1. Oliver says

    What a bunch of carneys! (and i don’t mean to disparage carneys, it’s just that we don’t normally source our Presidential hopefuls from the Midway.)

  2. Larry says

    I’m glad yesterday wasn’t a slam dunk for Robot Romney. While it certainly seems inevitable that he’ll be the nominee, he actually scares me more than Santorum or Gingrich, because you at least can tell they’re batshit crazy. Romney is so unprincipled and so robotic you haven’t an idea what he really would do. So the longer it takes for him to get the nomination, the better…

  3. say what says

    @ NAME

    delegates delegates delegates are what matter

    romney won’t reach the magic number of 1144 delegates by time for the repub convention in Tampa FL august 27 2012 (less than 3 months before the general election)


    delegates delegates delegates

    the 1st vote will see a brokered convention then all the delegates cut loose from their oaths to vote any way they wish for the 2nd vote

    maybe a 3rd vote etc

    George Will and other repub “inteligentsia” have already given up on the presidency 2012 and say that fellow repubs should only focus on congress

  4. Kevin_BGFH says

    @Say What – Yes, it does come down to delegates, but I’d be surprised if it goes to a brokered convention. Romney needs to win 47% of the remaining delegates. Last night, he won 46% of the ones up for grabs — but that doesn’t count 71 unbound delegates that will probably break for the frontrunner to avoid a brokered convention.

    There are only four winner-takes-all primaries left. Of them, all four (Delaware, Utah, New Jersey — I forget the last one) are expected to be won rather handily by Romney. That reduces the 46% threshold he needs to win of the other delegations. Some voters are already leaning towards him just to get the party unified. That trend will continue. Enormous pressure will be put on Gingrich to drop out, and eventually his heavy financiers will give up the ghost. The vast majority of his remaining support will go to Santorum, perhaps, but not enough; some find him distasteful and a large chunk will go to Romney. Ron Paul is angling for a powerful voice at the convention, but it’s clear he’ll throw his weight behind Romney rather than the other two when the time comes.

    I would love the chaos to continue, but at this point I don’t see, mathematically, a reasonable way to calculate Romney not getting enough delegates before the convention.

  5. say what says


    Romney has 391 delegates or there abouts due to dividing up still going on from last night

    391 since the first primary jan 3 2012 (2 months and a few days) only 1/3 of the way there with only
    22 states done & 28 more to go

    many of the next batch being southern states which will either go santorum or gingrich with a chance of romney coming in 3rd place in many just like he did last night in georgia. Romney getting 47% of the remaining delegates is the “perfect scenario” = BS, no outcomes are perfect especially in politics & especially in the southern states that are the rocks upon which the romney ship will crash due to the bible belt south hating mormons

    barring a miracle , romney will NOT reach 1144 delegates by june the end of the elections and there will be fighting and screaching till august 27th the convention

    If I am wrong I will buy you a beer but if i am right you must buy the popcorn for us to each while the chaos continues


  6. says

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