1. Sarm says

    Typical Christian arrogance, unable to admit he is wrong, as usual. Ex-gay therapy is a fraud, much like everything else this vermin peddles to his blood cult.

  2. Michael says

    I am so sick of people using religion as their excuse to hate others. The original text of the Bible doesn’t condemn gay people but homophobes never want to know the truth as long as their 113th edition of the original text tells them it’s OK to hate certain people.

  3. nick says

    Pat will burn in the hell he believes in-
    while he should have been put in prison years ago
    bibles for diamonds and other African gems just doesn’t cut it -you idiotic fraud.

  4. walter says

    who says senile old men can’t make fools of themselves? this man does every time he opens his mouth change his diaper an sit him the corner to play with his blood diamonds.

  5. Jerry6 says

    Considering that the man is a multi millionare, it means that he has thousands of followers that believe in what he is preaching, and are paying every month to be sure they will continue to hear his claptrap.

  6. FunMe says

    Do people actually listen to crazy people?

    Maybe it’s better to agree and say “Yes! As a matter of fact, those are butterflies talking to you.”

  7. jack says

    Pat Robertson is not the enemy. The bible is the enemy. He just happens to be one of the many people who actually believe that the creator of the billion gallaxy universe wrote or inspired it.At every opportunity you should expose all of the contradictios, inaccuracies, historical myths, vile morality and a Israelite invented god called yahweh who makes Stalin, Mao, and Hitler look like altar boys. Read the bible and see the horrors that your Sunday school teacher or Nun didn’t tell you about.

  8. jack says

    There is an ad on this site that says: Earn a bible degree” That may be a good idea, if you use your new knowledge to expose the horrors contained in that book and help liberate the human mind from its schackles.

  9. johnny says

    Every other week this idiot blathers some kind of insanity.

    Either he’s got a gift for figuring out exactly what line will keep him in the news…


    He’s totally senile…



  10. Roman Bolliger says

    To Anon: No, he has not tried it, I think!
    This way to formulate it attributes to Mr. Robertson the power to control demons.

    So, we have to be careful about language and its contribution to the broadness and impact of the mainstream narrative. Shared Language is a prominent element of the creation of shared reality. I think, reality is a social phenomenon and perception is always a subject’s perception.

    When Mr. Robertson – by talking like he does – declares himself to be the owner of thruth, he is just displaying his need to dominate others (and to make money doing it).

    He seems to be possessed by at least two demons, to use this metaphor creating weakness as an inherent property of mankind.

  11. Timothy says

    Be very careful how you talk about God’s people. He takes no pleasure in fools. God who can not lie says that homosexuality is an abomination. It is man who tries to change God’s truth into a lie.

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