , he knows LGBT folks will vote Democrat no matter what. After all, what could we do? Vote Republican??? Bwahhahahahahaha

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