1. terry says

    12 yr olds are getting charged as adults and this ass wants to be treated like a child. If a 12 yr old is expected to know right from wrong should we expect less from an adult. This guy wanted to score points with friends for shits and giggles at the expense of another. 10 yrs would be too little.

  2. Paul R says

    He doesn’t seem remotely contrite, though I don’t expect him to be held fully responsible for someone’s suicide.

    I knew plenty about gays when I entered college. That was 20 years ago.

  3. ratbastard says

    Is he arrogant? Yes. Is he by all appearances a d-bag? Yes again. Is he responsible, legally, for Tyler killing himself? No. Should he receive a prison term if convicted on criminal charges? No.

    Although I’d take him to civil court if I were Tyler’s parents.

  4. ratbastard says

    Actually, I don’t even think Ravi is responsible in any way for Tyler killing himself. I think Tyler killed himself for reasons that had nothing to do with Ravi.

  5. Scott says

    Whether or not Ravi was motivated by homophobia- that I can agree is a toss-up. But he deliberately invaded a very personal part of Tyler’s privacy- multiple times, and as the article pointed out, he knew he did something which was morally wrong and illegal. He was an adult at the time- and was no Amish kid with no knowledge of gay people. He needs- he should do time.

  6. AG says

    That 12-year-olds are charged as adults in this country should not be used as an excuse for anything. This is something for the Americans to be ashamed of. Not that I would expect it from the blood-thirsty, hateful “liberals” on this board.

  7. says

    He is guilty of all charges. That’s why he was charged! He posted private intimate video on YouTube! Of course that was done to humiliate Tyler, why else would he do it? Being childish or ignorant is no excuse for breaking the law.

  8. Zlick says

    I wasn’t there in the courtroom hearing the evidence, so I’ll grant full respect to the jury’s findings. It’s not likely that bias has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. How on earth would you do that unless the kid was a frothing homophobe?

    Invasion of privacy? Pfft, yeah gotta say I will take back my respect for the jury’s findings if they don’t find him guilty of that. I don’t think that carries a prison term … and personally that’s not what I’m hoping for. I just want to see Ravi deported. He’s not an American citizen, and we don’t need any more douchebags of his ilk here in the country. We’ve plenty enough home-grown douchebags.

  9. AG says

    He is guilty of all charges. That’s why he was charged!

    Another boot-licking authoritarian “liberal.” A person is guilty just because the prosecutor said so. Gotcha!

  10. shane says

    Dharun Ravi may one day realize he himself is gay…a lot of the details of the case–profiled in a very lengthy article in the New Yorker, amazing read–made me think of that possibility…

  11. GregV says

    To say that a university student “hasn’t lived long enough to know anything about homosexuality or gays” is nonsense.

    A gay person is “a woman who will only fall in love with a woman or a man who will only fall in love with a man.” Any kindergartener of any orientation can be told that once and get it instantly.
    In fact, I understood it intuitively in kindergarten without having it explained by anyone else and before having the vocabulary presented to me. When I asked my mother for the vocabulary to describe it at 9 years old, I already understood the concepts.

    His attorney could have said that he doesn’t know what gay people are because he is unusually naive, has been systematically sheltered from the real world and lied to by an ignorant family or maybe he was raised by wolves. But the claim that he is too young should be dismissed as ridiculous.

  12. Tim says

    Did the defense ever explain what worrying about having his iPad stolen had to do with Ravi secretly taping Clementi and then posting his intimate encounter on the Internet? Or how that would prevent such a theft?

  13. Jeff R. says

    @ AG… “Blood-thursty, HATEFUL liberals ????” So, does that make you a “LOVING, compassionate Conservative?” Then stay off this site and go watch FOX News!

  14. says

    He is an arrogant, unapologetic and heartless person. Did he alone directly cause a suicide? I would have to say no, but there is no way we can ever know the truth of that issue. Did he shamelessly bully, intimidate, violate and hold up to ridicule and scorn one Tyler Clementi, now deceased? Absolutely. Has he offered ONE SOLITARY WORD of compassion, sympathy or concern? No. If I were a juror, I would do the math in 15 minutes. Guilty as charged. Not of a death since he is not charged with that;….of everything else.

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