1. truthiness says

    1) that song is not supermodel, it’s glamazon.

    2) ru should have been lyp-synching for her life. she was just parading around and waving her hands around.

    3) I don’t get the comment above me.

  2. JC says

    I’m disappointed in Ru. Apparently he’s forgotten what it’s like to be hungry for success. With this attitude, it won’t be long before he remembers.

  3. JC says

    And furthermore, as an American, I’m embarrassed by this behavior, which I think reflects badly on the gay community in the US. The gay community in Australia is amazing, and they don’t deserve to be treated this way.

  4. Jason says

    I mean, it’s not the best performance a queen can give, but it’s also hot horrible?

    And just to play devil’s advocate: everyone is entitled to a “bad day at work.” We’ve all head them. We just have the luxury of them not being videotaped and critiqued by thousands of gay men…

  5. Wayne says

    Queerty is reporting via Australian press that Ru apparently gave a great performance later that night that the crowd loved:

    “Apparently the Supermodel of the World gave a more riveting performance later in the evening at the Forum. So at least we know she can still bring it—when she wants to.”

  6. BEAHBEAH says

    Don’t know about the backstage drama, sounds like a petty mess.

    But the clips of the performance look fine to me. Typical RuPaul, she was never one to drop it and roll all over the place. Not to mention, the b*tch is in her 50’s!

  7. JT says

    She’s totally passe’. Done with. I don’t think she’s a very good representative of gays in general, never has been. If it’s not totally about her then she’s not interested.
    We need to get over people like this and quickly.

  8. Paul R says

    I had a friend over yesterday and she turned on Drag Race. I like drag queens fine if it’s like Trannyshack, but I couldn’t sit through 10 minutes of that dreck. The writing and contestants are painful.

  9. TK says

    For starters, Ru was never a representative for gays, so put that in your pipe and smoke it! If she appeared not to be interested or “bored” yet gave a stellar performance earlier, chances are, Ru was tired. She is a great performer and does give it her all, when on stage. She’s given new queens (with her show Drag Race), a chance to make it big in a cut throat world of professional female impersonators. I’ve seen Drag Race and some of those “girls” give it their all, since this show is actually a competition! And for an old queen to still be active and touring, there’s something to be said about dedication here. There are very few who can do what Ru does.

  10. ratbastard says

    I just don’t get a dude who dresses up and exaggeratedly acts like a woman, wants to be a woman. I fail to comprehend what this has to do with being a homosexual man or woman. Likewise a chick who thinks she’s a dude. I understand some people have the tranny fetish, but it leaves me totally cold.

  11. TooBoot says

    Hey Ratbastard:
    If you WANT to get it, there are plenty of historical treatments about drag and/or transvestisism. It’s performative, it’s an Effyou to the establishment by blurring the lines of gender norms, etc. It works on a number of different levels, punk rock, velvet underground, Shakespear, Kubuki theatre, have all employed the use of gender distortion. Rather than be dismissive of something that is quite comples in its nature, why don’t you do some research? Or you can stay narrow minded. It’s your choice.

  12. Michael singh says

    I like RuPaul. I like his attitude.

    Australian audiences are tough.

    Boy George preformed at Mardi Gras in the 90’s he said that the organisers were like Nazi’s ‘you will perform this song’ etc. So who knows what transpired backstage.

  13. says

    RuPaul is a throwback, a Gay gatekeeper, and an all-around embarrassment. I perceive “her” as arrogant, narcissistic and insensitive, especially to Transwomen and Black women who don’t appreciate ridiculous and demeaning portrayals. Yes, there is a “tradition” of female impersonation in the so-called Gay community, but RuPaul represents drag in its tackiest aspect.

  14. mike says

    to further tooboot – not all drag queens want to be women – they’re just performing, as entertainers. Ru’s made that very clear as well – if she’s in drag – she’s getting paid! It’s not a sexual lifestyle for her (and many, I’d say MOST, queens are the same way) – that’s where transvestites come in.

