Piers Morgan Isn’t Having Kirk Cameron’s Victim ‘Moaning': ‘I’ll Let Others Decide If He’s a Bigot’


Following Kirk Cameron's mini media blitz this morning during which he claimed to be victimized by Piers Morgan over anti-gay remarks he made during his CNN interview, Morgan blasted back at Cameron on Twitter.

"Kirk Cameron is moaning everywhere today that I stitched him up by releasing a 4-second 'soundbite' re his comments on gay marriage…These are the 4 seconds: homosexuality is 'unnatural..detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization'…Mr Cameron 'stands by the comments', despite his whining. So I'll let others decide if he was stitched up…or just a bigot…Re #KirkCameron, I respect his religious beliefs – just don't respect his use of bigoted, inflammatory language re homosexuality. End.

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  1. Francis says

    I’m no fan of Pierce, but unlike the TMZ video before where he called Kirk “brave” for airing his bigotry, at least here he’s not letting Mr. Cameron slide for his hateful words. Good to see him call Kirk out for what he is and what he’s doing.

    Kirk is just too stupid and too arrogant to shut-up and I bet he truly does see himself as a victim, which is the sad part. He truly believes he’s been unfairly treated because he’s being correctly blasted for being anti-gay. Shows you really how twisted these Christianists are.

  2. boywonder3919 says

    Interesting that Pierce thought Cameron was brave when the criticism was focused at gay people. Now when Pierce is catching flack, suddenly Kirk Cameron is a whiner using bigoted language.

  3. say what says

    piers defended kirk at first so no sympathy for piers being blamed in kirk playing the victim

    piers and kirk are both douches, and piers deserves what hye gets for trying to defend kirk in the 1st place

  4. Ron says


    With all due respect, I think you missed the point of Peirce saying Cameron was brave for his (bigoted) comments. I believe Pierce’s statement was not meant in a positive way.

  5. Paul says

    @say what

    I’ll defend Kirk in “stating” his believes too! I believe everyone should have the same first amendment right to free speech. Morgan only defended Kirks right to voice his opinion, not the opinion itself.

    BUT, free speech doesn’t mean that words are void of consequences.

  6. Swiminbuff says

    Piers defended Kirks right to say what he said and said he was brave to say them, which is Kirks right no matter how hurtful those words may have been. What he is now clearly pointing out, after Kirks complaints that he was set up, is that Kirk is indeed a homophobe and did in fact say what he said. No one forced Kirk to say those things, he wasn’t stitched up, he could have refused to answer the questions. Maybe some of Kirks “gay friends” that he claims to have gave him a hard time after listening to his views and were not so friendly afterwards.Piers is merely forcing Kirk to acknowledge his own words and live with the consequences and not letting him runaway and play victim

  7. say what says

    actually no, Kirk doesn’t have a right to say whatever he wishes

    free speech does have limits per the Supreme Court when it endangers lives (screaming fire in a crowded theater) and an argument could be made that kirks words contribute to the hate that kills gay men for simply being gay

    Also from a simply logical point…a tolerant society can not tolerate the intolerable or the intolerable will destroy the tolerant society

  8. says

    i don’t understand people who talk about “respecting beliefs and opinions” – when the reality is that the specificity of those beliefs and opinions do not warrant respect.

    if you harbour, and promote, and condone, beliefs and opinions that are inherently disrespectful and exclusive then you can’t really claim that “people aren’t respecting your beliefs”

    it’s like running to the teacher in the schoolyard and saying “the fight started when he hit me back!”

  9. says

    It is one thing to say words can hurt, and they do, to the point that words may cause death. But outside of the context, it is wrong to claim that Kirk (or anyone) cannot be allowed to say what he believes.

    Really. Should he be arrested? Imprisoned? Flogged? Tried in a court? If you think this is a crime, who defines such crimes?

  10. Tess Tosterone says

    Has no one heard of the phrase “Know Thy Enemy”? I personally want these out-of-touch bigots to share their thoughts and feeling as often as they want. It accomplishes two main things. It exposes them as bigots and puts that bigotry on display for every open-minded, critical-thinking person to witness.

