1. jason says

    Well, Bill Maher did use some sexist and unsavory terms against Palin, and, yes, he did hide them under the helmet of humor. The Democrats still accepted a donation from him, didn’t they? It’s this sort of hypocrisy which will cost the Dems the next election.

    As for Stewart, he seems fake.

  2. Cree says


    “Democrats” did not accept a donation from Bill Maher. Maher made a donation to a super pac, a private organization that legally has no coordination with the Democratic Party.

  3. MikeMick says

    @ Jason– Palin is a public figure who consistently thrusts herself into the public eye. Sandra Fluke is a private citizen who wanted to express her views to our elected representatives without being slandered. Learn the difference.

  4. Caliban says

    Jason, I know you’re a contrarian, but didja even WATCH the piece? Stewart said that comedians face consequences ALL THE TIME. Remember the Tracy Morgan debacle? Have you seen Michael Richards since his meltdown onstage? What happened to Andrew Dice Clay’s career? Even Stewart was criticized on Fox for a Herman Cain impression he did they claimed was racist. Plus in comedy clubs there is an actual audience who can heckle, throw things, whatever.

    So it’s bull**** that comedians are magically off limits for criticism. He doesn’t defend Maher but he points out that Maher is criticized all the time.

    He concludes that Fox News is ONCE AGAIN just whining about what victims THEY are (nobody else, just them and the GOP) and recommends they just shut the **** up about it considering they’re the SOURCE of a lot of the criticism of “entertainers,” while praising people like Ted Nugent and others.

    All in all it’s, as usual for Jon Stewart, a pretty even-handed response.

  5. ChristopherM says

    Jason, if you need attention that badly, why not just go to your local GOP meeting and announce you like boys? I’m sure you’ll get LOTS of attention there.

  6. Guy from DC says

    I second a lot of what already has been commented: it’s not the same thing for Limbaugh to spend hours attacking a law student on advertiser sponsored radio program, as it is for Maher to make a fleeting comment about one of the most powerful and outspoken political figures of our day on a cable program.

    But for record, few comedians have had to deal with consequences of their speech the way that Maher has in past, when ABC cancelled his show after comments that he made after 9/11.

    It’s ironic that Fox is too busy attacking Maher to notice that Maher has defended Limbaugh’s right to say stupid and tasteless things.

  7. Jexer says

    When will people realize that the rhetoric anti-liberal/anti-women/anti-gay/anti-atheist/anti-college-educated that Rush and FOX peddle – is so dangerously similar to the anti-jew rhetoric that eventually led up to the holocaust?

  8. TJ says

    Something some talking heads on the Today Show (I.e., Duetch, Jones, Snyderman) brought up really made a lot of sense regarding this issue: The difference between bullying up and bullying down. Taking a person with power and/or position and notoriety to task is different from doing the same to someone with none of the above. The big boys and girls, being big boys and girls, can handle the harsh criticism – in fact, should routinely expect harsh criticism – because that is the price one pays for all of the above. Sarah Palin not only should expect harsh criticism, she richly earns and deserves it. Can’t say the same of Ms. Fluke.

  9. walter says

    palin likes the criticism it means somebody paid attention to her and she can run to fox news and play the victim. why doesn’t she just
    go away?

  10. david says

    same logic applies to internet trolls like jason. if no one acknowledges his comments for like a week he will just quit.

  11. wtf says

    poor Jason. Nothing to do but be a khunt. How about this: go get some education and STFU instead of running your BS rethug anti-everything talking points on an inclusive gay blog. How about that? My god you’re stupid.

  12. jack leddy says

    I am a 73 year old white man. Navy veteran. Former catholic etc. There are few people that I admire. Jon Stewart is one of the few.