1. Sargon Bighorn says

    What Gay America seems NOT to understand is that it’s about winning. Americans want to win. And they will do what it takes to win. Un-nice things, yes they are mean things. This documentary seems like a, “They lied to us those mean people” sort of whine. The fact still remains that Maine has no marriage equality. Remember America loves a winner. (Go ahead take the moral high road, see how far that gets you. And what is MORAL anyway?)

  2. Chadd says

    So much time, money and energy that could be spent on feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, taking care of the poor, etc. You know all that stuff Jesus said to do…

    Unless, of course, Jesus was a mean spirited bigot who thought that poor people didn’t need health insurance and gay people had no right to exist.

  3. says

    Everyone who reads this…please send an email. This movie needs to be seen nationwide. I saw it in November–the evidence of what the Yes on 1 side did in Maine in 2009 is damning and must not happen again. I read that Schubert/Flint is heading to NC for the Amendment 1 fight (election in May)…people need to know how vile Frank Schubert and Jeff Flint are and how low they will stoop to win. I am sure they are planning to return to Maine this year and will also be in Washington and Minnesota. This movie lays their dishonest tactics on the table. Please send an email and when it is playing somewhere near you, take 90 minutes of your life to go and see it. It will be time well spent!

  4. Rafi says

    @SARGON, I think you’re missing the point.

    True: complaining that the anti-gays lied to us wouldn’t make much difference to the general Maine population. But the documentary doesn’t show they lied to US, it shows they lied to THEM – the general Maine population.

    The people watching this will see that THEY were manipulated into voting a certain way, which is likely to turn many of them against the anti-gay crowd.

    That actually is a winning strategy.

  5. Rafi says

    And further, Maine voters will know that people in other states are also watching this. It can only be embarrassing to realize the rest of America is witnessing how you were deceived and used.

    Humiliation can be a very motivating thing, when given the chance to undo your vote.

  6. Glen says

    How embarrassingly shameful to be one of these people who stood on the side of bringing REAL harm into the lives of others.

    And now they have to live with that, and their children and grandchildren will be able to see the evil thing they did, and how terribly wrong they were.

  7. Chris says

    Do none of you know what the ‘Blood Libel’ is? In the Middle Ages, religious fanatics would whip up hate against Jewish minorities by claiming that Jews used the blood of Christian babies in their religious rituals. It invariably led to a pogram on Jews.
    The gays are coming for your children is the latest version of that. It must be attacked for what it is. Let people know it was used as an excuse to massacre Jews just it is now being used as an excuse to attack gays.

  8. says

    Sadly, this is just preaching to the choir. Anyone who’s going to see this movie is already in our corner.

    how do we win? Not sure. We all need to be open and out in every aspect of our lives. And sadly most gay people, it seems, aren’t willing to do that.

  9. mary says

    “Sadly, this is just preaching to the choir. Anyone who’s going to see this movie is already in our corner”

    Probably true, but you never know. Sometimes a person stumbles upon something accidentally – the type of thing he normally wouldn’t have an interest in. One thing leads to another – and his opinions are changed. Things like movies, TV shows, books, websites (at least those not requiring pre-approved membership to post) are open access. Since anyone can view them you should expect that “the opposition” will be also be viewing them and will be ready to use any “mistakes” against you. Many things that adherents to a cause will say in private conversations with one another shouldn’t be said on open websites or in documentaries for just this reason. A drag having to live like this – for all concerned. But those who operate strategically are more likely to be successful in the long run. The goal should always be to make your case as convincingly while making your side look as logical, fair-minded, and non-threatening as possible. This won’t always be achieved,naturally. But if you operate with the goal in mind most of the time, you increase your chances of success.

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