  11. Steve says

    Free speech doesn’t mean that he is entitled to a platform for his beliefs. He can have his opinions. He doesn’t have to air them on national television though

  12. jaragon says

    Cameron has a right to express his bigotry and pay the price for his action. I’m tired of all these religious bigots defending their stupid viewpoint because God said so in the Bible.

  13. CarlottaVonFunkenhowzer says

    Morgan lost all credibility when he worked at the DM and was complicit in the phone hacking scandal. His words are empty and meaningless. Kirk’s in the closet about his sexuality but not about his homophobia.

  14. Swiminbuff says

    It seems we as a gay community have a lot to learn about tolerance and acceptance. Kirks comments, based on his personal religious beliefs, may be uninformed but he is just as entitled to hold and express those beliefs as we are to hold and express opposing beliefs. Kirk has been exposed as a bigot and is likely suffering the results of expressing his opinion. That is fair too, actions have results. What is not fair or democratic is saying he does not have the right to hold express his beliefs, anymore that it would be fair for someone to tell us we could not express our disagreement.

  15. atomic says

    Let’s get something clear: Piers Morgan is fighting back against what Kirk Cameron said for one reason, and one reason ONLY: because Cameron alleges that Morgan manipulated his words. Morgan is NOT our ally. He may not be a bigot, but that’s not the same thing as being our friend. Ultimately, Piers Morgan is just a self-interested tabloid journalist. He’s not here to fight for us–he responded only because Cameron called into question Morgan’s journalistic integrity (not that he really has any, given his past experience working under Rupert Murdoch’s empire). Make no mistake–Cameron said what he said and he’s a hypocritical, hate-filled sack of Christianist extremist s***, but Morgan is a slimeball who is more than happy to feed off of the sensationalism, outrage, and controversy. He just draws the line at being accused of distortions. Frankly, both of them deserve to rot. There are many other people in this world who are far more deserving of our gratitude and support than Piers Morgan.

  16. No kidding says

    Crucifixion complex, common among christians with big mouths.

    (Bob Foolery, any relation to Tom?, mentioned flogging. Can we watch? Yes, I would vote for flogging.)

  17. Tarc says

    @swiminbuff- No, we merely have to tolerate that he has those beliefs – not respect them, not avoid countering them with science and reason and call him out for speech that harms others. In fact, we should speak out against lies and bigotry whereever it’s presented in the public forum. This is America, where we are entitled to both equality and freedom from their personal brand of nutjobbery (aka religion, whichever it is). Cameron can believe whatever he likes, but when he brings that to a public setting, he will have to deal with FACTS and responsibility (not to mention morality and the public good).

  18. Michael says

    Hold on. Morgan is going to goad Cameron into making those statements and then come out with this shite? I thought Cameron was “brave” for making those comments.

    Sorry, but I almost respect Cameron more for sticking by his “beliefs”. Sure, we might not agree with bigotry but at least Cameron has some type of spine and doesn’t flip and bend over the first moment it’s convenient for him to do so.

    You can’t strike a match and then complain about the fire.

  19. Swiminbuff says

    Tarc, i did not say we had to respect Kirks beliefs (@swiminbuff- No, we merely have to tolerate that he has those beliefs – not respect them, not avoid countering them with science and reason and call him out for speech that harms other) I said he had a right to hold and express his beliefs the same we we have the right to hold and express our beliefs and to disagree with him. That is the American way is it not??

  20. Lee says

    Kirk Cameron did not voice his religious views on homosexuality with any kind of hatred but yet Hollywood, the media and anyone gay/lesbian are doing it to him. The man has a body guard due to this for God’s sake! The majority of homosexuals are not having their very lives threatened like this man is. He didn’t say those things to attack so stop attacking him! America I would say is not that bad of a place to live if you’re homosexual. In middle eastern countries and most of the continent of Africa, it’s a crime punishable by death! Hollywood and the media love you. Suck it up!!!

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