Police Seek ‘Person of Interest’ in Murder of NYC Man


Police are seeking a 'person of interest' in the homicide of a man in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood, NBC New York reports:

"John Laubach was found unconscious in his fourth-floor apartment at 212 West 22nd St. in Chelsea just before 8 p.m. Friday, when a friend went to check on him, according to police. His arms were found bound to the bedpost by an electrical cord, his mouth gagged with tape and his face covered with a towel, authorities said. Emergency responders pronounced Laubach dead at the scene. Police sources believe Laubach met his killer on the website rentboy.com, a place where gay men can connect with other men or escorts."

More surveillance photos at their site.


  1. David in NYC says

    1. What did he die from?
    2. Guy tried to use his bank card. What an idiot. There can’t be a single cash register left in NYC without at least two cameras surrounding it at all times.
    3. Coulda been a sex game. Just sayin’

  2. May says

    On this site…where a select few posters thrive off playing the blame game, I imagine the victim will dragged through the mud and his tragic death will be painted as “he had it coming” while some goes as far as even defending the sick, monster THUG that killed him. That’s how these stories always work on here.

  3. USC Trojan Fan says

    I’ve read many articles on this man who was killed and he TRULY sounds like a wonderful man. Friends, neighbors, even the waitresses and employees at the coffee shop he visited tell the story of an incredibly polite and sweet man, who always asked if anyone needed a helping hand. He had a parrot that was on his shoulders everywhere he went in the city, and was his best friend. The NY Post said the parrot went frantic and was really shaken up, screaming on stop from the apartment. His family also said he would go out of his way to be kind. I felt sincerely sad about this story after reading a few articles about this man.

  4. Michelle says

    Expect posters to ridicule him for paying for sex, even though meeting anyone (online, in a bar, in a restaurant, in a bookstore) can lead to an unfortunate event, as you never knew who you think you know. It is obviously not the best idea to just invite a stranger into your home upon first encounter, but I really hope people respect a man who just died and don’t start getting judgmental. In similar stories in the past, it seemed everyone who commented was a saint who always made perfect life choices, and was qualified to rant on morality.

  5. Stanlan says

    I hope the hood rat trash that murdered this man is found, and punished for good. There’s many many tales of gay men being targeted via online hook ups on online sites by homophobes who prey on them. There’s been deaths, attempted murders, and thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of attempted robberies. Heck, we may all know someone who met a really shady character online who may have wanted to rob them but on the net they made sure to come across very sweet. Be careful. Go out and meet people, in real life. You never know who or what you’re getting online.

    This man deserves justice for his untimely death. And this evil coward will get his.

  6. says

    tragic and upsetting.

    and no, this is not “to be expected” from a hookup or a rentboy, i’ll just say that in advance.

    lacey peterson was married by her husband. don’t go thinking marriage, commitment, or “i know him so well” will mean you won’t mean a grisly and untimely end.

    rest in peace, brother.

  7. Sam says

    He was a friend of mine. A great guy, nice to everyone, thinking of friends before thinking of himself. He will be missed so much. :(

  8. jaragon says

    This is another tragic story…sometimes the need for love can blind us to danger- a pretty face can be deadly- may he rest in peace.

  9. ratbastard says

    The guy who did it is probably a desperate druggie and/or seriously mentally ill. He didn’t even care about the ATM camera, or CCTV cameras he passed, maybe with Mr. Laubach.

    Other media reports sat cops have video of him walking into his building with 2 men.

  10. ratbastard says

    [he was] seen walking to the building’s elevator with two Latino men on Friday night. The Wall Street Journal reports, “The tenant told police that on a separate occasion he saw the same men waiting in the lobby for [victim John] Laubach and invited them to his apartment, but grew uncomfortable and asked them to leave, the official said. The tenant is helping police compose a sketch of the two men.”

    From Gothamist

  11. latinboy says

    This is not the first time rentboy produces a killer..You have to be blind not to see a problem…Paying for sex, drinking, doing drugs and combining S & M is a recipe for death..Please understand that..Meeting guys just for a good time on the internet is not nearly as dangerous; if you screen them out..It’s a horrible message to everyone that paying for sex is ok..

  12. Triggerc says

    Dont invite “hood rat” looking guys pretending to be gay in your home ever. They only know “the hood” and will never escape “hood mentality”…they’ll end up in jail one way or another, but don’t allow them to make you their victim.