1. says

    actually, it’s the exact opposite of bravery.

    it comes from a place of fear. cameron is a man whose specific beliefs can only exist if one chooses to ignore empirically proven factual reality.

    he wasn’t brave for sharing his homophobic views. it reveals just how scared he is as a human being, and how utterly incapable of intellectual discernment he is.

  2. wisebear says

    And Piers was a coward for not confronting him about cruising for sex in Griffith Park.

  3. Vern Dufford says

    I give the Cameron credit he has got balls…it’s just to bad their in his mouth!

    Why did CNN give Cameron a platform what has he done to even be interview worthy?
    CNN and it’s talking head show’s are desperate for ratings to give this guy airtime.

  4. says

    Piers Morgan won’t be around much longer. He’s destined to be indicted in the Murdoch hpne-hacking scandal, as he was personally involved in TONS of it.

  5. says

    it’s the same misunderstanding of the human condition that leads some people, mainly the Gay Republicans themselves, who insist that it’s “brave” to be a Gay Conservative.

    but it’s not. it’s the exact opposite of brave. it’s cutting off your own balls, and then soaking yourself in your own urine for good measure, in order to appear harmless and subservient and powerless to the bully you’re sucking up to.

    Cameron is an intellectually-feeble lemming who, gallingly, seems to actually believe the factually-incorrect nonsense he’s spending his life espousing.

    one can only imagine what led him to insist on this pious and decidedly hypocritical way of life. likely the same thing that’s led Santorum to live a life centred around telling people how gross he thinks gay sex is.

    if you know what i mean.

  6. T.J says

    ONLY in terms of homophobia is bigotry celebrated as freedom of speech.

    Substitute black, Latino, Jews, women (vile Herman Cain called Nancy Pelosi a pirncess and the entire country called it the most vile statement toward women in decades, with an official apology being issued) and it’s a national outcry and people automatically condemn the bigot. In terms of homophobia, we are told to deal with it.

    This needs to be addressed. This notion that condemning gays is perfectly acceptable in society is becoming increasingly popular. While you can’t say anything about anyone else, and worse….many gays have come to accept the fact that people think they’re vile and it’s okay for them to state so. I expect every well adjusted gay and lesbian to stand up and speak up and challenge bigotry, but more so….the acceptance of bigotry toward gays.

  7. Michelle says

    I recently read a book on the historic pain and suffering of gays and lesbians throughout history. It has been a genocide, but as opposed to a one time event, it’s been an ON GOING genocide. Millions of gay men and women throughout history have been killed in brutal, cruel, terrible ways all for their sexuality. It doesn’t always get reported or educated, but it’s there. It presently happens in many parts of the world from the Middle East where you get stoned in parts of Southern Iran, to Africa where hundreds have been shot or imprisoned.

    Our story as gays has never been told. Our suffering throughout history has never been expressed. Ever. Our story is just as bad, if not far worse, than the discrimination any other group has faced. Not only were our gay brothers and sisters killed for hundreds of years for being gay, but the other half that weren’t had to sell their soul to the devil and be something they weren’t. They had to lie about who they were, for fear of not being assaulted, jailed, killed. That still happens today all throughout this world toward LGBT. Enough is enough. Your “courageous” opinions are killing lives, but because they are gay, you don’t mind.

  8. Abejabbi says

    David Kuria is brave. That is what bravery looks like. Kirk Cameron is no David Kuria.

  9. USC Trojan Fan says

    CNN has long been homophobic, but in the most calculating manner. They want both the homophobes and gays to sit on the dinner table together and pay CNN’s bills. They are very coy about it. They want to serve the homophobes, and throw in a gay segment (during the day for a whole minute) to please both parties but their reportings and stories on gays have been so damaging. They’ve done literally hundreds of programs giving anti gay bigots a platform to speak on the evils of being gay, the ex gay movement being succesful, how gays are responsible for AIDS, they employ one of the most homophobic (and proud of it) individuals in television as an employee (Roland Martin) all while doing countless specials on “Latino in America” “Black in America” “The plight of the Illegal Immigrant” have they ever featured a special on gays? Being gay in America? Not a single one.

    We need someone, ANYONE to take CNN to task for this.

    Pierce Morgan would NEVER call a KKK member brave, yet homophobes are what drive our kids to kill themselves and they are celebrated as heros on CNN.

