1. truthiness says

    Ignore Suede, he knows not what he writes. Maddow does her homework and deals with facts. She may have opinions but they’re usually based in reality.

    Love her. I adore smart people who don’t lie.

  2. says


    Are you sure they actually replaced a heart or implanted his first ever heart?

    There is a reason that Ms. Maddow isn’t hosting Meet the Press like she should: The political establishment doesn’t want her. They would never go on as they would be asked real questions, be required to answer them and any follow ups.

  3. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Rachel rocks. Loved her interview with Inhofe, which managed to underscore what a complete buffoon the man is without once resorting to interviewer rudeness.

  4. jack says

    Rachel Maddow is the brightest most articulate voice for the left in the media. As a lifetime liberal democrat, I am thrilled that she is on our side. We have some other good spokesmen but their opinions sometimes seem more knee jerk and less reasoned than hers. We need all of them. I’m just saying she is the best of a good lot.

  5. Bob Eckert says

    You know the famous oft-used phrase:
    “The light at the end of the dark tunnel”.
    Rachel and her staff at MSNBC ARE that light.
    Nuff said. Watch and listen to her program and for all of our sakes tell other too as
    well. There is -one- source of truly fact-checked truth and The Rachel Maddow Show”
    is it. Do I sound like a fan? Fans of Rachel, rise up, and emulate her when in conversation with RepubliThugs.

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