    Anyway – performances aren’t as bad as the reviews made it seem, and it seemed like she was occasionally singing live over the track. In a world where drag queens typically lip-sync though, why wouldn’t she lipsync her own songs? I’d still go to one of her concerts!

  15. says

    y’all can thank RuPaul for paving the way for your gay-@sses to live with any sort of openness.

    gay men who complain about drag acts have no understanding of history.

    it’s funny – in the UK drag isn’t feared the way it is among so many insecure homosexuals here in North America.

  16. Polyboy says

    And Kiwi nails it again.

    It was the drag queens at the front lines at Stonewall. Not the “straight acting” assimilators.

    And I take this story with a grain of salt. There are four sides to any entertainment story.

  17. Lee says

    RuPaul never “paved” the way for anyone. He/she has always been in this only for the money and fame. Look back and see how many supportive things she’s done for the gay community that she didn’t get paid for. I guarantee you that you won’t find many.

    This is exactly the behaviour I would expect from her. She’s old news, frankly a little nuts, and needs to just fade on out.

  18. says

    Lee, I’d love to see the specific work you have been doing for the gay community for the last few decades.
    got a link to your own page or video?

    RuPaul paved the way, big time, for not only LGBT people but for people of colour and for anyone who exists in the beautiful grey areas of gender-nonconformity.

    if you think it didn’t take brass balls to be a loud n’proud black drag queen in America when Ru was starting out, you’re insane. or likely willfully ignorant of just how LGBT equality has happened over the years.

  19. Jay says

    Little Kiwi…do you have to hold court in on every thread? You are like the Alpha Mean Girl of Towleroad discussions. You have the right to participate in the discussion but not take them all over until you outc-nt everyone into silence.

    And before you say it, no I am not Rick, Jason, or Ratbastard–or self-hating, or bigoted, or a troll because I disagree with you. Believe it or not there average gay readers out here who don’t tow your line…and won’t be doing so anytime soon.

  20. Tagg says

    This is sad since all Ru does on Twitter is tweet about self improvement and being a better person. If this story is true…Im extemely disappointed in him. Besides being flown First class and probably put up in a 5 Star hotel plus his performance fee (in the tens of thousands of dollars Im sure!)to pull an attitude and short change the fans is a cryin shame.

  21. says

    define ‘tow my line’ “JAY” – you mean acknowledging the reality that gender-nonconformists and indeed Drag Queens helped pave the way for some of you to live the lives you have today?

    it’s not my fault i don’t put the same cowardly limits on my life that you do, “JAY”.

    what do you “disagree” with? That it took courage and balls to be a black drag queen in the 80s? 90s?

    look, kiddo, as long as you’re being miserable from a place of online anonymity you’re only proving me right. you owe RuPaul a lot, whether you like it or not.

  22. Matthew Prendergast says

    Little Kiwi said it best.

    Drag Queens are pure fun. They are Christmas morning. Why they send some you into a panic is a mystery. Live and let live and drop the constant anger as well.
    If you think we don’t “need” gay bars go make out with your boyfriend at TGI Fridays or some similar place and watch what happens!

  23. ratbastard says

    @Little Kiwi,

    Where did I say I ‘fear’ transgendered or whatever they like to call themselves? I didn’t. I don’t ‘fear’ them, I don’t understand them is more accurate. And my personal interaction with transgendered crossdressers like RuPaul is they’re mean, nasty, bullies.

  24. says

    ratbastard, *sigh, to your fake aliases*, transgendered cross-dressers like rupaul? he’s neither. you don’t understand that?

    jeez, no wonder your dad couldn’t wait to die – to get away from you.

  25. Perry says

    NOT giving 100% in a performance when you’re a performer is simply not being professional. There is NO defense, folks. If you don’t want to perform and entertain those who have paid to see you, then get the hell off the stage!

  26. Andy says

    When RuPaul first came out with that song “Supermodel”, I couldn’t stand him. Partly because I didn’t think it was much of a song, partly because I’m not a huge fan of dance music, but mostly because of my own internalized homophobia.