  10. Kia says

    I’m sometimes just bewildered that I live in the same world as 95% of this country, and society.

    every single hour of every single day we have stories of discrimination gays face, from being bashed to death, having their houses set on fire, thrown out of restaurants, thrown out of planes for kissing, principals telling gay children they’ll die and burn in hell, policemen writing fag on people’s cars, politicians saying we are responsible for AIDS…AND GAYS KIDS KILLING THEMSELVES LEFT, RIGHT AND CENTER….and yet people like Kirk Cameron are hailed as brave.

    Has society not learned anything from history? has society not opened a history book? This is disgusting. Piers Morgan and CNN are just a dot in the ugliness that is our homophobic climate today.

  11. Michael says

    This comes from a man whose show sucks so bad that he has to have people like Kirk Cameron on it. It’s sad when you strive to prove how irrelevant you’ve become.

  12. Nino says

    Homophobia is NOT brave. Kirk Cameron is a coward. I suspect that deep inside himself, he knows this.

  13. says

    AMEN, T.J!

    It’s amazing how being anti-gay is something that we liberals are told to “accept” as a “difference of opinion.”

    Ive even heard this nonsense being trumpeted loudly by Gay Conservatives; you know, the whole “Oh yeah? Where’s that liberal tolerance you all talk about? isn’t tolerance a two-way street?”

    No, you plebebian wimps. There’s no tolerating someone and their specific beliefs that are inherently based around the idea and ACTION of not tolerating others, and refusing to understand them.

    or my fave: “Some of my family are against gay marriage, and i respect their opinion”

    yeah. and that’s why they’re against gay marriage. you’re gay, and you’ve shown them that you’re not worth respecting, as you don’t even respect yourself.

    or how on tv and radio shows when “Gay Issues” come up and the host caps it with some statement like “Well, both sides bring up good points…”

    really? they do? i must have missed the part where the anti-gay side made any “points” that make any sense or are worth respecting and valuing. Truly. Show after show, program after program, discussion after discussion…”well, both sides have their arguments”

    no. they don’t. one side has arguments and logic. the other has baseless excuses.

    it’s high time it was called what it is – bigotry.

    and yeah, we don’t have the KKK on talking abut Black History Month or any issues relating to the ongoing civil rights movement, and yet when Gay Stuff comes up they bring in Bigotty Nitwits.


  14. Steve says

    Following this logic, Rick Santorum and every other gay-hating homophobic bigot are not bashing me – they’re just being brave. Hmmm… So, Piers Morgan and CNN not only sanction and encourage hate speech, they’re brave for doing so.

  15. Constance says

    I do believe that in this era, gays have it the hardest of any other demographic that I can think of, by a landslide. Being gay gets you kicked out of your own home by your own family, and when you end up on the streets, you’ll still be kicked again by strangers simply for who you love. It’s amazing to me how people have a zero tolerance policy for discriminating against any other minority group, yet say something horrible about gays and you’ll be considered a champion. This needs to either be acknowledged or it will continue.

  16. Jamal-ATL says

    The number of gay teenagers who killed themselves or attempted to kill themselves in this school year, which isn’t even over yet, has been monumental and absolutely alarming, yet here we sit on the largest news network touting their homophobic guest who spewed hatred as a heroic figure. We wonder why our gay kids take a gun to their heads? this entire episode with Cameron and CNN perfectly illustrates it. I’m actually sick to my stomach.

  17. Real Talk says

    The problem everyone is overlooking is that the gay community doesn’t challenge homophobia not nearly as much as the thousands of Latino rights foundations, black coalitions, womens rights groups, thousands of Jewish groups that will literally go out on the streets and evoke riots and backlash toward their offenders. Gays often have been beat down so much that they expect it, or brush it off. Trust me, in todays schools a Mexican kid will NOT stand for some white kid calling him out of his name. A female politician will not for one moment allow a male politician to degrade her without a major backlash. An African American league will call for the resignition of anyone who so even subtley makes racist commentary. Gays with homophobia? hardly anything is ever done. As my heterosexual friends tell me, straight people view gays as weak. Whereas straights are very relecutant to speak ill of any other minority group, they never feel challenged when attacking gays.

    THAT’S what needs to stop. That is the solution to our problems. Gays DEMANDING respect and rights, not just sitting in the corner weak and meek.

  18. walter says

    why doesn’t piers go back to going thru garbage in london for murdoch. he was totally in on the hacking for stories. cnn had to be desperate to hire him.

  19. Real Talk says

    I tweeted Piers Morgan just now explaining why his comments praising a homophobe is wrong….did you? Maybe you should, so we can see a societal shift in homophobia being the last form of accepted bigotry.

