Suspension Lifted: Roland Martin Back as a CNN ‘Truth Teller’

Fishbowl DC reports that CNN commentator, suspended for homophobic tweets he made during the Super Bowl, has been okayed to return to the air:

R_martin"CNN staff was alerted today on the 10 am conference call that Roland Martin‘s suspension has been lifted."

At the time of his suspension, CNN noted that "Roland will not be appearing on our air for the time being.”

It's not clear what caused CNN to lift its suspension aside from Martin's offense being gone from the headlines.

Martin met with GLAAD in late February and after the questionably productive meeting issued a non-apology apology, touted his support for lifting the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy,gay adoption, and including gays in hate crimes laws, and then gave what might be perceived as a warning that he'd possibly be speaking out in ways that gays might not like in the future:

"I have no plan to abandon my goal as a truth teller on a variety of issues; and, yes, that includes those that may be on the LGBT agenda."


  1. says

    I’m disappointed but not surprised. Even after a massive backlash Rush Limbaugh still has his job. Politics can be a dirty game, but people like Martin and Limbaugh push uninformed and prejudicial views and should not be on any program. Senseless othering stirs the pot and hinders real progress. But for News Inc. I guess it’s good business.

  2. Chris in SF says

    He gets a free pass! If Roland Martin was white I’m sure he could have been permanently fired, but CNN is probably so scared of pissing off the AA community.They treat them with kitty gloves while gay hate groups are often invited to CNN and MSNBC to spout their hate on us.

  3. says

    Here’s a real question. What the hell kind of resume does he have that makes him worthy of speaking about GLBT issues? Why would CNN be wanting a guy like that speaking out on these kinds of things?

    This is one of the things I hate about cable news. They hire a bunch of hacks with big mouths to go on the air and spout out about crap they know almost nothing about, as if they were experts, instead of actually going out and hiring experts.

    CNN and Fox News are the worst on that. At least MSNBC hires guys like Ezra Klein who actually knows what the hell he’s talking about on government funding issues… and then — and this is key — only carts his butt out on government funding issues. CNN and Fox News don’t even bother doing stuff like that.

    I’m sick of talking heads. Give me experts, and keep them within their field. And don’t hire people who’s only expertise is in how big their mouth is…

    And for heaven’s sake, if you actually cover the news… really going after it… that’s what I’ll watch. If it’s 24 hours of talking points, I’m turning on Netflix.

  4. Francis says

    Notice his usage of the word agenda. Anyone who thinks this man would have any insight whatsoever after the backlash he received for his blatant homophobia should think twice about that reading that quote. The man hasn’t changed and will always be a bigot. At the very least, he now knows that his bigotry will no longer go unchecked. We’ll see how tough he sounds when he goes off on another tangent and he’s in line to be fired. I’m assuming he’ll start apologizing and begging for “understanding” as he did regarding his Super Bowl tweets.

    BTW, the reason why men like this, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Perkins and others still have a voice is SIMPLY because there are a large portion of Americans who are bigots, and agree with what these repulsive characters have to say. If you condemn them rightfully for their behavior, people will blame you for stifling free speech. There are quite frankly too many idiots in the United States to make these individuals irrelevant, and major network and broadcast radio channels know that these bigots and their loudmouth antics create attention. That’s all they care about, is their own bottom lines and ratings.

  5. dh says

    yes, chris in sf, roland did get a free pass for being black.

    it’s the same in the music industry. the only hip hop artist ever criticized in the mainstream press for homophobic statements was eminem.

    hmmm…. why single out one artist out of all the other homophobes in the industry?

  6. says

    He gets a free pass! If Roland Martin was white I’m sure he could have been permanently fired, but CNN is probably so scared of pissing off the AA community.They treat them with kitty gloves while gay hate groups are often invited to CNN and MSNBC to spout their hate on us.

    Posted by: Chris in SF | Mar 12, 2012 8:57:23 PM

    The Chris tell me…Why is Rush Limbaugh still on the air?

  7. Fahd says

    Is he representative of any particular demographic? Does he manifest the “barely under the surface homophobia” the pervades the AA community, especially in Washington DC.? Does he have a high Q score? Why is this man on TV?

    He’s no James Carville.

    John Stewart has been skewering CNN election coverage lately. Maybe, we’ll see some big change over there.

  8. Sam Armstrong says

    “Balding, fat pig.” Those aren’t the things that make him a bad person. Using those words disparagingly, though, kind of makes you an a-hole.

  9. Rick says

    “The Chris tell me…Why is Rush Limbaugh still on the air?”

    Rush Limbaugh does not work for CNN. The point is that CNN has a double standard, as do most organizations in this society, when it comes to black employees–who are allowed to engage in behavior which would be cause for immediate dismissal if they were white.

    Notice how the one time a black reporter was fired because of such–in the case of Juan Williams–it ultimately resulted in the person who fired him being forced to resign, while he just went to another network and got a multi-million dollar contract.

    Of course, white liberal excess has brought this situation about–including excess on the part of white liberal gays–so they are just being made to sleep in the bed that they themselves created.

  10. Jester says

    He f-ed up, CNN suspended him for an appropriate length of time, and now he’s back. I’m fine with that. There should be consequences to people’s actions and there were. While I found his tweets distasteful and inappropriate, I don’t think that given his apology and CNN’s disciplinary measures, they should end the man’s career.

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