    My dislike of him only increased when I saw the video for his version of “Santa Baby”, which I thought was incredibly lame and unfunny, and when he showed disprespect to the legendary Milton Berle during that infamous awards show presentation.

    But dammit if he hasn’t won me over with “Rupaul’s Drag Race”. Maybe it’s partly because I’ve overcome the internalized homophobia. Maybe it’s because I admire the way he hung in there through some lean years and managed to create something that perfectly showcases his talents and persona. Maybe it’s because every week on national TV he celebrates his art form in a way that has educated me and many others as to the huge array of talents and skills required to be a top-tier drag queen. Before, I HATED drag shows at gay bars. I thought the whole thing just consisted of some queen slapping on a wig, makeup and a dress and lip-syncing. Thanks to Ru, I am now in awe of what these guys do. I am now a big Rupaul fan, something the early-90’s version of me would have never imagined me saying.

  27. Ned says

    I saw RuPaul’s performance in The Forum (not the RHI) and it was excellent. The crowd was buzzing and Ru seemed to be having a great time. I’ve heard from multiple sources that the Mardi Gras organizers can be pretty awful, so maybe they threw Ru off her game right before the RHI performance.

  28. Kenneth says

    When I was a confused, young boy coming out in Atlanta, Ru was just an androgynous, girly-boy of a go-go dancer. He was simply fabulous then and he is even more so now. Little Kiwi is so right about the courage it took for him as a black drag queen in the 80s, because he wasn’t the “polished” queen he is now, and more so because he got his start in the south. She had time for everyone, never threw shade, and held court just about anywhere she went. I will always have a warm spot in my heart for RuPaul. He helped shape my acceptance of different types of people and acceptance of myself as a gay man. I view people as people, not as sissies, straights, butch, blah, blah, blah. Until we as a community start accepting each other and our differences, we will continue to feed the hate mongering that plagues us. I’m not saying you have to go to drag shows, or even enjoy them, just accept the fact that some gay men have found an outlet for expression, empowerment, and often activism through different means than you employ or understand.
    For those of you who don’t know what he has done for our community, here are just a few:
    How many other drag queens have been able to breakdown the barriers of mainstream media?
    Through his mainstream work, he has shown that drag queens are not one dimensional by performing n roles as both the drag persona and as himself, the male.
    He was the face of Viva Glam, MAC Cosmetics exceptional Mission to support those living with HIV.
    His show Drag U has shown a “softer” side of drag, with him mentoring women who have lost their zest.
    He has headlined many gay pride events across the globe.
    Can’t judge his performances in Australia, because I wasn’t there, but every time I have seen him live or recorded, he has been spectacular.

  29. jakeinlove says

    Wow out of the mouths of babes continues the utterance of ignorance. If it weren’t for people like Ru, who crossed a MAJOR milestone to come out and be as successful as he was at the time – and no one has done since. Not to mention he countless drag performers, writers, actors, artists, and others decades before her that give you the oh too comfortable position to say that they’re irrelevant today because they do drag is only a sub-conscious way of saying, “I’m better than you because…” The struggled so we could be at a point where we can socially and legally be at a point in this country that we can be tissue paper thin to being counted as equal citizens in this country.

  30. Sirenna B says

    Yeah it took a tranny to throw the first brick at the stonewall riot. Perhaps Ru was tired or there were bad feelings back stage.
    But i doubt she have much to say to a tranny performing like that on her own show nevermind being paid 20k to do so.

  31. Rod in L.A. says

    I work in TV. I met RuPaul about 2 years ago. He’s a hardcore jerk — basically a catty high school girl who’s unafraid to insult anyone who doesn’t fit into his tiny little world of fabulousness. He’s also hideously ugly in person — gaunt, sickly, and quite insecure about his true self, preferring to bury it under layers of makeup in a look that only translates on television. If you enjoy his TV show or music that’s fantastic, but trust me, you don’t want to hang out with him. He sucks.

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