  20. says

    to Real Talk’s point – the biggest thing holding us back are those who refuse to Stand Up To Be Counted.

    now, i’m not talking young at-risk teens. i’m talking about the grown adults, many of whom troll this site, who continue to give excuses for not coming out. those who are NOT at risk of physical violence, not at risk of being “kicked out by your parents” – those who simply are so vain and selfish that they don’t see how we’re ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

    from the Gay Republican cowards who say “well, i don’t care about gay stuff, i ..uh…i’m voting republican because i…uh…small government!..uh…state’s rights!…uh…nevermind”

    and yeah, we’re a minority group that is NOT feared. nobody is scared of upsetting the gays. nobody is scared of walking through a Gay Village with an anti-gay attitude.

    we also get cowardly-straights who are of no help when they say things like “well, i don’t agree with Santorum’s views, but i’m gonna vote for him anyway”

    congrats, you’re part of the problem. so, you don’t “agree” with anti-gay bigotry..but you don’t really *mind* it either. is that it? it must be.

    the community needs to grow some spine. every one of you who is not Out, fully, is putting an extra weight and burden onto everyone else, and shamefully that weight is being taken by the Youth.

    you think you’re a big strong masculine man? COME OUT – to everyone. your excuses for not doing so only puts the pressure of the world onto those young kids who can’t, or WON’T, “pass for white” in the cowardly way that you’re continuing to do so.

    it’s not selfish to ask people to Come Out – it’s selfish for grown adults to continue to give excuses for Staying In.

    there is NO SUCH THING as “forcing someone to Come Out” – as those people who pretend that there is are already very content to let others FORCE THEM TO STAY IN.

    every day we have the opportunities to change things by putting a Name and Face to “What Gay Is” – we have a responsibility as adults to open the doors for the next generation.

  21. says

    @ Real Talk ;

    I would like to think that you’re wrong.

    Most gays are alone when intimidated by a group….particularly at school. It is the pack instinct that intimidates. One gay is rarely confronted by an alone straight.

    As for straights thinking we are weak……I can only speak within my world; no such sentiment would be attributed to this mean bad attitude gay !

    But you may have a point, maybe we need to bite more, wag less !

  22. Jose S says

    Go back to england piers, where you should be jailed for your ‘bravery’ as well.

    under his logic the most bravest man is indeed david duke…

  23. TJ says

    TJ – thanks for using my screen name so well. I just get jealous when you get an “AMEN!” from MY KIWI out of it.

  24. T.J says

    Sorry, I didn’t know TJ was being used on here, I’ll find another handle. My names Thomas and I never really cared for it so I always just adopted TJ. lol. and thanks for the compliment. I meant what I said. Every last word, and I wish we as a community would join forces to really stop letting bigotry slide by as our children take their own lives. We need to do it for the next generation of gay kids to live in a peaceful environment. We as adult LGBT owe it to them.

  25. Dearcomrade says

    Do people still actually watch the Chicken Noodle Network? You know who is brave, advertisers that still waste money on Piers Morgan’s lame show,

  26. JONES says

    The Biblical fall back.

    You choose to cherry pick a verse from the Bible to validate your bigotry. You could just have easily found a hundred other verses that told you to not judge your fellow man yet your bigotry overrules that option.

    The bigger danger to recognize here is that this religion based mindset has permeated itself into the political realm. The top three Republican candidates have this mindset. Santorum now openly challenges the separation of Church & State. Romney would pursue a constitutional amendment to ban Gay marriage.

    The very core of democracy in the US is in danger.

  27. Shane says

    Really, CNN?….REALLY?

    Would one of your main anchors call a guest who stated “ethnic minorities should not be given rights. they don’t fit in, and we should not accept them. they are a stain on society” as brave? You’d never allow for that. CNN is truly becoming the most homophobic network on television, and they have the anchors they employ to thank for that. This is inexcusable.

  28. Disgusted gay American says

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Mar 4, 2012 3:18:51 PM


  29. Downey says

    Is it time to out Kirk Cameron?

    Rumor has it that he has cruised at gay bars.

    Photos? Maybe set up a recording so he can’t say that all he’s doing is looking for men to convert?

  30. bobbyjoe says

    I thought our standard threshold for “outing” was when a closeted gay man starts running around publicly doing homophobic damage, he makes himself fair game.

    Kirk Cameron has crossed that threshold, so isn’t it time for those who put out that “blind item” a while back about gay cruising that’s oh so obviously Cameron to just out him already and say directly that it’s Cameron?

  31. Shane says

    seems like it was all set up by CNN and Piers to give him a platform to promote bigotry. They wouldn’t let that slide or much less PRAISE his ignorance had he said it about ANY other group!
    this bullsht is starting to make me angry.

  32. Rin says

    Holy cannoli! There is more than one TJ!!!! Who am I to adore and fantasize about secretly????

    I don’t think I can deal. :(

    Bravery can be many things. It is most often perceived as facing overwhelming odds and opposition to your words and deeds.

    It can also be gentility in the face of brutality. It can be kindness in the shadow of cruelty. Love when faced with hate.

    Kirk Cameron does not strike me as someone who has the love that Jesus exhibited to those that society rejected. In fact, he appears to have no love in his heart at all.

    He speaks not for my Lord, nor for me. I’ve found greater examples of Christ’s love, compassion, and generosity volunteering at the drug rehab clinic or when talking to people who live on the street.

  33. Sebastian says

    I don’t know if ‘brave’ is what he was, but, I guess he does believe in what he does, and, I’ll be the odd one here, I like to know when people are homophobes, racists and any other sort of bigot, makes it way easier to deal with them, the ones I fear are the ones who keep quiet about it, as most of them are the ones with the real power to make our lives a nightmare.

    I fear a Willard Rommny way more than this has been churl.

  34. jaragon says

    I would like to see Kirk Cameron go on Ellen or in some other show were he is confronted by a pro-gay celebrity. In my experience these born again Christian nut jobs usually had some very negative experience they are trying to atone for- Cameron as teen idol must have been offered all kinds of sex and drugs. And there is nothing brave about his homophobia- his career in the mainstream media has been over for a long time.

  35. TJ says

    RIN – I adore being fantasized about! The other TJ (Thomas), from what I’ve seen, has yet to post something that I disagree with. But he should get the credit when credit is due. And you might scare him away with your fantasies, so there’s extra incentive to change names (like I OWN “tJ” or something, lord my ego knows no bounds some days!) ;>)

  36. says


    I totally agree with you.
    The clever ones have now learned to keep quiet. They discriminate against us in work; they keep me off various panals for getting work, including State work.

    Of course I can prove nothing……but over the years you get a nose for the stench of bigotry. And I believe my nose and my instincts.

    Yes, the powerful bigots are running silent.

  37. St. Theresa of Avila says

    I found Piers annyoing even before this. He’s totally out of his league during CNN’s primary coverage – he sounds like a middle school student trying to intelligently mimic what the other commentators are saying. I guess some people at CNN think his accent lends gravitas. It doesn’t. What had this guy done in the UK before he came here? Light entertainment for trashy tabloids.

  38. sparks says

    Piers is himself a big ol’ homophobe. I recall being shocked and disgusted when he buzzed Prince Poppycock during the FINALS of America’s Got Talent last year.. and how he buzzed Derrick Berry (an awesome Britney Spears impersonator pre-Federline) in his first audition… and how he acted bothered any time a guy did anything remotely sexy.

  39. Francis says

    I agree with everything Kiwi has said, as usual. This idiot Kirk Cameron isn’t brave. He’s a closeted, small-minded fool who was intentionally given a platform by Piers Morgan and CNN to spew disgusting hatred against LGBTQ citizens.

    As for the debate on here, obviously, none of us have to be reminded of this——we are most definitely the minority group lowest on the totem poll in terms of respect in the country. This is for several reasons. As has been stated, MOST people, including many gays, do not know the incredibly long and continuous history of abuse our community has/does face, worldwide. Most people simply don’t recognize just how discriminated we as a community are; ignorance still abounds. Another obvious reason is………..a lot of people are still in-between minds when it comes to the nurture vs. nature debate. They don’t consider gay on the same plane as black, Mexican, Jew or women, because they consider homosexuality either inborn, or “about sex”. So in the eyes of many, our fight for equality, our merits, simply weigh less. This is all why you hear statements such as “I am fine with gay people as long as they don’t flaunt their sexuality”; because in the eyes of a large percentage of straights, our sexual orientation, our lives, boil down to who we engage in intercourse with. Again, ignorance continues to abound throughout society, and we as a community and our allies have NOT done a sufficient enough job to fix this. To do so, we need to SPEAK OUT and make our voices heard and EDUCATE the masses on the reality of what being gay has been and is for us all. That’s the first step.

    I don’t think it’s that acceptable to spew homophobia anymore—-it’s not like most people are not correctly identifying Kirk Cameron as a bigot. They are. It’s not that homophobia isn’t becoming less socially acceptable, as it is. The problem is that homophobes still have a public voice AT ALL and are still given an avenue to speak ill of our community on national TV WITHOUT dissent. Homophobes are given too much freedom to just say whatever they please about homosexuality and gay people. Until WE as a community stand up and set the standard of acceptability, and until WE stand up and make the facts known on every issue, including marriage equality, why we’re gay, LGBTQ suicides, this won’t change. WE have to stand up and eliminate the attitude that there is a “debate” regarding gay rights, because that is ultimately the problem. Homosexuality/gay rights are still in placed in the category of a moral debate, and it isn’t. It’s a common sense debate. Common sense dictates that we require equality, common sense dictates that discrimination against people on the basis of their sexuality is wrong. Common sense dictates we are born into our sexuality, and we don’t willy-nilly choose to be gay. It’s up to us to move the goalposts of the debate into one based on LOGIC and not EMOTIONS. We do that, we win, because we are the ones with logic on our side. We have to set the standards of this entire argument and be the leaders………we need to want our respect as a community at large as much as bigots want to keep us down. Things are getting better, and honestly people like Kirk Cameron, as ridiculous as he is, really only hurt our opposition and make them look as crazy as they truly are, but we as a community have to start fighting harder than ever and start taking no prisoners.

  40. leprechaunvict says

    Piers is on the verge of being charged for the hacking scandal back in London, so it’ll be fun to see him get his just rewards.

  41. anthony says

    Note that Kirk Cameron said you don’t have to “act on everything you feel” ….that is the classic line Christian closet cases use. I’ve known many of these guys from college etc…and 20-30 years later they finally get it and come out. Tick tock Mike Seaver.

  42. Acronym Jim says

    Kirk Cameron’s views on marriage equality is the opposite of brave on many different levels.

    Cameron makes the vast majority of his income from his biblical literalist movies, podcasts, articles and public appearances. If he ever espouses support for marriage equality or equal rights for GLTB folks, he’s out of a job.

    Religious belief:
    His views on evolution have been repeatedly debunked, and biblical contradictions pointed out, including those parts of the bible he conveniently ignores while advocating the divine inerrancy of the bible. His response to evolution has been in the form of bananas and crocoducks. Arguments so ridiculously counter to evolutionary theory that his is literally putting his fingers in his ears and going lalala. One may ask, why would opening himself up to ridicule be considered cowardly? Because in his mind, as a young earth creationist and dominionist, the very idea of questioning the factuality of any part of the bible puts his immortal soul at risk of damnation. His form of Christianity does not allow use of reason and relies almost entirely on fear of the imminent apocalypse. One doubt at the wrong moment and his soul is doomed. Fear by its adherents is the driving force of his brand of religion.

    He has surrounded himself with people who share his extreme views. They have been taught that civil equality will be their downfall and the downfall of their marriages, and the downfall of the world. If he speaks up against the lies spread among his peers, and accepts true civil rights for all, he will be ostracized. Shunned.

    In a nutshell Kirk Cameron speaks as he does, not out of courage, but because he is afraid of losing his money, friends and family, and his soul.

    It’s odd how many of his fears are shared by gay men and women around the world. It makes me almost pity him. I would if his views weren’t so damaging to those who are courageous enough to live their lives openly and honestly.

  43. Randy says

    I hate to break the news to poor ole Piers, but he is baout to go to jail. He is in a lot of trouble once Murdich starts talking. Piers will be the scapegoat and he will be the one to do the time. Which is were he deserves to be. Maybe ha can judge the talent in prison.

  44. gayalltheway says


    I have no idea why CNN gave him a show. When I think of Piers Morgan, pompous a-hole comes to mind immediately.

  45. FunMe says

    We need ordinary gay citizens, like Little Kiwi, to go hand in hand with these homophobes, and smack them down for the hate they spill out.

    “Freedom” of speech my a**! These haters need to challenged every time they continue to bully others and have someone say to their face: “you messed with the wrong fa***t!”

  46. anon says

    Why CNN thought that a British tabloid editor would be able to connect nightly with fly-over Americans is mysterious. His main strength was the info he has on celebrities to get them to come on the show. Larry King was hardly mainstream either, but he sounded mainstream.

  47. AK says

    Kirk Cameron is nothing but an irrelevant washed out 80’s sitcom star. Growing Pains thank goodness is no longer in syndication.

  48. Caliban says

    One thing the gay community needs to confront within ourselves, within our community, and with the larger society is that gays are not a “legitimate” minority. To be sure, being gay is different than being of another race, but the ARE similarities. And where there are differences they are mostly to our disadvantage, NOT our advantage.

    The thinking seems to be that because sexuality isn’t immediately obvious in the way skin color is, because gays are rarely “begat” by gay parents, that it’s not the same as strictly genetic racial characteristics, doesn’t deserve the same consideration and respect. Gay people aren’t born with a pink triangle on our foreheads and often it takes many years, even decades, for a gay person to realize and understand the nature of their difference, to identify themselves as gay. It’s a process of SELF discovery rather something that’s immediately obvious. And even then there is a sliding (Kinsey) scale between homo and hetero sexuality so it’s often not either/or but yes AND no.

    But we know that sexuality is determined very early, likely during gestation if not genetically encoded. And while on one level it’s about the individual, a self-journey, we also know that homosexuality has ALWAYS existed in every known human civilization, that it’s just part of the human condition. Though how it was viewed has changed, been different according to the society and the time it existed, like race there has probably always been a statistically stable segment of the population that is primarily or exclusively homosexual. Like race, it just IS. So while gay identity is individual, that there WILL BE a “gay community” is reliable and inarguable.

    But because we come from every group without respect to race, religion, country, etc. it’s harder for us to form a cohesive community the same way those of various races have. In many respects being gay isn’t that much to have in common with someone so unity of purpose and shared goals are difficult. And because nearly all of us are born to parents and communities that are unlike ourselves, we didn’t and don’t have that built in support system of likeness, people who can share their experience and hope in the way that parents of a certain race can do for their children. You never hear of anyone getting kicked out of the house when their parents discovered they were black or asian. And if you are of a particular race you potentially COULD move to a city, country, or even a continent where people like you are the majority, an option not available to gay people. So don’t tell me how “easy” we have it!

    People of various races or persecuted religions resent the comparison, but IN SOME WAYS they actually have it easier because they ARE discreet groups of obviously linked people. And at the same time they reject the idea of gay oppression because there are no signature events comparable to SLAVERY or the HOLOCAUST (ignoring for the moment that gays were also victims of the Nazis), for the most part the history of gay people has been one long blood-bath NOT narrowly limited to certain time or place, a series of pogroms one after another. It happened everywhere and is still going on in Africa, the Middle East, and even in America where it’s still possible for some third-rate sitcom actor and religious whack-job like Kirk Cameron to go on TV and argue that we don’t deserve rights or equality and for those statement not to be met not with universal scorn as they would be if his target was a racial group, but treated as valid “opinion” if not actual approval! Enough! Gay people exist and always have and it’s not going to go away to suit the religious or political beliefs of anyone. In fact homosexuality PRE-DATES the religions and political ideologies that currently condemn it, are beside the point really because gay people are a mere fact of life.

    Sorry to go on at such length, but these are thoughts I’ve needed to write SOMEWHERE, to put together into a cohesive whole, and Towleroad was the unlucky “beneficiary.”

  49. Kevin T. says

    Caliban, that was beautiful. Absolutely touching and FACTUAL. I read it twice.

    I’m biracial (well, society sees me as black really) and I always said it and will always say it. Being gay in America in 2012 (and being gay in the world in 2012) is far, far more challening than being a racial minority on so many levels, but the most of which being that I can depend on society to have my back when confronted with racism….I can’t and don’t and have not had society have my back when dealing with homophobia. In fact, today’s society stands up for the homophobe.

    We as a gay community need to unite with one goal purpose and that is respect and rights. EVERY gay person needs to be involved in some capacity for change. That is how you influence in a positive manner, not by being closeted, timid, and fearful.

  50. AnieLin says

    See, here’s the thing. lets “say” that Kirk Cameron is brave for showing his homophobia. I’m looking at it as it’s brave for a person with Down Syndrome to go on tv and talk about their illness. Homophobia is an illness. When I was younger, I’d watch the Maury Show. He’d have episodes showcasing people with different phobias, such as a peron fearing birds, or mustard. Then at the end of the episode, he’s got them back onstage after some psychotherapy a few days later. Curing some of their phobia. We just need a whole series dedicated to curing people around America of their homophobia. Part of the cure, throw away their bibles,lol. But seriously. I kinda feel like maybe Piers was being a little sarcastic with his “brave” remark.